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Don't fall up
Submitted by Velleic — 4 days, 4 hours before the deadline
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Really, really nice! Good feels and looks great - put some music in!


I enjoyed this! nice presentation (love the font and the colors), nice mechanic; the physics were complex enough to make the grappling feel nice and strategic. I wonder how much more you could squeeze out of this basic idea; maybe allowing the player to exit grapples early, before being pulled all the way into the target?


This was fun. Great subtle tutorialization. Good difficulty curve.

I found it a bit frustrating that I couldn’t break the grapple and sometimes it grabbed something offscreen, but I love the contrast between floaty and grapple.

Really generous checkpointing helped a ton.

Nice work!


Got a kick out of this! I would love to play more if you find the mechanic works with more complicated level layouts. I'll stay away from the spoilers, but the area just before the finish suggests to me that there is more to explore with the mechanic. One unrelated idea is to linger on the death/collision frame for a split second, or require a button press, before resetting to the last checkpoint, so the player can see how close they were to navigating successfully.



What a fun mechanic. I also appreciate the quick restart functionality and positioning. Really get's you into the "wait, one more time" flow. Well done!


Enjoyed my time with this entry! I agree with @kevinthompson on the VVVVVV vibes, the challenge ramped up nicely and the movement mechanic was novel and fun.


This reminded me of something like VVVVVV, but with its own unique mechanic. The controls felt a little quick at times requiring me to really feather the arrow keys to get in the right position, but it was fun figuring out little mechanics to manipulate my height by bouncing off walls or doing a little jump mid-air. Great work!


This is a really interesting mechanic. It would be interesting to see how much further you could mine this for platforming puzzles.