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horror themed fps made for Miz 48hour game jam
Submitted by LakeshoreGames (@LakeshoreGames) — 2 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#793.8003.800
Overall polish#3412.8002.800

Ranked from 30 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This cover have much appeal(although it passses a wrong idea about the game i was expecting something more horror and not FPS). The gameplay is pretty fluid and is a good experience even beeing short. There are just a few problems like the lack of an UI and some minor bugs like some enemies entering scenario elements.


Very cool game. The building it's amazing. The overall feel can be improved but it is impressive for a jam game!


Visually, this is immensely cool! I love the cathedral, crazy good use of the art assets. I would have liked a little more feedback on the bullets but other than that all I can say is that I wish there was more!


Enjoyed that! 

I agree with so many others here:

  • Cathedral is visually striking and so cool.
  • The light rays through the windows was such a nice touch.
  • Really wish there was better indication on wether or not I was hitting / hurting enemies.
  • Was also kinda hoping there would be a secret item underneath the ramp :)

That centerpiece of the cathedral is great!  Game played solidly, gave me some DUSK vibes along with classic Doom of course!  I'd love to see this expanded on while keeping the aesthetic and a bit more game feel, but it's a fantastic start.  Great job!


Visually this is very nice and plays smoothly! 

I would polish the audio for shooting a little more and give some feedback for enemies/ the player being hit.


This is a pretty solid little shooter and a nice use of the sprites in 3D. The vivid color scheme is great.

I don't play a lot of FPSs so my expectations may be off but the mouse seemed much too sensitive. It was almost impossible for me to keep the gun pointed at anything, especially if I was moving at all.

It would also be nice to have some health indication. By the time I reached the central building I'd basically decided I was invincible because hits didn't seem to do anything, but the bullets from the boss did finally kill me.

One of the few things that bothered me about the look and feel was the dark texture that was used in a few places, I noticed it on the ramps leading up to the main platform. It had a very fine texture that ended up looking noisy to me. Didn't feel like it matched the coarser more open textures elsewhere.


Big DUSK vibes.

Incredible use of the art assets, it was visually amazing. The light coming through the church windows were a hell of a mood.

I would like more feedback to getting hit, more kick to the gun and other "game feel" details.


Haha second person to mention dusk i really should get around to playing that i hear great things about it so ill take it as a compliment.
thanks alot!


It's an awesome game, this is high praise haha


Nice little game, enjoyed playing through it.

I did encounter a bug where I went down the bottom of the level early on and one of the skeletons from the top ran over to attach be but floated in the air on the same level. I guess this is because enemies don't have gravity applied.

Overall good job.


Thanks! ha ha i was hoping no one would do that lol


Little game with some nice gameplay! I would add some feedback then receiving damage, and some textures were a bit strange, but great job!


Hoi good concept!

there isn't alot of cult games in general, so this in pretty unique.

Use of art asset is definitively great!

On the polishing side, you got SFX and music, but some stuff are missing on the combat side but most is here.

I think a good thing that you can enhance is the map design to fit the combat.
Right now we can pretty much snipe anyone from a far distance.

Good game.


Ambiance/Mood was absolutely perfect. And I want to give props on your Title image. Just a pleasing, yet simple image. I will repeat what others have said on some QoL stuff like health bar and such, but it's a game jam and you were busy so it is what it is. Overall, really fantastic job! Loved it! 


Thanks a lot! yeah I wasted so much time on that building I had to find another good use for it. Very true time got the best of me but there will be a QoL update after the jam ends hopefully with an actual full level as well.


Nice game! I liked the design of the world and the building, good use of assets there. Some health bars on the enemies, and recoil on the gun to make the game a little more challenging, would be some good additions if you choose to update the game. Well done!


Thanks, yeah I definitely plan too


Great use of the art pack and it was fun all the way through. Nice and steady rise in difficulty.




I liked the color scheme and it looked really nice inside with light. Could use a bit more feedback on if I was doing well or not. Was into killing (what I think was the Boss) and then it just stopped, sadly.


The ambience was perfect and I also liked the variation of enemies.

Submitted (1 edit)

Well, it does most thing right for a basic FPS, and I did have fun playing it. But it is indeed very bare-boned and lacks a lot of quality of life stuffs. 

Some pretty obvious feedback would be a manual reload button and health bar, and more visual indicator on hit. Also for some reason your character is like a child compare to the enemies height.


Plays really well, looks really good. Well done! It really feels like the title suggests it. :D

I think it's lacking a fast moving enemy though, I could kite everything rather easily. Boss looked great, good use of the assets.


yeah i wanted to keep it relatively easy for the jam but maybe i could have upped the speed a bit more I'm not sure anyone will ever end up seeing the melee enemies attack animations :P


The style of the game is super cool and the way it uses the assets is great, and it works very nicelu (although I'm terrible at it). I miss a health indicator somewhere (or is it there and I didn't see it?)


Thank you, sadly a health indicator didn't make it in time

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