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I love how the game feels aesthetically, but wow, this is too hard for me, I'm bad at multitasking!

It feels amazing, nice job.

Castles in space? Why not? The planets' physics felt wront but the rest was ok!

Oh man, I wish this was a full game, looked promising,

The idea is great, but the game feels too punishing, if you force a blind jump down, don't put spikes, the collision box of the spikes was also too big for my taste.

I only noticed it was procedurally generated after playing it! Really good job!

It's a bit frustrating when you push yourself out of sight and you end up too close to a crab or a lobster. Nice game.

It's a pitty the controls are so difficult, I like your idea a lot.

The idea is fun, the aproach not so much. If it didn't take that long to play I've would have tried what happened if I tried to rig the election myself!

Wow, that guy can jump! Adding some background history makes it standout form a generic platformers, points for that!

I got softlocked in the sewers.

Good mix of 2d and 3d. The puzzles were clever. I tried not to cheese it with the "features". It left me thinking, was I the cat all along?

Thanks for playing!

I was aware of that bug with the surrounded squares, but I said "I'll fix it later" and then ran out of time :(

I originally planed to make them grow offscreen, but I guess it would have made the harvesting mechanic easier than it is, maybe I could have made them grow slower offscreen.

You really did a good job here. The only thing that felt punishing was the damage when you hit the mountains, if the UFOs can pass over them so could I. But that's only a minor thing. It had a nice feel.

It's a nice game! I dig the time travel theme.

As others have mentioned, the scaling makes it look weird, and the lack of music and sound effects makes it look unfinished. But I liked it!

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

That's a good idea, I'll have to limit the farming to the original chunk, but yeah, it'll be better.

Since I did the buttons/ui from scratch, I just repourposed one for the title, so, why not add a sound? :D

All the music is in C, so every sound effect had to start in C in order for them to sound good, from there it was just a matter of finding the proportions of the intervals relative to root C. Surprisingly it wasn't an easy search, so if you want to use it feel free to use this intervals: 

The code is available on GitHub if you want more insight!

My highest was 108. Basically mashing the spacebar while trying to land and jump quick enough. Had fun. Good game.

God polished game, very interesting mechanic! The boss fight took me by surprise because how similar the first waves were.

The sound is very satisfying!

Cool polished game. My high score was 3590!

Very fun to play! Loved the mechanics.

Thanks for playing!

Awesome game. Very polished and fun to play.

Very unique gameplay. It felt great.

Cool idea! I like how misleading the first seconds of the game are! A duck with guns. I was hard to stay alive!

Very good looking game! I love how it is focused on story telling.

This game is fun! I got stuck where the floor became alternating damaging blocks and then the spinners.

Very interesting mechacnics! Fun to play :)

This game is fun even before the actual battle begins. Perfect in every sense!

Cool game! It's hard to see what's going on after it all begins to get fast, but I like it.

I wish it had more levels. Very cool to play. Some jumps were really a hit or miss.

Really cool solitaire game!

I wish it would say "game over" or had an option to shuffle the cards when you're out of moves.

Thanks for playing!

You can also heal yourself with the carrots! But I agree, since the farmers are easy to avoid, the carrots are a bit redundant if you can dodge them all. I'll upload a post jam version with some improvements.

Very fun to play! The only thing I would change is the cooldown, the penalty for placing a platform is already enough.

The core idea is fun. I would love to see a more polished version of this!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, carrot's should collide with trees, I think it happens because the initial speed is too high and the physics system I implemented is to basic.

There's a tiny window you can use to avoid death, it's not a bug, it's a feature!

Instructions unclear. Kept smiling. Nothing happened.

I was stuck staring at the big red ball. Found some secret doors but non of them took me anywhere.

I don't know if it was intentional, but the web version had a lot of artifacts, that was scary cool!

Cool game! I found it a bit frustrating I couldn't get my head around one spring at the bottom.

I love how a platformer can change when you add some extra mechanics.

Very cool game. The building it's amazing. The overall feel can be improved but it is impressive for a jam game!

Very cool! I love how you can use the skulls as armor, and also as shields if you put them between an enemy and you.

Cool game, it was fun to play! The only downside is that the enemies hurt you too fast, and since the camera feels a bit weird it's hard to run away, thankfully food is abundant.