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Lovecraft's Watermelon of Knowledge

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Wow man, thank you very much, i like it! And i like some art on my game to show my friends. Thank you very much!

Also i think you are the only one who understood that the player and enemies are wearing bandanas

Moreover, i hope you don't mind if I use it as the cover for my game

I'm not gonna link my game, I think you're gonna be too exhausted after all those

It's hard to understand when you can dash, sometimes i can't move right at all while in mid air but i can dash left, or things like that. Maybe it was just a problem of understanding of the movement, in that case i think you could find a way to make it clearer

Absolutely nothing to say. Even excluding the graphics, the game is awesome and i really love the concept. It'll probably end up on Mark's video. Good job!

At first it's a bit frustrating, but *SPOILER* when you realize you can climb on walls it becomes very interesting. I admit I didn't finish it, I got frustrated when i fell back to the start. The movement system is something you should improve to make it more responsive, also the dark background makes the character less visible, but you get used to it. Nice game though

Thank you very much for the feedback. I admit I didn't work much on the music, that's something i need to work on. As for the juice, thank you for linkin the video, hadn't seen it before. I'll try to improve on this game and hopefully develop some skills to make even my major project better

I had some problems with collision on the web version (the bullet was passing through the enemies), for that i suggest you to use a raycast instead of normal collision detection. Anyway it's still fun to play and a good game

Thanks, I'll do the same with your

It's interesting how a lot of people, including me and you, had the same idea of one bullet, but we all made it different from each other

I think it's wonderful for people who can't draw to see a fan art based on their own ideas. Here's mine my art style is really bad :/

Thanks. Yeah the art is something I should work on, but my main goal was the gameplay so I'm happy that you enjoyed it

This is my first jam and honestly i didn't expect people to be so nice and helpful to each other. Every single post or comment is filled with respect for other people and their work.  I guess we all understand eah other pretty damn well. Thank you for showing me this

The design could be improved a little to make sure that the next enemy is easy enough to kill (sometimes they are behind others and it gets really hard) but aside from that it's fun and well done

I surely hope so. Thanks for trying my game, yours is very fun too

Really cool game, the puzzles are also interesting and hard

Really nice game and very well executed, but as many others i can't see what it has to do with the theme

I don't think it's really adherent to the theme, but it's still fun to play and for only 2 days it looks like a lot of work

I found it very fun to play, no critique to make

I lost interest in it pretty soon because of the unskippable dialogue that happens every time i restart the level, that's something you could improve on

My story is thatI was a very closed person and I didn't use to talk to others or having a social life, but then I understood that I should have tried to give a meaning to my life because anyway I have to live, so at least I want to live it well. Since I had some particular problems talking to girls, I decided that i would have talked to a girl I saw on the bus that looked alone. I didn't do it for a long time, I was too scared, but my desire to talk to her made me fall in love with her even though i didn't know her. It took me four months to be brave enough, but when I was finally there, I forgot the important detail that I never talked to a girl that way before, so the only thing that I said was that I was in love with her. Of course it went wrong and we never talked again. But yeah, here's my game: I think it's kinda fun, I'll play yours now

The fact that you can choose the sun to leave up (or you don't necessarily know which is the best to keep in terms of puzzle) could add another level of depth to the gameplay if developed enough. Also interesting idea, good job

I like it very much, the only problem is that some times the guys that i drop disappear right after i jump. That might be a bug or something in the mechanics that i didn't quite get, but still a good job

Hi, this is my game it's basically a 2d version of Cod's "One in the chamber" as someone told me.

I'll try and play yours right now

I feel quite ashamed that it's higher than my best score xD

Well done!

Thank you very much, i appreciate it

The game is nice and fun to play, but it don't think it has much to do with the theme

Try my game it hasn't received many ratings yet. 

A concept that i really liked was this game where you only have one attempt to win, and then you can't play anymore

The main mechanic is interesting. Levels are at some points slightly frustrating, but i think the overall level design is really good

Yeah, i made really simple assets just to give the game some color, i know they suck :/

Thank you for your feedback

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It was the first jam for me too. I was recording the sounds in my basement when it began. I built a basic version that night, completed the game the next day, and today i just adjusted something in the builds. My game is very simple and not that polished, but i'm satisfied since it works good and i think it's fun to play

Very epic

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I just want to add controller support to my game, but i don't know if in Unity, Input.AnyKeyDown is valid for controllers too or only for keyboard. In the latter case, how can i check if any button was pressed from keyboard or controller? Thanks in advance

EDIT: I tried it with the Steam controller as a non-Steam game added on Steam, and it looks like it works. Just to be sure i'm gonna use bothAnyKeyDown and ButtonDown

It's very simple, but i love the idea. I would have decreased the ball speed since it's quite hard