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You wish to become one with the void, but you're running out of time.
Submitted by broquaint (@broquaint) — 12 days, 13 hours before the deadline
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this is really solid! so many combinations of things making for interesting gameplay. I got to level 18 before dying - it seemed like my shoes powerup slowed me down?? or maybe I had a lingering status effect from the green floor? I’m unclear. great game!


Thanks, pancelor! Yeah there's a bug I've never nailed down where occasionally exitting a sticky floor with speed shoes breaks acceleration 😔 Sorry about that, hope I can track it down and fix it one day!

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Seriously impressive feat of design in the limited space of a  game jam. Really like the mechanics as they layered in - so clever and balanced. At a certain point every finish becomes a nailbiter.  Screaming at myself to "DON'T JUMP WHEN THE FLOOR IS BOUNCY" :P Forgot to notice what level I died on the first game - but I will be playing this again for sure.  [Level 24 on second play. Stressful!]


Really great arcade game.

Art is simple but effective. Although I don’t understand the swords and didn’t realize what the power ups did until I picked up rollerskates which replaced my no walls power up – for a few levels before, I thought I’d played 9 levels without realizing the ends looped around. haha.

Fun and challenging and does a good job of introducing new obstacles as you progress.

Made it to level 15.


Got to level 24! With the way you've designed it, the obstacles never felt cheap and I only blamed myself for mistakes. The challenge level was a surprise. This is a very well designed game. Nice job!


Made it to level 18! Excited to see if I can do better next time!


I second timewhale. This was great for a game jam entry/prototype. You had a solid game with time to spare and were even able to take some feedback from the initial impressions. Solid entry; interested to see what you'll make next month!


I think this is the perfect size and scope for a jam game. So simple but I found myself getting addicted to it.


I really liked the bumpers! 

It took me a while to realize that I could jump. Usually I read the instructions, but I totally failed to. So that's on me. But regardless, I prefer to jump using the up key over X. But that's just personal preference.

The sound effects messed with my ears, but I think that's a me problem. I've had a lot of games do that with super repetitious sounds.

I really liked all the different gates, power ups, and the bumpers. Well done!


Thanks, @mapsandapps!

Earlier I did have  ⬆️ also work as jump but found that made it a bit fiddly to play on mobile. Trade offs! :D

And yeah, the sound effects can grate, they're more quieter and muted than earlier versions so it could be worse ;) There's definitely an art to making sounds that play repeatedly without messing with one's ears.

I'm glad you liked the bumpers as they were a late addition and I wasn't entirely sure if they should make cut or not 😅