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24x24 My favorite resolution! Thanks for making these. ♥

The lack of polish regarding the text and the thing with the C was just bad time management on my side. :) The interaction button not working consistently was one of those last minute ‘fixes’ that broke other things (this is one of them).

The running is certainly preference though. I like it this way and got positive feedback on it as well. Certainly takes a bit more attention and care. If the alternative would be holding the button, I’d keep it out and just make a higher default speed anyways.

Thank you for the detailed feedback! You are on point there. Yes, overscoping is my main enemy in every Jam so far. It’s tempting to think that it could have been a very polished game if I stopped adding things at some point. But I can’t resist!

Hopefully I’ll be looking back at this comment next year for GBJam 11 - and go for something smaller, that is actually working properly and polished. :)

So it took me some time to get past the first screen. I had to walk around the bomb spot and spam the interact key all the time, the same in the later screens. So it seems a bit broken there. When I wanted to plant the bomb on the last screen, the game crashed.

Besides that, I really love the game visually! It’s a beautiful palette and the sprites look great as well! The movement feels pretty good, so I’m wondering why the rest is so simplistic? You have a great foundation after all!

I have to agree that it looks really, great palette and sprites! Also very nice music, a bit sad it restarts every time instead of going on. D: Also plays good, allthough I would have liked it a more random and less learning the level bit by bit. Just because that means I have to go over the same obstacle again and again. But that may be just preference. :)

Wow, what a solid game! This feels super polished and perfectly like an actual gameboy game. Also really nice art and the enemy designs and music! If I had to critique one thing, it may be that it’s a bit too standard of a metroidvania. But that doesn’t even have to be a bad thing and it’s of course all made in limited time, so take that very lightly. Surprised it wasn’t rated more yet. Probably because it’s just for download. If it’s possible for you to provide a HTML version I’m sure many more would play it. :)

I’d love to try it some more as well, but also couldn’t rotate left/right. If it’s impossible/bugged right now, I’m sure it’s fine to patch this still. Just so it’s playable. If you update it or if it’s just different keys or something like that - let me know, I’ll try it again!

Thank you for doing this! It’s always something special to actually see someone play the game. So I’d appreciate if you give ours a try. I hope to catch the stream on the 30th then. :)

I see that, 2 of the 4 colors are pretty close and the text is hard to differentiate from the environment at times. I wouldn’t do it the same way in the next GBJam. Thank you for playing!

Thank you! It sounds like you where pressing the keyboard button B, but the hint is meant for the gameboy button (mapped to X here). I should have made that clear in the game and not outside of it - my bad. Thank you for giving it a try though! :)

Wow, that feels super polished! Won in 253 days. Nice take on an idle game. :)

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**I did fixes after the jam ended, these had a big negative effect and took less than 10 minutes to solve (I just didn’t notice before submitting). Please judge for yourself if these fixes are reasonable or too much.

The fixes were:

  • Fixed that music only played the first track once, and the second track never :(
  • Fixed random dying because one enemy was invisible (missing texture)
  • Fixed stupid collision preventing movement in the forest stage, keeping a good share of the content pretty much inaccessible. Super dumb.
  • Fixed that the wrong button would be shown in the tutorial (said press A when it’s actually B)

Of course, the game is still full of issues and unpolished stuff that I won’t touch because I couldn’t do it better in the time. But these things above did ruin so much with so little.

On the game page there’s a download for the Jam version with it’s unfixed flaws, if you want to rate only by that :)

This game is very intuitive and cute! So perfect, I enjoyed this game!

I’m a big fan! ♥ Will make this the basis for my next project. Thanks for making this. :)

Hey, nice game you made there!

Some things that I think may help you to improve it, but keep in mind most things are subjective.

So, I agree that the general walking feels a bit off, although it’s hard to say why exactly. The speed I think is fine and I like the jumping as long as you don’t change the direction mid-air - then it feels a bit hard to control.

For example in Level 2, you have to jump between spikes and drop down straight. If I press ‘A’ (to go left) once shortly, the character still has too much movement to the right and if I hold it longer it goes too much to the left. I think it should be possible to hold the characters horizontal movement still easily, like pressing ‘A’ once to fall somewhat straight, but that may be more of a design decision.

Aside from that, I think you should limit the wall jumping at least so that you can’t go a wall straight up. Jumping between walls feels good though!

Visually, the assets look great of course, but you can give it a much more polished feel by emitting particles depending on the tile the char landed on, like just little squares in the tiles color to give a ‘landing’ effect. Also, you could make some of the foliage move when you walk through or hit it. Of course that’s only polishing, but it would also make the movement feel better and more satisfying I think.

