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Hey there, I finally got a chance to play it, I haven't have much time until now because I was busy finishing my own game late (since I procrastinated for the rest of the month, ironically). What can I say? It's a beautiful Christmas gift, so thank you!

Molto carino, ho trovato i controlli un po' scomodi sia da pc che da mobile, ma per il resto è ben polishato e mi piace la varietà che introduci in ogni nuova area

Best one I've played so far, it's awesome, it kept me hooked until the end and it gave me a lot of satisfaction. Please keep me updated in case you decide to expand it post jam

It could be a nice platformer, however I found having to restart from the beginning at every death quite frustrating, especially because I died a lot. Well done nonetheless, besides that point it's a promising entry and you've done a good job

Thank you for your feedback! There will definitely be a mobile port after the jam

Very nice game. Except for something that I think was a bug (sometimes my movement got slowed down for no apparent reason) it was very fun to play and well polished

Could be expanded a little more but the core mechanics are very nice, I can imagine that a very complex and satisfying game could be built from this. Nice job!

Amazing! This is one of the ideas that we had, but we had no idea on how to make the puzzles actually interesting. You did it wonderfully, the mechanics are introduced one at a time and explained very cleverly, the puzzles are not impossibles but hard enough to give you satisfaction when you finally solve them.

It's a shame that so few people have played it, I'll try to share it around. Great job!

The wizard talking all the time is quite annoying and it slows the gameplay down a lot.
I had some problems playing on windows: the game is windowed and can't be enlarged, but it looks like the aiming was considering the position of the mouse relative to the whole screen, not the window, so it felt very awkward.
I also found it unclear how to actually throw the ball towards the beers, because sometimes it looked like it was going backwards.

The idea and presentation are very nice, the problems are just with these technicalities

The mechanics are quite interesting, they could be explored more to create a deeper level of strategy.

My first issue is that I didn't understand that different numbers could have different effects on the board, it took me a while to get it, so that could be explained more explicitly.
Also, it seems to me that the game has a strong first player advantage, since he always chooses first what die to use. That needs some balancing (for example, on the first turn the first player chooses first, on the second turn the second player chooses first, and so on).

Other than that, it's a nice abstract game and there aren't many of those in this jam. I would easily buy a board game like this

The levels are long and the main action the player takes is walking through corridors, which makes them boring. The concept of the die that could cause a big trouble at any time might be interesting, but not in this kind of game in my opinion. It makes it feel like a speedrun with an unknown limit.

Some of the puzzle ideas where nice, perhaps with more time to work on the design it could have been a really nice game

The battle mechanics are very interesting, however there's not much else to make the game feel engaging. I liked to upgrade but it still got boring after a while.

It feels very polished anyway and you certainly did a great job

Nice idea and great realization, well done

The part where, after the vent, I had to grab on a cheese and get to the other side, because at first I wasn't able to grab the cheese lol. And also the puzzle on the background, it took me some time to get the cheese successfully on the button

The idea is very interesting. Unfortunately I got stuck very soon, at the vertical elevator

Fantastic game! A little frustrating in some points but it feels rewarding to win

Elenco alcune cose che uso e che mi tornano spesso comode. Se ve ne vengono altre in mente siete liberi di proporle

Effetti sonori: Bfxr / Audacity
Musica: Boscaceoil
Pixel art: Piskel / Pixelorama
Sprite: Gimp
Modellazione: OpenSCAD / FreeCad / Blender

It was my intention to cause rooms to merge into each other to create some kind of an uncanny and surreal effect, so I'd call it more of a design negligence of mine, because actually it doesn't look very good when it happens right after a door. Thank you for pointing that out :)

I hate to look at this game because it's a concept similar to mine, but you've done it just a hundred times better xD Very well done, I would only suggest you to increase the mouse sensitivity

Did you get it?

Thanks :)

Does the game have to be based on Disc Room? Because I had a completely different idea for my game, that's still centered about discs but is played very differently

Thank you. About the boss fight, you just need to jump on the platforms after they are brought back and hit the boss

Can we update the Itch project page after the jam submission period is over (adding screenshots etc)?

Thank you for the feedback. I indeed thought of having a button to distantiate people and another to come together, but I didn't have time to implement it

Thank you, that's a nice idea

Very cool, I love the idea. I would have liked if I could go through a border and come out from the opposite site, to focus more on the enemies, but it's already good like this

Thank you, I'm glad you liked it :)

So is it ok if I make the characters rotate like a pendulum while they are working? Isn't it like having in-between frames?

Yes I saw it from Twitter. Thank you :D

Nice! Happy to hear that :D

Thank you :) I'll need to learn how to make a good dialogue system, this one was quite a lazy one

Really cool. Made it to level 7 and then I stopped because it was taking too long.
The mechanic is an old one but you explored it a little bit more than it was already done, so nice job about that. I like how you introduced it without talking about it, just putting the player in a level and let him figure out how to move.
The moving enemies are an interesting decision, I don't know if they really fit with the puzzle gameplay, but I guess that comes down to personal design taste

Oh yeah that was to avoid clipping with the walls and also there's no timer, so that's something I'd have to fix. Thanks!

Thank you, the animations are a good idea. What do you mean exactly by consistent dropping?

Thank you for the feedback.

I required space because if you pressed Q under a ceiling, it would pop out of that, but maybe I can work it around

Thank you. Can you tell me where exactly you got stuck?

Very very cool and well designed. This blood mechanic is something unique, well done!

Really I'm giving a lot of full 5 stars rating. How can there be so many awesome games? I have participated in GMTK and Brackey's jams this year and I have to say, the entries to this one are by far the best ones