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I failed horribly at the game, but it loads correctly now!

I can't play in browser. The initial menu loads, then fades to a blue screen.
Browser console shows: uncaught exception: TIMEOUT

KHESS, this game's successor is currently in development and softlaunching on google play.
Check out it's page or Google Play listing for more info and future updates!!

I'm actually pretty close to finishing a project I've been working on for a few months now.

If I finish and submit that, would it be okay to submit a second project?

I have another, much larger, project I've been working on for some time that I would like to produce a demo for by the end of the month.
Would it be okay to submit both, or should we stick to one per person?

Doubleh's game sounds cool, but I could also use a sound designer!

My submission is going to be a remake/sequel to the one and only project on my itch currently. It's a single player puzzle game that uses chess pieces, and takes inspiration from games like Sokoban and Baba is You. For the original, I just used some crappy effects made with BFXR, but some real sound design could help immensely. The game has a few different worlds (dungeon, beach/island, and factory/lab) and some ambient sounds would add a ton.

If I manage to finally finish it, I'm also going to try to finish and submit a vertical slice of my passion project: an RPG with combat inspired by xenoblade and modern final fantasy, as well as pokemon-style collectable characters. All the characters are robots, and I'm in desperate need of some nice, clunky attack sounds.

Both projects are in the Godot engine. I can implement the sounds myself, or show you around the engine (it's very easy to pick up!)
If you're at all interested, or just want to know a little more, let me know!

My discord is threethan#6529 and other contact info is available on request

Very nice! I'm not a fan of the control scheme - IMO Z should be undo (like, control Z) and R should be reset, with WASD mirroring the arrow keys.

The time loop mechanic is super clever, and I appreciate the over the top effect. I would have liked a few more levels, and more than one use of the feather box. What levels there are, however, are fantastic, and were a lot of fun!

If you want, feel free to DM me on discord (threethan#6529) if you want some help.
I'd say to check out the source, but please don't. It was made with some assumptions that ended up being entirely false, and I couldn't justify a total cpdwe rework for a jam game.

Afraid it's too late to rate it now but I checked it out and first impressions are good!
The guilt mechanic is such a cool idea for a stealth game.

One other problem I noticed  -  all the pixel art is blurry.  To fix this, select all the png files in your project (search .png in godot and select everything) and go into the import tab. Set 'filter' to OFF, and reimport all.

no pck

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A lot of fun! I like the story, it's light but gives context.
I wish the use of colors was a little more consistent - everything that's white should have collisions, and everything that's yellow should be a collectable.

EDIT: It saves!!! Thank you!

Really liked to combo of the chilled-out music and slow physics. The online version sadly lagged quite a bit for me.

By far the most fun I've ever had playing 32 Pick-Up!

Visually, this is immensely cool! I love the cathedral, crazy good use of the art assets. I would have liked a little more feedback on the bullets but other than that all I can say is that I wish there was more!

That really sucks :( You're allowed to upload fixed to game-breaking stuff but at this point you're probably not gonna be able to get ratings (If you do I'll rate it)

Really fun! I'm impressed you managed to make both a solid level mode and a procedural mode.

Pun are an absolutely a-miz-ing touch!

Planning on pushing a post-gamejam update tomorrow! Anything anyone think I should add?

Aw man, hope you do an update once judging is over. Really impressive for 48h if you haven't actually made a game before!

Wouldn't call it a disappointment ;p I liked the game even if I was a little confused by that mechanic!

Ooh! I didn't actually notice, maybe add some effect to make this super-duper obvious?

Love the polish and juice! It was a lot of fun for something so simple.

I think it would be cool if the arrow would move faster and maybe deal extra damage if you held the mouse for a bit. 

This bit is totally personal preference, but I'd have liked if the difficulty went up a little bit faster.

Super cool! Took me a while to realize you actually did use the art pack.

I love the polish, except for the menus I wouldn't have guessed it was a jam game.

My only real suggestions would be to improve the menus and please add a 'zoom out' button or a way to look around.

The farmer looks like Rex from Xenoblade2. 10/10 would kill again (Oh! It could also be fun if you have to fling the farmer offstage or into spikes instead of just grabbing him)

Really interesting, I like the movement and interplay between the weapons. I really wish it was possible to retry without having to go to the start and recollect everything. I also think that using a double jump should refill your air dash

Man, this is such a cool concept. Sadly it ends up being really confusing since the game only tells you some of the controls.
I might be missing something else because of that, but the fact you have to reset all of your placed objects to edit anything is really a shame, and makes thinks overly tedious.

The little animations and borders around arrows & clocks add a nice bit of polish, the game looks really nice, I just wish some of that effort went into QOL changes to the gameplay.

Really cool and interesting spin on the whole chess-game thing. The tank ends up getting caught on the walls a little too often, and some of the levels just felt spammy. I think the hurtbox on the tank sould be a tiny bit smaller, I kept getting hit when just a pixel was touching the captured tile.

Overall still a good time! Nice job

Really cool and interesting spin on the whole chess-game thing. The tank ends up getting caught on the walls a little too often, and some of the levels just felt spammy. I think the hurtbox on the tank sould be a tiny bit smaller, I kept getting hit when just a pixel was touching the captured tile.

Overall still a good time! Nice job

If anyone streams my game on discord or anywhere else please link me or @me! I'm planning to make a post-gamejam update and it would be helpful to see some gameplay

Really fun game! There's a fantastic attention to detail in the UI. I love all the little touches and its fun to fidget with while bashing my head against tricky puzzles. It's definitely not for everyone, but I personally really like the trial and error style of puzzle solving.

That was a lot of fun! I love all the different physics interactions. Curious how you pulled off the 3D cubes in a 2d physics game without breaking everything

First one - so, for example, it would throw further with a running jump

That was a lot of fun, loved setting up combos! The AI for the pieces is surprisingly good, the ai for the enemy... not so much. I realize AI programing is super hard, but maybe a hard mode where the enemy gets twice as much energy would work.

Didn't find it to be overly difficult aside from a few jumps, but it is quite unforgiving. Could really do with an option to get back your medallion if you fail a throw. Since it's already somewhat momentum based, it would be cool if your current momentum is applied to the medallion when its thrown

Cutting the ropes was a neat touch!

I like the idea of moving the mouse to swing the pickaxe! Could use some levels though

MIssing pck! Sadly I can't run it on windows :(

Thank you so much for playing but my last tweet was this


Since judging just began, I figure I should put some info here. The controls of the game are listed on the page and are told to the player in-game in the first few levels. (With the exception of pressing 'M' to return to the menu) Touch controls were a late addition and are a tad buggy, so leave them off unless you actually are using a touch screen.

The game is fairly long and difficult for a jam game, so I don't expect everyone to be able to even get close to finishing it. However, I highly suggest that everyone completes levels 1 through 5, as level 5 (the one in the screenshots that says "All Alone") introduces one of the game's core mechanics.

Additionally, by pressing the M, I and Z keys together on the title screen, you will unlock all levels. Please look at levels from all three worlds before judging art. (The first world is, imo, the best looking, but also the least creative)

Just finished it! Definitely had to use some hints but it was a lot of fun. The last level was my favorite, super cute as well as clever!