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None. Dropped first idea 10% in.


I know where the idea is coming from, it's from dialogue choices that doesn't represent what the dialogue is about, but it is kinda weird this is idea for the theme, which doesn't feel like it fits at all. Other than that, I would say presentation needs more work, then again, it's a throwaway idea for a 2 minutes game so...

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Slight spoiler below

I'm not sure why I'm not on the list because I killed George and buried him in a ditch near 38.89768, -77.03651 so not sure what the whole fuss is about.

I think this was probably the best detective game I've played in Jams (not just limited to this one). That being said, having time constraint is still meaningless in a game where you can just retry infinite times. I really enjoyed LARPing with the redlines and stuffs on the giant board, but the mechanic is kinda janky like the editing for the text appears in front of the buttons. The accuse statements could use some more work (I know about the true ending, but that seems to be the only special case), because it sometimes shows information that the detective doesn't know (like Arthur being a drug dealer despite that I throw him in jail as soon as I got his photo). And also, I very much enjoyed just replaying the game and throwing random people in jail, I don't think that's an intended experience but it was fun as hell. Thanks for the game!

Edit: Almost forgot, there's also a bug where I couldn't replicated again where if you click as fast as possible on linking and asking questions, you get stuck after a witness responded and can't proceed in the game

Stop being so noob

The presentation is god tier, and the concept is really good. However, it feels like the puzzles definitely did not fully exploited what is possible within the concept, The last 2 levels are relatively hard but they are definitely still way too easy for the concept, which is a shame because I like everything about the game except that it's too easy, I supposed it says "brief introduction" for a reason.

Other than the controls scheme keep screwing the player over, which everyone has already mentioned. The character art are good but I hope the rest of the art are just placeholder, because I don't really like the Beijing smog background and the colors for everything else. 

Ngl, action platformer is not my type of game at all so I can't say I even get passed the second level. Difficulty curve is just too high for anyone who isn't a die-hard platformer player.

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Sensitivity is too high, for a puzzle game about precision this is a huge problem, it makes some level very unplayable. Other than that, while the $Home joke is a bit of a dead horse at this point, at least it makes more sense to use it here. Both the concept and the puzzle designs are very good, but again, unless the super high sens is intended, it's currently very severely hurting an otherwise incredibly fun game.

The puzzles are all very well designed. However, the presentation does needs some works, it's relatively easy to trigger a collision bug where the blocks you are currently controlling gets stuck inside another yellow block and you are just stuck in place. 

The ending zone's colors are way too low in contrast that it's really hard to see what shapes does it want. The way the camera works is... odd. I would much prefer to have a camera that actually moves around and can zoom in/out, because it's really hard to see the whole level at once when you're trying to solve the puzzle. I like the WASD indicator on the block, but if the camera are just stationary at 4 angles, not sure why you can't just rotate the controls as well.

Thanks for the game.

Was the last level actually a puzzle? Because I think I accidentally solved it while trying to make the last bridge.

That sort of highlight the problem in the puzzle aspect, the possible thing to do is too low, and the answer is too straight forward. You can solve it in your head pretty fast, the moving the gems around is probably the slower part of the game. Speaking of which, the isometric view with the WASD not pointing at the direction on screen takes a lot of effort to get used to, which is odd because since you can walk side way anyway, why not just implement the direction as what they are on the keyboard, would seems more intuitive to me. Thanks for the game.

Not really that original per se, and actually a bit liberal interpretation of the theme. But it is well executed, there are some minor bugs like how the time indicator renders before the cards (perhaps intended? not sure) and how you can actually see if a card is real or not when it's slide into the screen. Should probably have another name for the health of a nuclear plant though, other than, ya know, "health". The drag and drop for the plug is a bit clunky and probably should be less punishing. Everything else about the execution is pretty solid. Very good for a jam game, thanks for the game!

Can't exit on windows build, have to Alt+F4. Not sure if it's just me being old but feel like the difficulty could have been slightly lower. Having the indicator being optional is pretty good because I pretty much need to have that on 100%. The indicator will still show green if your ball is coming behind you, but the ball will still hit you regardless if it's behind you, so maybe change that to indicate danger somehow? Other than that, it's a fun little game, where's the boss rush part though.

A great concept on the theme and an extremely good execution, the puzzles are really well designed in regards to the mechanics, I have a few complains but all of them are just nitpicking, like the color contrast between the blocks and the marked squares could be higher, and the mechanics regarding how the circle can move in-between two squares are very slightly confusingly explained, but other than that, great game. Definitely one of the greats in the jam so far, thanks for the game.

Controls are way too sluggish like holding jump make you jump higher and the characters speeds up way too slow, I've spent more time struggling with the controls than solving the puzzles. The concept itself is pretty creative with the time and shadow time, but the current puzzles are way too straight forward, you pretty much only have one way to go anyway so you just walk there and it solves itself. Needs more polish, thanks for the game.

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Oh my fucking god dude, checkpoints please. I know the first and second part of the level better than my house at this point. If no checkpoint, at least don't make the character one-shot.

