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Wake Me Up is an experimentation of the developers' vision towards art, music, narration and gameplay. 

This is a prototype that we've built for an idea of a game that will eventually deal with a lot of narrative. Every single element of the game is designed to serve the narrative. Your feedback and comments are greatly appreciated ! 

You can play the game here :


Thank you I'm glad :) 

Ah I'm really bad at this hahaha but really interesting twist on this genre of games. I liked it ! Good job 

Thank you ! I will definitely check yours out.

Cheers !

Thank you so much David ! It really means a lot ! 

Thank you so much ! It's really appreciated. Cheers !

Thank you for taking the time ! Appreciate it

Thank you so much Ralph ! It's really appreciated

Ah this game was so cute ! I wish I could see more of it ! Great job ! 

This was a really solid experience ! Great job ! I really liked the design and the mechanics and everything. Cheers !

Thank you so much for taking the time ! It's really appreciated

Thank you so much ! nonetheless it is a great idea to work on your game now it has a lot of potential. Cheers ! 

Ah this game was a lot of fun ! Good job ! I really enjoyed solving the puzzles. Cheers

Good job on making this game ! I would say melee combat needs a lot of rework. Also you might wanna think about giving the shapeshifting some kind of purpose. Well done :) Cheers

The game doesn't run properly ! 

I really appreciate this original idea ! I think it might be a very promising content if some reworks go into it. It might get too repetitive real quick. But I really enjoyed the art and the concept nonetheless ! Cheers :)

I really like the dual camera setting. It feels really retro and fun ! I think the level design needs a lot of work. The player is not really aware of the environment and making decisions is just hard and frustrating. I think you should work more on finding a balance between challenges and player's experience which can be achievable through playtesting more ! Good job for this daring game ! Cheers :)

Ah man it took me a while to get this ! It is really hard ! but I love the mechanics haha Although maybe some work might be needed for the player to not just wait around and absorb the orbs. Good job! :)

It is original and daring ! I really appreciate that. I think a little tutorial or warm-up would help the player better to interact with the world and how to move and such. But I picked it up quickly. I think the next step if you want to continue this mechanic and game is to think on how to balance the enemies' movements with the player? Specially taht we have almost no control over the speed of the balls and sometimes it's inevitable to get hit by the bees. Really cool concept ! Cheers :)

Seems like a lot of fun ! Reminded me of a very blackthornprod kind of production. I think the collisions would benefit from some rework to give the player a bit more advantage! Well done ! :)

I really like the art style ! It's really beautiful

Ah I really love this game. The concept is amazing and new. Art is beautiful and the music fits the game perfectly. One single note which might be my personal taste is that I think the game would benefit a lot more from more contrast between the background and the platforms. Other than that amazing game ! Thank you for making it :)

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Hey thanks for taking the time ! The whole reasoning behind the movement mechanics is to make it involved with the music as much as impactful as possible. If you noticed, each movement creates the a sound that incorporates with background music. I could see the possibility that we would need to refine the mechanics with no doubt, but I believe the dream like mechanics work with the game's statement as a whole. Thank you for the feedback! Appreciate it :)

Thank you for taking the time ! Cheers !

Thank you so much ! It's really appreciated

Thank you so much for taking the time ! It is really appreciated. Cheers !

It's available now !

Hey thank you so much for taking the time ! I wanted to initially add more levels but ran out of time haha. Cheers !

It's still in development ! I'll make it public by the end of the jam

Thank you so much for taking the time ! I wanted to add more levels with more complexity but I ran out of time haha. Cheers !

I really love management type of games and this was a fresh take on the genre ! While I really appreciate the concept, I think the economy of the game needs a lot of refining and rebalancing. A lot of time is going into waiting for the miners to mine and wiht upgrades and stuff.. I think more objectives are needed in this time of game so the player would constantly do something to keep the factory running. But it is a really cool start ! I really enjoyed my experience ! Cheers :)

Ah god this game was so fun ! Also I managed to beat the level without having a conversation with anyone hahaha so that was really exciting. Good job !

This game reminded me a lot of "This is the police". Idk why, but I feel like this type of games have a lot of potential. So ultimately if the economy of the game gets balanced it'll be a lot more enjoyable. I could see this game become the next big hit honestly among its own niche. Cheers !

This was an amazing experience !! It was really polished. Good job ! I really enjoyed it 

Ah it's so complex ! Must have been a hassle to code for hahah Good job ! It looks really cool

Really cool game ! I love how polished it is. Good job ! 

This was a very creative take on the game jam's theme haha I really admire you for that ! I found the game to be super addictive and fun haha I only wish there would be some sort of SFX and also the paddle was too high for my taste? Idk just suggestions haha

Nonetheless, great job !

I love ship battles ! However I feel like this entry was not related to the jam's theme ? 

The controls need a lot of refining because it might get frustrating after a few tries. But overall great concept and I'm sure if you rebalance the control parameters it'll be a lot more fun ! Great job nonetheless <3

The gameplay was a little bit hard to get.. or I just suck hahaha because I failed at the tutorial.

But beautiful graphics and audio ! Good job :)