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This demo is pretty fun! Can't wait to play the real thing!

Thank you!

I enjoyed playing this! A little bit of feedback: the sounds when you hit enemies are incredibly loud and (they might be playing every single frame while you're hitting). It's also possible to get a little stuck (not on anything I could see) and the movement has a little more momentum than I'm used to, but I was able to complete it. Cool main character sprites!

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Very challenging, but fun once I got the hang of it. Is there any way to use the power you pick up?

Can I download this game anywhere? It doesn't seem to be here

I don't seem to be able to download the demo--is this intentional?

Neat game. I liked the art a lot

This rules! It was really fun to figure out how it worked. I got to 28--not as patient/good as you, I guess :)

I still am floored by the fact that this is the only game you've posted. Seriously, it's SO GOOD. I'll have to look up Kanban :)

That was incredible. I actually managed to beat it, too! It was VERY difficult, but I appreciated that mostly the level/checkpoint placement was forgiving enough that I was able to get through it by being careful and remembering the map and enemy placement after deaths. The one exception was the second level. I think I might have done this incorrectly, but I started with under half sanity and it was BRUTAL. I nearly gave up. I'm so glad I didn't!

I loved that you controlled two characters, I love that they had individual dialogue, the crossbow and finding more arrows was really neat, and I love the synergy of horror that you had going on. The shadow monsters and stuff were really spooky, and I definitely remained tense all the way through. It also had my favorite horror thing, though, which is a bright spot of hope. I thought it was kinda cute that you as the fairy could kind of "protect" Sophia from seeing things that would scare her by being careful with your light placement.

Very challenging, very scary, very cool idea, really well executed. If you make a full game of this (which I hope you do), please release it; I will absolutely buy it.


This game gets the prize for "most guilt-inducing game over prompt", winning out over the previous champ, the Titanic sinking when you don't continue. :P

I triggered the crows once and I found a lot of set areas--trash cans, street light, painting, doll, etc. I even did get a sense to get in and out of areas, a little? The second time I played I tried to just follow what I thought was the sound of my dog whimpering but that didn't go well. 

It's honestly so impressive that you made this! It really reminded me of Vanish, an older indie horror game where the maze you're in constantly changes. I thought at first it was just as random, but it's not, I suppose. I'm not the best with mazes in the first place, so I'm really glad you put up the showcase video so I could see more of it. The atmostphere is strong throughout, it's crealy got a lot of polish and a lot of mechanics in it. Definitely a jam game, with its somewhat rough edges, but really good job. So cool that you managed to pull off such a long game, too! Excellent work!

I stayed alive for 355.5(ish) seconds. I don't know if that's good or bad. :) The game was interesting! It took me a bit to figure out how to cook things. The little pets were neat. I wasn't sure why they all got so hungry at the end but I had 5 or 6 by that time. The security camera following the hazmat-suit main character was a really nice touch, as was the hanging emergency light and the open toilet. Good job!

The pixelated images were honestly very creepy, and the sound and stuff was also very atmospheric. I actually fell off the world in the first person section (oops) and had to start over. Still, it was a horror game! I liked the little bit of characterization you got in during the opening sequence--that it's a local pizzeria and you're just an average joe. It was neat, too, I thought, that the character actually thought of calling the police afterward. 

Good job!

This was surprisingly scary! The pixel art was incredible--the kid in his onesie or whatever was really cute and everything was simplified but perfectly readable. The UI prompt also really impressed me. 

I have to say I personally didn't have much fun with this one--the objectives would sometimes lag behind the progress of the story, and I did die once from not knowing how to get out of the tub. I also felt like it was...very, very tight in terms of margins for error. I came to look at the comments to see if it was even completable. It was, and I did beat it, but in the end I did feel a little bit frustrated with the experience. My first instinct when asked to find a weapon, for example, was to pick up one of the hoes or shovels on the wall. One of those tools even had a little blood on it; I thought for sure that was some kind of signposting. Of course, that wasn't the correct solution.

I imagine you had that type of thing planned--more variety and choice and stuff--especially since there are apparently more endings. But a jam is what it is, and I'm very impressed that you created all of this and got it to be so spooky. Good job!

You may have guessed it from my submission but I'm a sucker for beat-em-ups. I loved this! It was so solid! I was challenged, I was intrigued; the music and graphics and sounds all worked well and supported the idea. I also never felt like I should have hit something when I didn't, or that I was punished unfairly. I'd love to see this made into a full game. Like others said, it'd be a shame not to have more enemies to absorb/transform into. (Probably that was planned but I know how jams are :P)

Awesome job!

