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The observationView game page

Will you find the way..?
Submitted by Khleb Studio — 52 minutes, 57 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall polish#2203.2673.267
Creative use of art assets#3073.0673.067

Ranked from 15 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I love how a platformer can change when you add some extra mechanics.


Really nice game! I enjoyed the puzzle aspect of it and the pushing around of the boxes. At times, the game felt a bit hard and unfair - for instance, on the second level I accidentally pushed the box into a corner and the jump was impossible, so I had to start again. I was happy to have checkpoints in the first stage, that saved me some time. The art style was really nice, good job with that!


WOW, it is indeed a great game. I really liked the movement and its animation, you did it great - especially this momentum you have upon jumping. This thing is rarely found in games.

Music was nothing super special, yet fitting and soothing, so the game did not get bored.

IMO block reveal range should be increased, sometimes it is just not interesting to die 10 times to understand where to go (as it was on the first level).

The game is called OBSERVATION, but in fact there is nothing about observation besides a few people standing behind the glass wall on level one. Maybe some comments upon player's death would make it more "title-fitting".

Overall, it is a very nice small game I liked a lot! I want to point out animations of movement you've done - it's superb!

If you have time and interest, I'd be really glad if you rated my submission.

Have a nice day!


At some places it seemed a little unpolished/incomplete. But overall I had much fun. The setting and mechanics are pretty cool.


Hey cool game^^

great atmosphere. and love how you keep the lights on to signal spots. Made myself die voluntarly just to light everything^^

umm only issue are the small boxes that can get on the wrong spots. When that happens you have to restart and fix it.

Great work!


Cool puzzle platformer. It's a bit inconsistent that you lose progress when you press R, but keep it when you suicide.


This really impressed me. Everything in the game - the visuals, the music, and that really cool mechanic of only being able to see your surroundings once you touch them creates an awesome mysterious atmosphere.  

Only thing is I spotted a minor typo at the start. It says the controls for left and right are the 'S' and 'D' keys rather than 'A' and 'D'. But if the only critique I can give a game is a slight typo, then the game must be close to perfect!


The game felt great to control and I was pretty invested in the little critter. I feel like the story you wanted to tell was pretty well supported by the people in the observation chamber at the beginning, and I kind of liked the ambiguity. I kept thinking about whether the player character was a living thing or a robot while I was playing because the little guy can't see (at least, not conventionally) and appears to be semi-indestructible. So cool. Really got my imagination going.

Also, that music! Dang! It kind of reminded me of like...John Carpenter's The Thing music or something. Really good! Good game, good music!


Interesting game concept! haven't seen this before :)
I really enjoyed the music!


Thanks :)


Love the music ! And it gives me so much anxiety haha I love it good job !


Dude this was fun :D Rage-inducing, but fun!


Wow, this has so much potential to be the ragiest game I've ever played :D

Feeld pretty great, some of the blocks don't show up completely leaving me puzzled as to why I died touching a ceiling I couldn't see. Otherwise, really cool idea!


Thank you :)