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There are no previous versions saved in my computer.

Incredible amount of effort in a 3 days game jam. Cool art, music and funny world building.

There is a "upgrades" option in the playdate menu. There you can acess some upgrades. I didn't had time to implement a tutorial

Thanks for the review. Did picking the "POWER UP" upgrade resolved the problem you mentioned? I didn't had the chance of balancing the game much. Also did you tested the game in real hardware? How was the performance? This is another thing i ended up not doing at all.

I like rythm games, particularly Guitar Hero so this appeal to me personally. I think this have the potential of a great comercial game.

oh i can't upload the zip now because of the jam period aparentlly. Strange, because just yesterday i could do a bugfix after the submissions ended.

Thankas for the tip i'll do it now

This game really make you think about the homeless situation in a pretty educative way

Top tier art. The game combines very well with the Playdate too. More work into it will turn it into a solid title.

I made a little bugfix(literally 2 lines of code) prior to the submission time. I hope it's no considered problematic.



Hey, if you liked the soundtrack, this game was made by me in colaboration with Astrophysics, a musician, for his new album. You should check his work for more.

He's in other media too like Spotify and such.

Yah we should have made this more clear. Basically this game was made for a music album. The musician and other dev, Astrophysics, decided to make a version of the album that plays as  game soundtrack better, this is the vn cut. The lp cut is the original album.

Programmer here. First, thank you for playing our game. Why did you think it didn't started?

Thank you sir

You can use any text editor actually. There are a lot in playstore(but theres also a lot of code editors).

Tá no nome do bagulho que foi feito no gamemaker

This is the best horror game i ever played. I would cut the final jumpscare tho. 

I use Delta time in Unity but didnt knew it existed in Love. I just assumed it runned at a fixed framerate. I will just delete this game so.

Nice game, but a little confusing in relation to what the upgrades are doing.

It has good gameplay. Maybe i don't saw it, but a score would be a great addition.

It's a fun game but could be better with some improving in the controls. Some character animation for the dog movemente would be good too.

It lacks explanation about the dinamics.

Very nice and challenging.

Indeed. I thought about this but i think the blink has a safe framerate.

Nice concept. I'm almost sure i'm stuck ere tho.

Very interesting idea(don't remember seeing sometjing like this at all) and well implemented too. The fox  is very OP tho.

Nice pokemon-style graphics.  A nice sokoban-like.

Very well-executed. You have a clearly mastery over Love(i didn't know it had all those transformation with rotation).

Como design imagino que tu manje de arte

I sincerelly adored this entry. I love guitar Hero so i liked this very much. The only thing missing is a score.

Obrigado, esse é particularmente um dos meus favoritos, um dos mais legais de fazer. Ele tem um problema de game design que é a pouca intuitividade, espero que o senhor tenha conseguido jogar ele bem apesar disso. 

Obrigado novamente. Se for ocorrer algum tipo de avaliação baseada em gráficos futuramente eu acho importante ressaltar que a própria game jam na qual submeti esse jogo me disponibilizou todos os assets gráficos então nenhum deles é de autoria minha.

Que bom que gostou da narrativa. Na verdade a narrativa foi improvisada porque esse projeto foi pra uma jam de dois dias e eu deixei pra fazer a história no final(estava mais focado em detalhes de ambientação até então). Por isso é bom saber que tenha ficado divertida apesar disso.

Boa tarde, professor, é o Izack aqui("Doomerismo" é meu perfil que eu uso pra game jams e projetos diversos no itch). Obrigado pelo feedback. Todos os projetos submetidos nesse perfil são projetos solo. A única coisa que não é de autoria minha aí é a fonte em questão que é padrão da IDE.  Utilizei Tic-80(computador fantasia com ambiente de programação baseado em LUA e alguns "programas" para criação de sprites e sfx/músicas) nesse e no outro projeto "Grounded".  Fico contente que tenha apreciado os gráficos(apesar de esse ser basicamente meu nível como pixel artist). 

Very pretty game. Great sprites and music. Very Polished too. One minor UI problem is that you can't unchose a party member after you choose.

Thanks. I thought about implementing skippable turns but feared that it would let the game too easy. 

Almost forgot to rate your game. It have a good core loop. The dificult curve could be better and the mobility more fluid but is overall a good jam game.

Interesting narrative game with good implemented mechanics.