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Short puzzle game.
Submitted by cardamoms — 11 hours, 20 minutes before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall polish#1813.4123.412
Creative use of art assets#3103.0593.059

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Very interesting mechacnics! Fun to play :)


Great puzzle and simple to learn. Very fun to play


Neat idea for a puzzle game! Only remark I have is that it's missing some visual cues for learning the initial mechanics. (pressing space to get through the menu wasn't clear, or when a move depletes its not very clear)


Damn great puzzle idea man^^

loved how you keep increasing the difficulty at a "zip-zag" pace to get the most out of "game feel".

very simple, yet very fun.

For feedback maybe adding some quick sound effects in different place, for example when you finish a level, could add to the satisfaction (not  sure if it'll work well but worth a try^^)

You could try to expand on this concept!


Good solid puzzles!


Nice game, good levels designs!


Clever idea, I had a couple of moments where I was stuck and when the solution clicked into place in my head it felt good.


That's my favourite feeling in a puzzle game, glad my game did it for you.


Fun and challenging puzzles! The dialogue bug at level 19 happened for me as well, but it didn't stop me from progressing.


Thanks for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed the puzzles. Had a lot of fun coming up with them.

Submitted (1 edit)

This is a very good puzzle game but unfortunately the game bugged out at lvl 19. Mr Skeleton kept on telling me that the grey tiles could be pushed. So the dialog just kept looping around and around. Can you investigate this and see if you can replicate it. I just played through the game normally and got stuck on that bit of dialog.

Otherwise, I would have absolutely played your game to completion if it wasn't for that bug. This is a really cool and well executed concept for the 19 levels i got to play so thanks for sharing.

A few other small details, is that it isn't obvious i need to press Space to start the game. Also i think it would have been great is mr skeleton made a sound when he started to talk.


Thanks for playing and rating my game and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Had a look at the bug, and I think it actually happens every time without fail. Actually every level repeats the last line of dialogue for that level on repeat, however, every other levels last line is set to an empty line which triggers Mr. Skeleton and the UI to disappear. I forgot to add that last empty line for level 19, however, level 19 should be fully playable anyway. You don't need to wait for the dialogue to end before you make moves. I fully agree with Mr. Skeleton making noise when he talks, there were a couple other sound effects that would have been nice to add as well, but sound effects are not something I've worked on before. The space-bar issue should really be made more obvious too. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to fix the bug at the moment, but I can add a line to the game description saying I'm aware of it and that it won't prevent you from preceding until I can fix it in a few days.


nice game!


This game is perfect!


Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it.