Theme is a bit far-fetch for this mechanic.

Other than that, I would say the puzzles are solid enough. Although I can't really say for the latter ones because I give up after the robot happens to turn around as I walked out of the shadow and just one shotted my chernobyl sonic, but the early levels are good enough, and the in game tutorials are decently made. What is slightly confusing is how the portal actually works? Not how to spawn them, but how to jump into one. I ended up pressing spacebar and that does it sometimes, but there was a portal that was slightly higher up (I think it's in section 3 of the map) that didn't worked for the first 20 times I jump around it, and after some box-pushing because I thought it was that kind of puzzle I just sort of walked around it and got through, very confusing.

Thanks for the game.

Pixel snap is not on so sometimes there would be lines between the floor. Not sure if it's WebGL being WebGL or an actual mechanic that sometimes while I'm aiming it will just shoot the arrow anyway, that's slightly annoying considering you only have three arrows. Arrow behavior is a bit unpredictable for my liking, as the bouncing off walls would be cool if it didn't literally send the god damn thing a mile away that I have to now run past 500 enemies to go get it. Would much prefer it to just stick to the wall. Also, I would say at least put some tutorials in game, I had to looked at the screenshots to figure out how to aim. 

Imho, the game is good, and is honestly only drag down by having to fit the theme. If the player have infinite amount of arrows I bet it would actually way more fun, would make the bouncing off walls and enemies a lot more fun when you don't have to run a kilometer every time you shot someone.

My brain-hand coordination isn't good enough for this game lul.

It's really hard but a pretty fun mini-time waster, well done, thanks for the game.

Highscore: 19

This is actually WAY harder than I was expecting, especially since if you missed your bullet have a very high chance of just hitting something across the map (which btw, actually lags the game quite hard if the object is far away enough) and then screw you over instantly. Also I'm not sure if this is intended, but if I attach objects of other types, when I get 3 it also kills everything else that's on the chain. The presentation is pretty cute. Thanks for the game.

You should probably pull down the WebGL build if it doesn't work.

Also wow, the game is way harder than what I expected from the tutorial alone, I couldn't for the life of me complete two of the levels, and the other two that I did both got C. This is a very simple idea on theme and yet it's very effective, I love that you went for the speedrun platformer route instead of puzzle platformer, cuz janky mechanic won't work well in the latter, but it works absolute perfect in the former, well done dude. I hope both my C are the world records so far.

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I felt off into space in level 9 because I managed to avoid the skyboxes spike by jumping on a body of myself that's already dead on them. There's also some glitch with the last body that died that would keep flashing their face between live and dead. Upside down gravity broke the bodies sometimes such that you can move them after dead by jumping on top of them. Also auto-generated, large quantity of music does not necessary mean good, there's a reason musicians in the world haven't been completely replaced by computers yet, it's because the auto-generated music are just random drum sound half the time.

Real talk, while this is not the most original of ideas, and it's a bit of a stretch for the theme, the idea was also kinda redundant here. Some of the levels you can finish without dying once, so the body-being-part-of-the-level mechanic is useless in those levels. I would say either choose being an action platformer where you only have a number of lives, or be a puzzle platformer where you can die an infinite times/have to use up all lives to pass the level. Because going the middle route makes the game loses any unique feature of its own.

Oh wait you can win lmao? I played it like 4-5 times and didn't won once, I legit thought it was a sarcastic piece on how communism always fail, maybe I shouldn't be the next Lenin then.

It's a pretty fun concept with an excellent presentation, I think with some expansion (especially to make the game less linear) it could be a fun game about exploring the town. It's a bit weird how it just gets stucked in the end after you finished the game, which also stopped the music which is a bit odd. 

Dialogue speed is way too slow. For a game like this, I would make no limit on how fast you can click through the dialogue, especially when dying multiple times are expected.  Some dialogue gets cut off by the edge. Also one of the option has two blank choices that does not do anything. Could use some background music and sfx.

But, it is a fun little game with a creative concept, if you guys are really 13 like you said, you should be proud of it.

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Yea, but the game is about communists being rolled over

The movement resetting to down on idle is annoying af, especially when you can't stop to shoot someone. Game is pretty easy other wise, you can just stand in front of the house and spam m1. Some of the sound is also seems to be broken, like the desert eagle doesn't make a sound when it killed a robot.

While the game mostly works, it stills appears to be very broken as for some reason even after I reached the goal, it will not end the level. Further more, it seems entirely random what buttons does what, like pressing the level selection button somehow would put the game on fullscreen on browser, not to mention they are not very responsive and the resolution is broken. So I decided to download the .exe instead and try, which when I pressed the back to menu button, simply crashed. The concept is okay, but at its current state, the game is unplayable.

It's a pretty interesting concept, though like other have said, having control over when a bullet is shot would be an improvement. Also it seems a bit random at times when it decide to merge, it there's a fixed shape (like triangle or quadrilateral) the behavior might be more predictable.

