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Thanks!! Well, this game was made for a GameJam, where other 1000 games also used this exact sprite sheet by Kenney too since that was the rule, that's why it didn't occur to me to mention them, but you are right!

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Sorry, no build for Windows just yet, but I'll have that in mind for my next game so is not only available on the browser which sometimes can be low performance.




Thanks!! Yep, I'm planning on fixing both things after the evaluation period ends to be fair with the rest of the games on the game jam :)

Thanks for the feedback!

Very nice game, made it to the 24th floor :)

Nice game! loved the puzzles, quite challenging!

Very cool game! I completed all the levels, really well thought and challenging, I enjoyed playing this game! A little hard the first couple of levels to understand the mechanics because there weren't much indications or tutorial, but then I got used to it. Great job!

Nice game :)

Completed in 8:44.35


Thanks!! If you want to take a pick on how to beat the lvl 7, check this stream Corgibits did on my game last week:

Also, you can check corgibits game here if you want:

thanks! :)

Cool game :) Quite fun, good job!

Money: 1480

Time: 217

Score Total: 1526

Very cool game! made it 4th in the leaderboard :)

Very cool game! made it 4th in the leaderboard :)

Thanks! :)

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Yes, I believe pathfinding is actually using the A* algorithm. But what I really used is the Navigation2D tools that's part of the available Godot engine classes, so for me the algorithm used for pathfinding was abstracted by Godot, which made it super easy to implement. Here's the documentation on that:

Very cute and fun!

Thanks!! Yes, others have mentioned the respawn time, I'll definitely make it faster after the evaluation week ends! :)

I'd try to improve the player's control, jumping was a little hard specially double jumping, and sometimes the platforms where "slippery" when you land near the edges. Also sometimes was hard to calculate since you needed to land somewhere outside the camera view.

But it is a nice platformer! It's hard to play so it's a good idea to have those checkpoints!


Yep, you have to have patience on that level and probably play it a few times. Once you won it a few times it gets a lot easier really. Not completely sure if I can remove the bat on that level without loosing its essence, I might have to change that level completely to a different one. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it :)

And yes, everyone talks about that lvl 7 lol, I'll probably adjust it a bit somehow after this evaluation week.

Nice game, basic usage of assets but very engaging, and spooky!

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

Thanks! :)

The robots animations are great, very creative and cute!

Loved the theme and the story, loved the characters animations!

I almost gave up the game because I was completely blocked right after starting the game, I didn't notice the mechanics conversation, I restarted the game 3 times to see if it was some kind of bug or something, I had to come here and read some of the comments saying the same thing to learn how to continue playing.

After that I completed the story. Use of assets are kind of basic but anyway is an enjoyable game. Good job!

Thanks!! Yes, others have mentioned the respawn time, I'll definitely make it faster after the evaluation week ends! 

I played yours, very good puzzles, quite challenging!

Hey guys, check this game out:
It's a very good game and I really enjoyed it. I think it deserves more plays and ratings, it only has 6!

@DiegoGary25 I just played your game, it's awesome! I enjoyed it a lot, I think you did a great job there. I just left a review :)
My game is also a puzzle, if you want you can check it out, I think you'll enjoy it too!

Now, leave me alone. I have some business to take care of that really can't wait.

This is an amazing game!! Absolutely deserves lots more plays and reviews. I really enjoyed it! Level designs are great, loved the music and puzzle concepts.

I'd improve two things mainly:

- The player controls can be improved. For example when moving horizontally just a simple touch of the right arrow moves a lot the player to the right while in the air which makes it hard to control the place of landing. Jumping is a little hard too.

- I think the camera can be improved, I think it's too close to the player, also I didn't get this shift to see further thing, it always went into the mouse direction which of course I didn't realize until I was on the final screen were I couldn't see the credits correctly and then I found that it went into the mouse direction. Since I didn't use the mouse for the game I didn't notice this.

But, really, it was an awesome game. This is like my rating #50 or so on this jam, and this is one of the 3 or so that deserves my 15 stars. Well done!

This is my game:
It's a puzzle adventure game with 10 challenging levels, and a nice reward at the end for the one who can beat them all :)

I enjoyed a lot this game! very good map design, it is quite challenging and fun. Hope you add sounds and music in the future to improve the playing experience

Nice game! I couldn't close the tutorial sign for some reason which was a little annoying to see the bottom part of the game, but game was really engaging!

Thanks!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!