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Thank you! I like to hear that.

Pretty nice idea with clean implementation and good music. The puzzles are rather difficult, I think a little more guidance would not be bad.

Appreciate your feedback!

I'll head over to your game page.

Complex, engaging and relaxing at the same time. Music and the overall mechanics are excellent.

Only thing that confused me was that the shotgun was used via mouse but all other tools via space.

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Thank you for the kind words!

I'll take a look at your submission.

Pretty fun game with a lovely hub world and some undertale vibes, if I am not mistaken.

Maybe you should add a punishment for spamming all arrow keys at the same time, because this strategy worked for me.

Thanks for the feedback!

I'll check out your game.

The game is engaging and I played several rounds. But the difficulty curve needs some polish, I think the first 3 waves are rather hard, after that it becomes easy until a tank appears that just doesn't care about your guns. :o

It's not an AAA title but I enjoyed it and the simplicity made it somehow better. :)

Thank you. This time I got to the end and it was totally worth it.! :D

I really liked the game; especially the funny premise. However, it seemed like the hit box to activate "spare card" is a little off.

Loved the humor and the visuals. Sadly I could not find the last three enemies (maybe some kind of assistance would have been helpful).

At some places it seemed a little unpolished/incomplete. But overall I had much fun. The setting and mechanics are pretty cool.

Yes, the soundtrack consists of 5 lo-fi songs (not mine) which play in random order. Glad you enjoyed.

I'll check your submission.

 Nice game with clever level design. Also loved the end screen.

Happy to hear.

I'll check out your game.

Neat game play with much content. I really enjoyed playing this game.

However, I had the feeling that "near" as target priority was almost always the best option.

Thank you for the feedback!

The cards will be thrown in the direction of the vector from your mouse to the middle of the card. Thus, if you click on the bottom they will fly up and if you click on the top they will fly down. I probably should have put a short explanation inside the game, it's not that intuitive.

I'll take a look at your submission.

Easy 5 star in my opinion! The face icon at the top was the icing on the cake.

Only complaint is, that it seemed like I could not pick up the last hidden shield.

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Thank you for your kind words!

I'll check out your submission.

Did I just kill civilians?

Anyway, I liked the fight mechanic and the overall premise. I think you can cheese the archer AI by walking very close to them, because they stopped shooting at me.

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Thanks for your feedback!

I'll check out your game.

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Is much fun to play and has nice aesthetics! Good job!

The browser version had insane mouse sensitivity and motion blur for me, but luckily the exe worked just fine.

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Glad to hear it.

I'll check out your submission.