Intro and credit buttons does not work, also the game lags really hard for me after the few seconds after I pressed the start button. Game is way too long for such a simple mechanic, it might be more fun in co-op, but too bad I have no friends :( I know the music changes according to the regions but the transition is a bit jarring. Presentation is fine I supposed, though could probably use more animation and stuffs to indicate damage, caught something etc.

I love the fact that the hints slowly becomes clearer if you're stuck in a level for too long, because I was stuck on the shapes level for a while so I started playing osu with the shapes, which, speaking of, is because the music is pretty good. I like the ideas of the detective red strings, but the story is a bit lacking at this stage and sometimes a bit nonsensical so, I hope you will expands upon this concept in the future.

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Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guildmaster and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, that each time ended, either in the revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.

Workers of the world, unite!

Okay, for real though, what sort of West Germany propaganda did I just played? It's a bit hard to tell where I'm attacking, at least there's sfx for when I hit something, so I would suggest at least adding some animation to tell where I'm swinging. I think the game is obviously not intended to last for more than a few rounds, but if there's more orcs, sorry I mean, communist revolutionaries in the struggle against the ruling class, then you can probably make it a survival game where you have to last as long as possible.

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I think the concept is okay, but the presentation is uh what? I legit cannot tell if this is a very young person's first game, or it's someone just shitposting in post-irony very hard. If it's the former, good job, if it's the latter you're a genius among men.

Game does not run because of the following error:

"Unable to parse Build/Worth! This can happen if build compression was enabled but web server hosting the content was misconfigured to not serve the file with HTTP Response Header "Content-Encoding: br" present. Check browser Console and Devtools Network tab to debug."

Pretty simple concept for the theme, but the execution is done really well on the small details, like the sfx and the little shakes the other shapes does to indicate that the current shape you are dragging can be matched to them. Could probably be better if there were some piano music or something. For the number part, I suggest having an alternate counter that is shown in smaller text or on hover that show either how many paths is connected to this vertex or how many paths left are there left to connect. Well done.

You can get hit while climbing the ladder, which you can't do anything about. You can "climbed" up into the space between two platforms, which would get you stuck in a tiny space and kill you eventually. Other than the bugs, it's a small game fun for a couple minutes.

Puzzles are currently bit too short and straightforward (finished in around 2 mins), but really good concept and execution. I see a lot of potential in it, so hopefully it gets expanded after the jam.

Okay, what the hell was that concept? lol?

At around round 12, the spawn rate started become too high that you can just hold onto one tool and keep sweeping and you are guarantee to never lose.

The labels are a bit unreadable because the way the words are written, and the tutorial is pretty much useless because you need to memorize it, but having hints in the actual game helps a lot, so props to that part.

Controls are a bit jank, not sure if it's just the usual WebGL thing but it's hard to click on where the bottle are at sometimes.

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Level is too big and the screen is too small to figure out where you should be going half the time, this is not helped by the 80s television filter curving the screen and making everything so hard to see. The colors of the platform blends into the background which is normal, but make them incredibly hard to spot when you are switching between channels every 2 seconds to try and see where you should be going.

Some backgrounds (like the iron factory) have lines that are straight, just to add to the confusion that you can't see where the hell the platforms are at.

Other than that, I would say the it's a bit weird to use this particular idea for this theme, but the execution is well enough.

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Controls for unit spawning is listed wrongly. Also, would be nice if there's some way to close the right panel other than just click a button that does something else. 

I love the concept and the presentation is just *chef kiss*, but the difficulty needs A LOT of rebalance

I tried it about 4 or 5 times, and I was not able to repair ONE lighthouse. My math must be pretty bad because I failed so many 99% successful rate mission it's not even funny.

On my fifth playthrough, I swear the enemies just started spawning in triangular number (1,3,6,10), because I legit saw 10 enemies spawn at once. It was 2 minutes into a game and none of my units lived long enough to move out of the light, it was I think at that point I said fuck it  and stopped.

Other than the start being confusing escort mission at the start which everyone has already mentioned, the game is also way more difficult than it should have been (could just be I suck though), after the escort part, you need to be standing in the middle of the stage for obvious reason, and when that happens visibility of what enemies are coming is just way too bad, you have maybe 1 or 2 seconds window to kill each one after you saw them. And this includes time you need to move, aim, and spam the fire button. 

So I definitely suggest you increase the size of the camera, other than that, having any indicator of how much the song left would be helpful, I was actually doubting if the song would end or if it just goes on to infinity until I actually beat the game so. Also, the holes acting as walls is just off, cause they kinda implies you could fall down, could had just have walls there.

Like others already said, pretty good presentations... but no idea what the game is supposed to do. I couldn't even tell if I'm doing the right or wrong thing for each mini game except the pill-coloring one, and I also couldn't tell if I won or lost. Also it seems that there's a pretty noticeable lag after each patient, uh, left or died? And sometimes the mini game just goes off without a patient in bed. At its current state its too buggy to be enjoyable

That intro scared the shit out of me.

The game itself is quite creative but gets old quite quickly, still decent for a jam entry though.