This jam is now over. It ran from 2020-08-15 02:00:00 to 2020-08-24 02:00:00. View results

Rating Guide:

A small guide on how to rate others' entries. Suggestions for improvements welcome.


1 star: not engaging at all, tedious and boring to play.

5 stars: extremely engaging, not bored for an instant.

Creative use of art assets:

1 star: bad use, makes things confusing or unappealing to look at (unless that's intended for the game's engagement and it works well)

2 stars: some of 1, some of 3

3 stars: generic use of assets, nothing bad, nothing special

4 stars: enhancing assets; nice color combinations, aesthetic scene compositions, maybe a few interesting custom assets made by combining things together

5 stars: makes you say "wow that's really clever I never would have thought to do that"


1 star: lots of bugs, obfuscated controls, difficulty spikes all over, no sfx or music (if the game would have benefited from them).

5 stars: feels like something you would pay money for.


be sure to use hashtags #mizjam and #mizjam1 on twitter

This Jam is based off my (Miziziziz) video series Four Game Developers Jam Off the Same Art Kit:

The rules are the same:

  • You have 48 hours (don't have to be consecutive) to make a game
  • You can use any public domain/copyright free music, sfx, and fonts (or make your own)
  • You must use the art kit I provide for your game's visuals (I will post a link to it when the jam starts). You're free to be creative in how you use it, though. Shaders, 2d or 3d, particles, trail renderers, cropping, tinting, etc. are all totally fine. It just should be obvious your art assets are from the kit.
  • Teams are allowed (just work at the same time)

The jam starts Friday August 14th 8pm MST and ends Sunday August 23rd 8pm MST (hopefully this is enough for people who work full-time jobs to  comfortably do 48 hours of work on their games, let me know). This is followed by a one week rating period where everyone plays and rates each other's games based on 3 categories:

  • Engagement: How engaging the game is to play. This can be fun from mechanics,  emotional investment from story, humor, etc.
  • Creative use of art assets: Using a space shoot em up art kit to make a generic space shoot em up is boring. Noticing one of the space ships kind of looks like a face and animating it to be a floating head that gives you advice is interesting.
  • Overall polish: Good use of art assets and music, there's a tutorial, there's a good overall arc to the game and it feels satisfying to complete, that kind of thing.

The best games will be featured in a video on my Youtube channel. I recommend making a devlog video for your game as well and linking it on your entry. If it's well made I'll comment on that and give a shout out and link to it in the video.

Also please include a link to your game's source code as well! Sharing source code in jams is a really great resource for other developers, especially new ones.

If you have any questions shoot me a tweet here:

Also join my discord to talk about it:


Anything you make during the jam is your property; I don't claim any rights or ownership of your games.

Anything you submit to this game jam may end up in a Youtube video without your express permission.