The level design was good, I liked Level 2 especially. :)

My times for Level 1+2 were 2+ minutes and level 3 about 5 minutes.

Hope this is of help, I had a fun time playing it! :D

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Great work! Just wanted to try it for a minute because I liked the art style. Kept playing all the way through it. Judging by the others, I’m probably a very slow player. But it was a blast of an hour I had!

Well done. ♥

*habe die ursprüngliche Jam Version gespielt

Grafisch natürlich absolut spitze, vor allem für 48 Stunden - wow! Vor allem das Design ist sehr beeindruckend, Character und Welt sind sehr schön geworden, gab es da eine primäre Inspiration? :)

Die Zeit Mechanik mit der Umsetzung finde ich sehr gut, vor allem eine gute Idee für einen Jam (technisch umsetzbar, viel potential und sieht beeindruckend aus!).

Das Laufen und die Kamera haben sich auch sofort gut angefühlt, aber der Sprung fühlt sich etwas sperrig an. Da wäre es schön gewesen wenn der Charakter einfach schneller springt oder man mehr Air-Control hat, so fühlt man sich ein bisschen hilflos wenn man einmal etwas zu früh/spät Space gedrückt hat. :D

Performance war bei mir kein Problem, lief rund.

insgesamt auf jeden Fall sehr gut geworden, hat mir viel Spaß gemacht!

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Für 48 Stunden ist das Projekt wohl einfach zu groß. Nichtsdestotrotz finde ich die Idee super und die Sprites sind echt gut geworden! Auch lässt sich sehr viel von dem erkennen was du vor hattest, mit wealth/science/power etc.. In einer späteren Version definitiv ein Spiel nach meinem Geschmack.

Sehr schön finde ich auch den radius für die Einheiten, das gefällt mir auf anhieb viel mehr als ein reines Grid-System (wie bei Civ & co). Ich denke die Stadt und Felder/Wald(?) Tiles sollten aber entweder eine freiere Form (also Sprites) haben, oder sich automatisch an dem Grid ausrichten.

In der Jam Version ist es auf jeden Fall ein schöner Sandkasten, hat mir Spaß gemacht. :)

Gute Idee, vor allem die Produkte als Buchstaben und die Kunden als ganze Wörter zu haben ist echt nice. Wäre natürlich schön gewesen wenn zwischen den Wörten Kunden animiert zu Kasse & raus gehen würden, aber für’s Gameplay natürlich nicht wichtig.

Schönes Game auf jeden Fall! Auch sehr gut um mal wieder seine Schreibgeschwindigkeit zu testen und zu verbessern. :D

Super clean, vom polishing her geht’s ja kaum besser! Sehr schön gemacht, auch genau richtig für ein Jam Game. Da kann man gar nichts kritisieren. :)

Mein Score: 3672

Vielen Dank für das Feedback! :) Ja, die Sprungmechanik ist erstmal ungewohnt, aber wenn man es einmal verstanden hat, hat es einen gewissen Flow. Ich könnte mir auch ein größeres kleines Spiel damit vorstellen, quasi ein agileres Jump King.

Das stimmt, besonders das große Rad ist unverhältnismäßig schwer im Vergleich zum Rest, das hätte ich noch ändern sollen. Das Festkleben war auch nicht unbedingt gewollt. :D

Finished with 96 :D

What is the highest number? 100 maybe?

I see the influence! And how can’t you know about FTL? It’s one of the big indie game hits for years! :D

Say, would you be interested in teaming up for a jam at some point? Music is certainly a blind spot for me… If so, maybe send me message on Twitter @_ggcaz or just here. :)

I liked the game alot! The pill mechanic works good and is perfect for a short game like this. Platforming feels good and I like the sprites. 

Well done!

This is certainly the best looking game of those I played! As a platformer it's also very solid, the wall jumping feels and works great!

Though I think it could be improved with a number of changes. For example I think the fighting would feel better if your porjectiles would have a smaller hitbox (or one that is slightly placed above the sprite), so that it won't hit the floors edges as much.

Personally I also prefer if you can just hold a key that you often use, like holding mouse klick to shoot when possible or jumping as soon as possible when holding space. But that's just quality of life and maybe just me. :)

Anyways, well done!

