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thank you! I spent a good while making sure the flowers looked okay :D

very cute! short and sweet, love it!

creative and thought provoking!

Very well made and great storytelling!

thank you 🐝🐝🐝

thank you!!!


thank you!

You can download whatever version you need from the Downloads section, then make sure to unzip the file. If you're on Windows, you'll have to run the .exe file inside the unzipped folder.

Fun game and cool concept! It took me a while before I was able to figure out how to do things, but it ran smoothly after I did. Unfortunately at about 4 minutes left everyone stopped working and I couldn't get them to do any more tasks. Not sure if I was assigning them tasks that didn't need to be done, but I was having a lot of fun before that happened!

Really cool concept. The story is told so well just by the guy's dialogue, and his pauses and awkward conversation starters made it feel so real. I like how I have to come to my own conclusions about his story and what's happening based on what he's saying and his nervous energy. 

Beautiful art and beautifully written story. The thoughts and emotions are conveyed so well, and it's nice being able to see the artwork accompany it.

I audibly gasped a couple of times at the beginning when I got surprised by the cars. Very fun, kept me on my toes the entire time. I really liked how time slowed down right before a chicken got hit by a car (or dodged it). That's a very nice little feature, and I think it added a lot to the game.

Interesting concept! I like how the difficulty gets harder over time, and how you're moving on a sphere instead of a plane. It was a little tricky to play though, since the character never moved in the direction I was expecting it to. (W/Up arrow moved me right instead of up)

Really satisfying to play! The best part was being able to see all the flowers combining at once in a combo. It was simple, but fun, and I could easily see this as a mobile game!

This was a really nice game to play! I love how even though it's short, so much is conveyed in the few minutes you play. Beautiful artwork, interesting story that's conveyed in an appealing way, neat little mechanics. I especially liked how you made it seem like each playthrough was a continuation of the one before. Very well done!

Thank you! ^.^

This feels very well polished! It's fun to play and I like all the little details added, like being able to shoot targets and being able to break boxes. I really like the art too. All around a great game!

Thanks for your  feedback! Your friends' game is really fun to play, I see what you mean about the achievements. I might take some inspiration from a system like that in the future!

This was such a delight to play! The story was written really well, and I loved the art and exploration mechanic. I'm always a fan of fun cat games, so your game was really nice to find.

Thanks for the feedback! This originally started as a really simple concept that I could make in a single weekend (though I wasn't able to finish it then), so I didn't have much more planned out than "eat cheese and run away." If I were to spend more time on development I can definitely see myself adding some more features, like what's been recommended in comments. 

As for the mouse in the title screen, there's not much I can do about that since it's from an asset pack I used 😅. I'm more of a programmer, and tend to use pre-made assets to speed things up.

Love the character art! Even if it's short, the puzzle is fun to figure out and it feels rewarding to finish the game. Having a puzzle game set in a movie theater is definitely an interesting idea.

That's a good idea! If I have time to iterate over this project in the future I could add something like that. I'd originally planned to add eye animations for when the enemies see you, but had to scrap that idea after I realized that they weren't very visible with how far away the camera is from the ground. Now that I've had time away from working on this project I can think of some other visuals that could help indicate seen/not seen.


I originally made this game to be endless because I was learning how to randomly and procedurally generate a really simple level. Maybe I could plan for levelling up or increasing difficulty over time in the future, though!

Sorry about that! I'd assumed that because it could run fine on my old 2015 macbook that it would be able to run on all systems' browsers. Guess there's always going to be something I'll never know to expect, though.

I uploaded some downloadable builds for whoever prefers those over in-browser. Hope that helps!

great game! good gameplay, great graphics, and I really like the options you give the players at the start of the round

really cool! reminds me of a game i liked playing as a kid

love the concept! i can definitely see this as a chill game friends can play with each other

cute concept! i can see this being expanded on with multiple levels and different puzzles

love the concept of snail racing!

Thanks! Ideally there would be live communication between people, but I wanted to make sure the game would be playable with only 1 person in case other players weren't online at the same time.


I interpreted the theme a little bit different than requiring two people to control the game. I based the game off of something that requires an AI as another "player." The full explanation is in the game's description!

thank you! while making it i started to crave pizza too lol

thank you!

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pet lives in an infinite loop until owner decides to stop playing :(

thank you! glad you liked it!

thank you!