Well, I just tried it again and didn't have the same problem. Maybe I goofed up? I was on Windows 10 using Firefox when it was giving me a hard time, but it seems fixed now :P Also worked on Chrome when I tried that. Like I say, it's pretty cool that you made this! Procedural stuff still makes me shake in my boots, so really cool job using it!

It took me a hot second to realize there were instructions. :P I did have some fun, and I was pretty impressed at how in-depth the game was and the environment and visual effect. I didn't end up completing the game--I found it pretty confusing and lacking in feedback--but I am impressed that you made this in one week!

Good job!

I would have liked to get a full-on monster and a boss in. In terms of hindsight being 20/20, I probably should have changed the controls, either to be only 4-directions (for both the enemy and player) like old Zelda games, or to follow the mouse. I should also have increased the character's reach; he's really underpowered compared to the druids especially.

Wow, uh... I didn't think this really fit the horror theme and then my double showed up. Very spooky and well done. I kinda felt a chill when I clicked "LEAVE." I did have a hard time controlling the character. I feel like either more precision or an invisible wall to prevent me from falling into the water would have been welcome. Still, there was a tenseness to it the way it is and I definitely appreciate the puzzles, the variety, and the sound and art.

VERY good job! One of my favorite entries!

I'm an average joe :)

I was really impressed with the art, music, and gameplay. I'm also pretty please with myself that I beat it. Good job!

Wow. That was pretty amazing. I personally found it very disturbing and spooky. The subtle touch of the maze walls getting more and more disorganized after each--I dont' know, "cutscene"??? The parts when you would go out to the middle and get a page of the poem and a geometric picture--that was one of those things in horror games that I love that makes me go "wait, was that always like that?" Really incredible work. I can't believe all the subtle stuff you got in here. The music and the poem and the maze all creeped me the heck out. Good job!

There was a lot of stuff here for you only having about a day! This was a complete game. Amazing. I liked the atmosphere and art and sound quite a lot. It took me a bit to figure out where to use the bolt cutters but once I did it I was able to beat the whole game. The main character and enemy characters were really cute and appealing.

I'm still very impressed. You prioritized things so well that you finished a game in such a short time. Amazing job!

This was very neat. As other people have said, I love the art and atmosphere. The character having the full 8-directional movement was really impressive. I did think it was slightly odd that the pixels of the "lighting" effect were smaller than the rest of the pixels in scale, but it was barely noticeable.  I also really appreciated the punchy sounds and reloading on the gun. I didn't really get to use it on anything, but it made me feel a little scared just knowing I had it.

I wasn't sure what to do with the...radioactivity finder (???), which would come up when I pressed the up arrow. It was cool, but it never appeared red like in the game's cover image. I also had trouble trying to escape the lab; checking the page it looked like there were 7 pieces of data, but I really tried to count accurately and thought I had them all and then couldn't exit.

I did enjoy my time with this game. It doesn't seem finished, but I'm glad I got to play what is here--and what is here is impressive! Striker is also a cutie :) A snek?

This probably has my favorite sound of the games in the jam. The voice acting, sound effects, and music were all incredibly good. I'm also a sucker for the UI--I love VCV rack and modular synthesis, so pushing buttons and switches and watching numbers move around is kind of my jam. :) Like other people said, I wasn't able to find anything. The geiger counter was up high, but the Xray didn't show anything and I wasn't sure how to interpret the nose vs side. I thought I had it; then I doubted myself; then I kind of gave up. Maybe one more page with an image of what view each of those was?

I had such a good time trolling around underwater that I actually kinda didn't care that I wasn't finding anything; kind of like Signal Simulator or something. Enjoyable, and impressive! If you make an update after the jam, I'd love to know about it!

I...was confused by this game a little bit but I liked it. I think it crashed on me, but the battle system and the art style were really interesting. I did get kind of lost at one point--couldn't see any trees or landmarks or things to interact with--but I did enjoy myself. Really unique and well put together. Good job!!

Man, that was so developed, world-building-wise. I'm really impressed! I went through it a few times to see if I missed anything, but I think I saw most of it. Neat premise, good execution. It definitely feels like there are a few things lurking under the surface that didn't make it in because of time, but I really appreciate what is there and that it's complete. I thought the stats and inventory were also very interesting. It's pretty tricky to use renpy like that, so good job!

