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Dash through a line.
Submitted by itsNemo (@itsDaumPark) — 2 days, 15 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall polish#194.2114.211
Creative use of art assets#483.9473.947

Ranked from 19 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Really fun game with a simple idea, reminded me of the old game skywire, really nice concept, and the large number of enemies with different attack patterns helped to keep it fresh :) really awesome job!


Wow, this was amazing. The levels were challenging, engaging, and had very well put together introductions to each mechanic. By the end, I felt like there were so many things going on, but only one button to overcome the obstacles. I definitely felt myself fall into the state of flow or "fiero" while playing this and that's the sign of a good game. When controls and screen borders kind of fall away and there's only the task at hand. I'd pay for a game like this. Good job and thanks making it.


OMG this game is so cute! So many good levels, I love it.

There was only one level where I got stuck for quite a while, the one with two railways and spiderwebs on the crossings for those railways. I didn't realize that the web only slows you the first time you touch it, so I could activate the web, then easily cross the rails.


Such a cool and original game. I really like the concept, and every level felt fun to play. The variety in enemies was great, and each one added a new challenge to figure out. Super engaging and seems very polished - overall a great game to play!


Very nice game! I completed all the levels :) I hate those men hiding on the bushes!! they predict your position according to your velocity every couple of seconds, right?

Loved the level designs and the variety throughout out the game, great job!


Very cool, so much originality squeezed out of such a simple mechanic, and i love the way each new concept was introduced and then the challenge increased. The persistent death sprites really made it for me. 

I feel like for a game based around timing and rhythm it would help if the timing was tightened up, i'd like it to be exactly repeatable every time you respawn, which it very nearly is but not quite.

Really good entry


Super easy to learn but much fun to play. That is what a game should be. Very polished. Music and sound was good. Excellent job! :)


rage quit at "Rush hour" lol

But this one gets top marks from me.  Love how you introduce simple obstacles and enemy patterns and gradually combine them to increase the challenge. This is fundamental puzzle design and you paced it really well.

You used the art assets effectively and it even has a minimalistic charm to it.

In regards to polish your game had every element I expected it to have and some more (loved the detail of the skull and bones in the spot you die).

Really outstanding job, congrats! 


This gets a full 15 stars rating from me. I love it. It's a basic simple idea that gets extended and explored in many exciting and interesting ways.
The enemies are vaired and challenging and they fit perfectly with each other throughout the levels.
Also this game presents a strange mix of 1D and 2D that I don't think I have ever seen before.
Only thing to say is that it has some technical inconsistencies, for example, if you play some levels starting with the space button down it should give the same output, instead sometimes you get hit by a ghost and other times you pass that ghost without problems.
Also I suggest to "block" the input when the player dies, meaning that you should have to release the spacebar and press it again, so if you die while holding it you don't get moving right away on the next respawn.
Awesome job, please make more levels and release a full paid version


Really great and polished game! A lot of depth for a one-button game. The only thing that wasn't clear to me was what the old guy behind the bushes did. I could not figure it out, I just beat that level by trial and error. Everything else was really well done and well introduced. Kudos!


Really enjoyed playing through this game! Great job!


This is a great and simple game! I got stuck on those two bandits jumping out though, I couldn't figure out how to avoid both of them


This is cleverly done. I really like the minimalism (and cute dogs). One rough moment I had is with the dwarf who jumps across the path. I got through the level but it felt like there was a pattern in that enemy's movement that I should be able to figure out but it always seemed random. That was a bit frustrating since everything else felt very intentional and patterned.