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Thank you, I'm glad you liked it! I added mouse control for the shotgun because you have to aim it with the mouse, but I agree it isn't very consistent with the rest of the tools.

Thank you, I really appreciate that!

That's all really useful feedback - thank you! The map's purpose right now is just to show where the player is relative to the town and farm so you don't end up getting lost, but it would be nice to implement updating the map when your break trees/rocks. I'm not too sure what you mean about the clock - it does fill in over time each quarter, and when it gets fully dark, the next quarter (or 'tick') begins. Tooltips and moving multiple items: totally agree with that, and saving/loading games is something I will be implementing either in an update or a future game. Thank you for playing, and for the detailed feedback! :)

Thanks for the feedback! By comfort features, do you mean an easy tutorial, or something else that I've missed?

Yeah that's fair. It is all in the tutorial (you can get seeds from slashing the natural grass with the hoe), but in my attempt to make the tutorial as short as possible, it becomes a little bit obscure once you actually start playing. Thanks for all the feedback, I will definitely consider all this for either an update or my next game!

Thank you for this feedback! Agreed that an interactive tutorial is required here, but unfortunately by the time I had made the text-wall tutorial, there was not enough time to integrate this into its own level or make it more interactive. If you're still wondering, you can seed the land by pressing space with the hoe after collecting seeds, or by pressing space while holding a carrot.

Thank you! I must say the last few hours were fairly stressful, but happy with what we pulled off!

Thank you, I'm glad you got into the game! Interesting feedback about the hotbar, I hadn't really thought about that - it was literally the first thing added to the game after the player movement, so I never looked back haha. I guess I could just say it adds to the challenge, but if it was frustrating then perhaps it is something to think about changing. Thanks for playing!

Wow, that means a lot to me, thank you! I hadn't heard of Atomicrops, but it looks pretty fun, the idea of using plants as a defence mechanism is fun!

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I agree about the tutorial - yes there should totally be a level to guide the player through at the start, but time just wouldn't allow it after I finished the wordy tutorial. I actually disagree about the crops - the game is largely based around time management; to plant crops, you have to sacrifice time that could be spent going to the shop, or working at the windmill, or looking for resources. The mouse issues have been mentioned a few times, and I definitely agree that there should be more versatile/universal control options in the game. That said, I really do appreciate your feedback and I will consider these changes if I update after the jam!

Really fun game with a simple idea, reminded me of the old game skywire, really nice concept, and the large number of enemies with different attack patterns helped to keep it fresh :) really awesome job!

Really nice game! I enjoyed the puzzle aspect of it and the pushing around of the boxes. At times, the game felt a bit hard and unfair - for instance, on the second level I accidentally pushed the box into a corner and the jump was impossible, so I had to start again. I was happy to have checkpoints in the first stage, that saved me some time. The art style was really nice, good job with that!

This game is fantastic! It's a criminal injustice that it has so few ratings. I really liked the level design, it's clear some thought went into each one and they all felt very balanced. The AI didn't feel stupid, which was nice to see in a game like this! I didn't manage to get very far in the singleplayer, but the time I was playing for felt like something I would pay for. The gameplay is great - I love that if you fail to score any goals, you can just try to kill your opponent instead!

Good game!

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This is definitely one of my favourite games so far. I love the infinite generation; I expected it to drop some frames in the web version at least, but it ran super smoothly for the whole time. The game feels really polished; the post processing on the camera is tasteful, the gun feels nice and effective to shoot, and the enemies don't feel too hard. It gets increasingly hard as you start to run out of ammo and need to go and find more, which is where the world generation is a huge help. To improve, some extra world features or biomes would do well, and some more weapon types if possible. A 3D gun model would be nice as well. Really good job!

Nice, I always like a good rhythm game! I liked the music, however it would have been a lot better if the arrows stayed synced with it - as the game got faster, the timings fell out of sync so it didn't really feel like a rhythm game anymore. I also found I could just push all the buttons at once and get every hit - not in the spirit of the game, I know, but it would be good to have some kind of punishment for hitting it too early. The game looks really nice, and it was fairly difficult when played properly, so good job!

Really fun game and making so many interesting minigames to play in the 48 hours is impressive, the challenge mode is really tough and it glitched for me after I tanked it the first time but either way  a really fun game, awesome job!

This is a great idea for a game, and with some more polish it could be an excellent thing to take further and update. It took me a minute to work out that you have to slot the DNA together - the UI elements could be clearer. Speaking of UI, some cleaner, custom UI elements would have been really nice in this game as the lack of feedback on hovering and clicking made it frustrating to play at times. I think this is a great game idea, but it just needs a bit more polish to take it to the next level. Well done with this!

Really fun gameplay and helped me to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a vine that flies across really well designed levels collecting animals and murdering farmers so thank you for that. Really fun game and the controls were difficult but really fun as was  intended. Really well done!

Really good for a first game! I loved the little details in the graphics - the particles, the layering of the trees in the foreground and background etc. The game felt very polished and nice to play, and the increasing speed adds that extra challenge and excitement. I would have liked some SFX or music, but overall this is very good! Well done!