If I'm not mistaken, someone asked Mikkel about it and he replied that it wasn't too late. And I know for sure some people patched their games.
In my case, I patched just the desktop version to fix 2 bugs. ( the ones you found, actually :D ) While the Web version is unchanged. And most just play the Web version as I can see in the analytics.
So if you are unsure, maybe go with an alternative version. You can mention it in the comments so people know that it's not what you submitted in time. :)

But maybe Mikkel will answer here later as well. :)

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This is a great game, very well done! I don't think it is necessarily too hard, it's just way too punishing. Usually it's a good idea to make the characters hitbox smaller than it should be. Because even when it's perfect in size, it often feels like you shouldn't be hit. So often I ran into the clock just by missmeasuring the hitboxes. So especially with the really tight timings you have to get, that leads to a rather unstatifying feeling with almost every death. Because it feels like you can't take the moves as tight as possible, because you would get hit when you (seemingly) shouldn't.

Don't get me wrong though, it's been among (if not) the best I've played so far, even though it's very simplistic. But the levels are well made and the whole concept is quite unique and fun.

Well done!

btw: I gave up in level 20 and I had around 210 death in total. ( Why am I so bad? D: )

edit: Forgot to mention that the music is amazing! Certainly kept me playing for longer. Reminds me a bit of FTL's OST, and I love that! :)

That was good! As the others said, the fighting isn't too exciting, it's missing some sort of tactical mechanic in it (other than walking away and walking back in). Besides I really liked it. Always good to take the effort and voicing it. Also for the graphics, I think the 3D with basic 2D paint style sprites worked really well for a jam game.

And nice ending, making it feel like a complete game.  :)

Well done!

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I loved this one! To me, doing straight top-down is always a bit tricky to make things look right. But you managed that really well, the players animation feels good! I think you could have used the different layers (that you use for the trees) also in the other levels, as some decoration or such.

The gameplay was good, I liked the idea of sneaking and it worked very well with the obstacles to hide behind. Something like a view radius for the enemies could have been nice, if that would have been possible to implement.

Anyways, great jam game. Well done! :)

Edit: I forgot to mention the athmosphere. That was really on point. Nice use of the shadows and the limited colors!

Hey, thanks a lot for making the video! It's interesting to see someone actually playing it and it helps me with what I could have improved to make the start better.
Unfortunately it's the bugged version, where images aren't shown. I had that fixed a day later. :)

Thank you so much for your help! I did notice now that the download file was wrong indeed, fixed that! The desktop version now also contains a fix for the 2 bugs someone mentioned in another comment. (Web version unchanged though)

My wife helped with some of the art. She drew the house (outside), the well and the story pictures. For the rest I often drew directly over photo references, that made it a rather fast process. :)

The Don't Starve vibe wasn't actually intentional, but I saw it rather quick, especially after I added trees. :D I'll certainly use that artstyle again in the future. :) Thanks!!

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This looks amazing! Main character is really cute, I like how fast the animation is. Glow and CRT effect look beautiful and also the potions and generally the tiles - very nice looking game can only rate it 5/5 for graphics!

The gameplay is nice, but also a bit too simple. I think you have a really nice basis here, but you could have made more with it. Maybe 2 more enemies that have HP maybe or perhaps enemy filled rooms. It was overall too easy, I never lost more than 1 HP and there were too many potions to fill it up again.

But really, great game for a jam. Well done!

Edit: I had no lag at all playing in the browser. 

I like the simple style, it works very well. Are the maps generated or pre-made? Because I don't think I could reach the last 2 enemies in one stage. Anyways, playing is quite fun and I really love the shadows and the fact that there's a mini map.

Well done!

I like almost everything about it, beatiful jam game!

The style is very nice in a trashy way, for both the graphics and the dialgues. Actually, I think the animation not looping perfectly is kinda fitting. :) The idea is very good, although I think the fighting could have used at least one other element, like a random wheel every fight or every turn even. After a while I figured when to press for the 9 and slapped them all in 3 hits. :D

Well done!

I like the style, giving the block some glow give it a nice simple but quality feel. And then nice sprites for the enemies!

And I love how obstacles move in the dodge game. Looks really good!

But I agree that it's a bit too hard. And probably too punishing to start all over again, especially given that it's just walking across the rooms. So maybe making the player restart the boss instead of all that would have been nicer and make the difficulty fitting as well!

Don't worry, it's hard to get everything working the first time. I like the game you have though! Even if the goblins don't do anything, they look pretty good and I wanted to hack through them. :D
It's really not bad for starting out. You shouldn't even get disqualified in my humble opinion. That you couldn't get the game online properly doesn't negate the time you spend working on it - and you linked to a playable version after all.
So good luck with that  & also for future jams! Keep it going! :)

This game was pretty much my day. :D
Certainly fitting for the theme and I really like, that while it's tempting to go quick it will actually take longer than if you go slow and carfully. I don't know if this was intentional, but I liked that!
Well done :)