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I see the theme as an inspiration, and try to get a bit creative with it. There's plenty of games in the jam where you don't literally die if you stop.

Thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to play my game on stream.  I guess I just struck gold this time. Maybe next jam I’ll be a good example how to fail :) Either way, jams are fun and educational. Hope to see tou st the next one. 

Great game. I'm impressed how complete and polished this is. 

Original and thought-provoking. Well done.

Well-executed game. Not very strongly tied to the theme, but it's done and it's fun. I had some glitches with the enemy health displays.

I think I know which YouTuber you like ;)

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I had no audio in the web version, and the physics are really weird. Can't jump when standing still, moving happens in small shocks, jumping is like walking up invisible staircase, projectiles don't disappear after killing an enemy. Very very strange... Cool artwork though.

Great artwork. I agree with Nathaka82 about animating the ghosts. Well done!

Nice little game. The controls could be a bit smoother, acceleration is instant now and deceleration causes you to jump back a bit. It feels a bit unfair when the other bullet turns around without warning. It would be good if it would signal to the player that something is about to happen.

You can tell you have put a lot of work into this game. Very nice! I think it can be polished a bit more to have a good consistent style and fill the level with a bit more props here and there.

Nice little concept. Technically good. Not much fun to be had though. 

I like the art and the sound if very atmospheric. Controls could use some refinement.

Fantastic. 5/5 scores for all categories. Wow.

+1 for Story. Web version super laggy, but you knew that already.

Nice game. It feels complete. It's fun, but apparently I am bad at multitasking :)

Fantastic game! Polished artwork, great audio (too bad no music), very funny, but.... the boat turns in the wrong direction! :D

Potential future improvements:

  • Start menu
  • Level transitions
  • Speedrun timer
  • Level selection menu
  • High scores
  • ...

Any other suggestions?

Cool! I’ll be there (twitch user Jebediah1337)

Nice game!

I don't understand how you can pull this off in two days?! Amazing game.

I like the art style and the original idea. Lot of work for a two day jam. Well done.

Solid game, well done!

Good game. The theme is very well executed!

Nice platformer. Good concept. Some issues I had in WebGL version: start screen in 1/4 size, sometimes I fall at high speed.

Cool idea. I had some issues with the execution. The ball bounces harder than I expected off a wedge piece. I die before the ball is completely still. Still, great effort.

Nice concept. I like the 3d pumpkin and the sounds. 

Nice game! Great concept. I could have used some more hints... but that's maybe just me.

Nice game. Love the audio effects.

Nice game. I like the retro style music option. 

Great style, very original. In the WebGL version the framerate is all over the place it seems. Time steps have very random length. 

Solid game. Well polished for a two day jam. Audio could be better. 

Solid game. Lot's of polish. Maybe could be a bit better by tweaking the gameplay (jump distance, moving around corners) but very good overall.

Well polished game. Quite difficult for me but a fun challenge. 

Good idea, some issues with the implementation. Fighting feels unfair because I cannot attack without being hit by the enemy. I like the achievements board.

Such a well-rounded experience. It had me wanting to complete (and I did). The switching mechanic was a bit difficult at times, but manageable. Great design, good use of the theme, very cute little game.

I like the look and the sounds. The first bad guy I encountered scared me! It's a bit difficult and the hurtbox on the player is a bit too big.