Good job on this game! I didn't realise there was more than one level until reading some of the comments here, so could be good to have some extra arrows or directions on how to proceed after killing the bosses. I enjoyed the variety of weapons and enemies, nicely done there. I would have liked some SFX and extra feedback when hitting enemies and firing weapons, and some music would not be out of place too. The game also seemed to run at an oddly low resolution, not sure why that was.

Overall, though, good job!

It was really fun, the levels each had their own trick and it was really fun, some things didn't work at times like wall jumps making for frustrating deaths but overall it is a really fun game, the flood mechanic works well and it puts pressure on you to go fast which causes other mistakes. Nice job!

This was one of the games I played before the jam started and it was a lot of fun then... and it still is :) plus you added more levels so after I sped through the original ones I then had a lot of fun struggling with the new ones including a whole new key mechanic. Really nice job and very enjoyable.

The online leaderboard suprised me, that is a really cool feature and it makes the game a lot more fun to replay and try to get on there. The sound effects were also good and it overall felt really comfortable, awesome job.

This game is really good, The movement felt comfortable and combat was really nice. The map design was really beautiful and the dungeon was really well lit which looked really good. A funny and good story too, really nice job and I can't believe that it only has 11 ratings, amazing job!

Really nice idea and the execution was mostly really good, The changing pallate of colours for each level was really cool and it helped with feeling like you were progressing. My only feedback would be that some way to aim the ball when it bounces from your paddle, I got stuck with the ball going almost perfectly vertical with nothing I could do. Other than that though really nice job.

Some very nice polish and after I worked them out the controls felt comfortable. Good work and it was nice having the chilled lofi in the background whilst it took me 300 seconds (I'm on a trackpad)

Very fun Idea, some kind of a non number UI could be cool and like others have said more levels would be nice to keep it fun. That being said it was still a fun game and the music and sfx were good.  Nice idea and good execution.

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Chasing after your towers is a fun twist on the standard TD game, I really liked the aesthetics of the game and the level designs were fun.  Some incentive not to place all your towers on the same space would be good as most multiple paths maps had one spot that was really powerful so I put everything there. Overall it was a really nice job!

Thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed your time in our game!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you got into it in the end :)

The animations were really clean and they made the whole experience of sending daggers flying from your face (as well as other tools) really rather enjoyable! the background aesthetic was also really well done.

Great game! The movement system is really nice and with some extra sound effects and UI work, it would feel really polished and ready for a full game. Admittedly I found the controls quite hard as a lefty, but that doesn't mean anything is wrong with the game, just that it would be nice to have a controls screen as an extra feature (as all 3D games should!). The combat felt pretty clean, but maybe the enemies should miss sometimes :P

All that said, this is a pretty good game and with some extra work and polish it would be very marketable!

I'm a big fan of this game - it's a huge shame it doesn't have more ratings as I wish more people had the chance to play it! I loved all the sound effects - very effective use there, although I would have liked a sound and maybe a screen shake for falling in the lava. The music fitted very well, I liked that a lot. To improve, maybe consider mouse controls rather than arrow controls, as these caught me off guard a few times in my rotating adventures. That in mind, this could absolutely be ported to mobile with a few tweaks, something to consider!

Well done!

Nice, pretty well polished game! I loved the lighting effects and the music, and the menu and visual design was all very nice indeed. I did find that my arrow was flying just under where I was aiming, but this was minor and could be accounted for in my shots. To improve, some extra feedback on the points would be good since they seemed arbitrary and I wasn't really sure where all these points were coming from. I was going to suggest some extra variance in the spiders, but given the art kit, you did pretty well on that front. Good job!

Really nice concept for a game! I enjoyed the puzzle aspect, having to manage how many swords I have at a given time, and the lighting and SFX were nice too. The music could do with some work as it was a little repetitive, and also my sword sometimes got destroyed on nothing which was frustrating. However, that said, I really liked this game. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! Agreed with the tutorial level, it wasn't something I thought of in development but given some extra time I would have liked to add one.

Nice game! It took me a little while to figure out the weakening system, but then again I should have read the full guide before trying to play. The main character art is really creative, and I liked the enemy attacks (although, I found them quite hard to dodge at times). The slow motion with the crossbow was a nice touch, too, well done! Would have been nice to have a counter for how many enemies I had killed, for progress and all.

Well done!

Excellent work on your first game jam! I loved crushing those tiny guys (how many of them live in one house?!). To me, it didn't make much sense that the "rage" level went down when I got shot - that should make me more enraged! That said, it was a nice measure of how well I was doing. The SFX were great, and overall, this is a pretty good game. Well done!

Very nice detective game! I liked the dialogue system, that works well and would be great to take into another game in the future. The music was a little repetitive, but that is forgivable since the rest of the game was pretty engaging. I found it funny that the victim's son and brother were in adjacent rooms and all lived together, and you had to go through the brothers room to get to the son's room haha. The chase scene was great too, well done for getting that into the game.

Overall, good job!

The lanes were a fun idea and you executed it really well, the shop system was quite ingenious and I liked that a lot and the upgrades were really good and helped with the game a lot. Nice job.