That's not a bug; that's a feature :P

This was incredible. I was so shocked to read afterwards only one person had made the whole thing!!! It's a full, "real" game, and the monster designs were really cool to me--especially the blue, column/ballerina-type guys. So unique! I had a ton of fun and I never felt like I was super-cheated. It went on for just the right amount of time and kept me excited and interested up until the ending. The only thing I can even think to say as constructive criticism is that I didn't really enjoy having to open up the game again after I died; a menu would have been nice. But overall, still probably the most polished and complete game I've played during this jam. Hats off, that was crazy good!

Whoa, that's actually really cool. Thank you so much for telling me about that; I'll have to try it!

This was pretty cool! I kind of can't believe it was your first game; that's really impressive. A couple of times I felt like my inputs were eaten, which made it take a little longer to complete than I'd have liked. Some sound/music would have been nice, too, but it was so complete! Good job!

This game was a little glitchy. The first time I started playing, the red "Amogus" guy didn't show up in the cutscene, or in the level. I wandered around for a while and then suddenly I was dead. Once I avoided him successfully for 3 minutes and then I couldn't find him again when I needed to put him to sleep. I did appreciate the sense of humor, and I thought the cutscene was pretty impressive--the one where you look around while talking to the villager.

I did not complete the game, and it was a little too buggy for me to try much longer than I did (about 5 times) but I do think you did a good job putting things together and submitting. Good job!

This one feels like a "real" game, if you know what I mean. Extremely polished/finished-looking, and I loved seeing the map generate itself when the level loaded. I made it to the second floor, but gave up after getting killed by skulls. It was difficult to tell what the knife's range was. It would have been nice to have a gun with limited ammo or something to deal with them, rather than having to just avoid them (at least, I couldn't fight them, but maybe someone more skilled could). Still, this was a pretty incredible piece of work for only a week! Great job!!

This is a whole game! Like, a real one! The way you used the assets was really smart and also super-effective in terms of telling the story. I love the multiple endings, and the fonts, and the sounds and everything. I'm also pretty impressed with the enemies in the game. They're pretty spooky, and you made them work really well!

Good job!

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secret tip, the game also works with up/down/left/right arrows, Ctrl (for left click), and Alt (right click)

EDIT: Just tested and it also worked with my Xbox controller--left stick to move and A or B to punch/sickle

Thank you!

I was initially thinking, actually, that it would be a four-direction thing, like older Zeldas. I didn't really even think to try making it match the mouse.  Looks like that was a mistake, since a lot of people wanted the attack to come out pointing at the mouse. :P

I used Unity. I had a friend tell me that that was happening and I thought, "That doesn't seem like a big issue!" Looks like I was wrong; multiple people have mentioned it (oops)

Man, I hear that :) I've looked at the tutorial for renpy before and it seems kind of complicated since you just have to...I don't know, trial and error it? There's not really a UI, or whatever, where you can drag and drop art assets and stuff, if it's still how I remember it.

Like I say, I really enjoyed it. It might be my favorite game I've played all jam; I'm such a sucker for puzzles and characters

I played for a half hour. It was fun to walk around the town and explore, trying to almost treat it like a stealth game and break off one guard at a time while keeping up my health with townspeople. I made it into the keep and even to the king one time, but I died almost immediately. 

I wish I'd been able to become more powerful by draining lots of people; it sounds like something like that might have been planned. It would have been nice if the drain had speeded up the more people I drained, or just letting me  move faster for every 5 people I drained or something. That phrase in the tutorial--something about "The king becomes weaker the more guards and citizens you drain"--was very intriguing.

Clearly a lot of effort went into the art and animations. I liked the pulling, draining and floating animations, and the jump (though I couldn't find much of a use for it). The NPCs had some decent reaction animation to being picked up. I also liked the atmosphere of the town, the low-poly trees were really pretty, and the castle on the hill was very imposing.

The controls were quite janky. :P The "special move" (???) had a lot of windup time, but it was a kind of fun challenge to time the knockdown correctly. The pulling move was also kind of fun. I wish there had been an indicator of who was in range and who wasn't for those, but I can understand why not. 

I also really appreciated the music. It was used to help establish the mood and even to help guide you to the right path; it would fade out when you were wandering far afield. The church was really interesting, too; I feel like more was probably planned with that. I wish I'd been able to finish it. I honestly would love to beat it/see the ending, so I'll look forward to an update if you guys are planning one.

Really good job! I think it's great that you got a team together and accomplished so much in a week!

Wow, that was really cool! I was pretty impressed with how well it all came together. Though I recognized at least one track as a royalty free piece I'd heard before, it didn't really take me out of it because it actually fit the situation well. I enjoyed the story and the characters. My one issue was the "chase" sequence at the end. I hadn't saved right before it, and it felt like trial and error. Other than that, it was really fun! Good job!!