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First time, I died in the desert. The second time, I died in the desert with a lot of gear. I really enjoyed the uncertainty of wandering and wondering. Wondering if I'm going to get any water. Does the dousing rod help you find more water over time?

Got to level 24! With the way you've designed it, the obstacles never felt cheap and I only blamed myself for mistakes. The challenge level was a surprise. This is a very well designed game. Nice job!

Love the way the maze flows as you move around with corridors popping into and out of view. Nice work!

Totally agree with the other comments. I'm not good at this game, but the feel is good enough to pull me into another go. Really impressive!

I probably spent a bit too much time tweaking it and getting it to a place I liked. Glad you enjoyed it!

I totally agree, the small meteors are a bit too small. Thanks for the feedback!

That's a really good point. I could have added a border or something to help contrast those shapes. Thanks for playing!

Sorry for the confusion, I forgot to turn off the collision after the level timer ends and there's only 1 level. I spent most of the month prototyping a different idea that just wasn't that fun. The idea was to have different patterns and phases, maybe some powerups and stuff, but time vs scope 😬 Thank for the feedback though!

Planning out the ball splitting with the pathing was an interesting problem to work through as a player. I really enjoyed the challenge at each level. Really nice game!

What a fun mechanic. I also appreciate the quick restart functionality and positioning. Really get's you into the "wait, one more time" flow. Well done!

Such a unique idea and it was fun to play with the tile based movement and dual fists! A nice mix of strategy and action. Good job!

Spoopy game! The sounds were nice and creepy and you hit the tone with the lighting and the "never ending" field. Good job!

Nice game. I really liked the puzzle setup for the first time you run into the bears and need them to knock you down the hill. Quite the "aha" moment. You made great puzzles and I like the game mechanic. 

Good level design. Could see hints of old school Doom games in there. Really enjoyed the movement and the gun sound was satisfying too. Some player knock back or invincibility frames would give the player a better chance to react to taking damage and make it more of a teaching opportunity. Otherwise, good job!

Wow, this was amazing. The levels were challenging, engaging, and had very well put together introductions to each mechanic. By the end, I felt like there were so many things going on, but only one button to overcome the obstacles. I definitely felt myself fall into the state of flow or "fiero" while playing this and that's the sign of a good game. When controls and screen borders kind of fall away and there's only the task at hand. I'd pay for a game like this. Good job and thanks making it.

Nice idea! I enjoyed the resource management aspect of the swords vs mages & potions etc with attacking and blocking having different outcomes on that resource. Puts the player into the position of really weighing their next actions quickly. Also, given the difficulty of some of the levels, it’s really nice not to have to play from the beginning of the game each time I die.

Had a lot of fun playing this. Reminded me of Pikmin, which is always fun to play. You did a good job putting life into all of the sprites and mechanics. Felt very polished. Nice job!

Nice take on the top down shooter. Really like the pop sound for the shooting. Also felt like you introduced the new enemy around the right time, just as I was thinking “oh, another level, I’ll kill all the enemies” there was a spawner. For improvements, you might add power-ups for faster shooting, faster movement, or an AOE type ability or something. There’s room for additional challenge as well in here with faster moving enemies, ranged enemies, ammo constraints, etc. Great game with a solid base you can iterate on!

Sometimes plants just need some freedom to feel the breeze beneath their leaves. Glad I could assist in their escape. I appreciate that you wrote a post mortem as well, always good to reflect and move forward, something I need to do more often. Good job and thanks for making this game.

Great idea with the perspective shift. It took this idea to the next level. And you really pulled off the shift without a lot of disruption to the player. Nicely done!

Almost like the beginning and end had... symmetry ;)

Thanks for playing!

The lengths this person will go to to avoid others in the nightmares is amazing. Jumping on buildings, cars, etc. It was a fun. Good job!

As a fellow carnivore, that was delicious. At first I thought the AI was just super aggressive and I think that was true, but getting the upgrades made avoiding them more enjoyable later on.

I love this take on snake. Mixing the traditional snake gameplay with strategy was super interesting. I did encounter a bug a couple of times where the game crashed when I was damaged

Love the effect you have here. Really helps sell the sense of depth on what would normally be a pretty flat background. Good job bringing that together!

Love the depth of everything you did here. The world building, graphics, and music. Great job!

Loved the weapon upgrades!

This is what I imagine running a business is like. I give employees instructions and then they dilly dally around and we make some customers happy while patience runs thin for others. Loved this game. haha Good job!

This battle puzzler was very fun to play. A lot feedback when landing attacks and the difficulty scaled well. As a player, it would be nice to know when my sword attack was ready to swing again, but overall the game was great. Well done!

This was mind bending and a great concept. I really enjoyed playing it. Well done!

So glad to see another dog game. Much harder and longer than mine, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks for making it!

Had a lot of fun playing this. Loved that the recharge points were spread about and you had to be strategic with fetching them! Good job!

Had a lot of fun playing this. Loved that the recharge points were spread about and you had to be strategic with fetching them! Good job!

I added a windows desktop export. Thanks for the feedback!

This was a fun space adventure. The movement controls were interesting with the camera not continually updating your movement direction. The explosion at the end in the distance was really cool. Good job!