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Like others already said, pretty good presentations... but no idea what the game is supposed to do. I couldn't even tell if I'm doing the right or wrong thing for each mini game except the pill-coloring one, and I also couldn't tell if I won or lost. Also it seems that there's a pretty noticeable lag after each patient, uh, left or died? And sometimes the mini game just goes off without a patient in bed. At its current state its too buggy to be enjoyable

That intro scared the shit out of me.

The game itself is quite creative but gets old quite quickly, still decent for a jam entry though.

Oh, ngl I was really really confused since I saw the word "Procedural" and all the response seems like they are hard coded, so I thought I must be missing out on something. Btw the game is really great for a first-timer, so no need to worry about that.

As for the story though, this is speaking as a mystery fan and not a game dev: not really a big fan of open ended mystery, always think they open up too much questions and any interpretation would be acceptable. As for the endings, well, I don't want to find out this way, I look forward to you finish the game and I'll find out by then. Thanks for the game!

It's fix now, feel free to try it again and tell me what you think. Thanks for checking it out btw.

Oh shit, thanks for pointing it out, yea it's a game breaking bug, I'll get it fixed and see if I can reupload it

Jumped into your stream for a sec and saw you worked hard on it. Great job! Presentation is great, feels like you've done your research with the chemicals and the pagers, "stat" etc . Controls is a little bit jank when quick-walking in out room into patient beds. Would help if there's a way to see what room has patient outside of the slow-scrolling text on the pager but I guess that's intended? Also, imo, the game would be better with a time limit instead of endless. Overall, pretty fun! Thanks for the game.


So I tried the game 4 times and tried all 3 suspects, but each time it turned out to convict the wrong person, not sure what I'm missing here, as far as I can tell the statements are same the each time, and the heartbeat monitor afaik doesn't tell much useful information, I even try to confront the suspects when their heart rate is high, no dice. I'm sure I'm missing something here, maybe a hidden mechanic, which might be the "procedural" part. But I really couldn't figure that out so I'll rated this lower that I think it deserved for now, would love if the you can respond and tell me what I missed out on and I'll retry it and probably change the rating.

It's fine. It's okay experience-wise, but I can't say I didn't saw the ending about a million miles away from the bgm, which, speaking of, sounds really low quality for some reason. I couldn't really tell if it was on purpose or the sound quality was just bad. The graphics is fine, even great some part but the artstyle is a little bit over the place so I was actually confused at first if this is supposed to be creepy or sad (especially the swimming part with the black eye socket, I was like ??? should I be scared). Yea overall it's bit cliché but fine.

Finished the game, this is really good, the puzzles are creative, and the artstyle is really great. Only nitpick I can think of is that the X block's movements and their fail conditions is a bit unclear. Sometimes I would phase into a X block and nothing happens, and its a bit hard to time it when that happens because I would miss the rhythm of navigating through them (especially in the last level), also it seems really random which direction the X block send you flying, the last X block of the last level killed me twice, and the third time just decide to put me in front of the exit, really weird. But like I said, those are nitpicks, this is def the best entry I've played so far.

Pretty creative. Got 42 beats, so the patient was alive for less than a minute, as a doctor I did my best

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This was what my game started out as before I changed my idea, but with 10 times the better execution. Good game

Yea, the mouse controls are really hard to get right, this is about the best I could do in 2 weeks after rewriting it several times, thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you had fun


Yea I definitely understand, circumstances. Just thought it was a bit weird with the theme of the game.

Game is okay, the design and aesthetic is really impressive though.

Saw that ending from a mile away.

Also it's a bit odd and sad(?) that a game about cold hearted corporations end with the dev asking for a job

That was really good! I didn't ended up submitting a game in LD but your game was very similar to one of my idea with a much better execution!

Seems like there's way too much exceptions that people is wondering, so I may as well say, any settings you can use to create graphical component that doesn't involve sampling something outside of the engine is allowed. 

Yes and yes

Anything that isn't the default isn't allowed.

The art has to be made with the engine you are using, and no old art allowed. Check rule (1),(2),(3) for more details

If you have a questions regarding the rules, feel free to comment it in this thread

Yes, those are consider default engine sprites so they are ok. Same with all the engine draw shapes functions.

Will fix that asap, thanks for the heads up

1) SVGs are Ok, same as every other draw methods that involve defining shapes

2) Fonts and Emojis are Ok too

Absolutely fine, you can import any 3D models as long as it doesn't have any textures on it since they don't count as images.

Well, it's a shop game and it works, so you have the going for you, now with the problems:

1) Haggle system is completely broken, you can pretty much get anything you want with 0 golds, therefore you'll just keep getting profits for free, and another thing is that why would you willing haggle with a customer, which would reduces the money you earn? Why is that even an option?

2) There's quite a few game breaking bugs atm, I broke the game on my second run by haggling below 0 G, which drops the number to NaN, and I bought the item which just turn my gold amount to NaN.

3) The status text about who's entering the shop will sometimes get overlay over one and other

4) Movement speed are a bit too slow for my taste

Overall I think its fine? I think for a shop game it got all the basics right, but I think it still need a bit of work and some special mechanic to stand out. 

Hi Marcus, just in case you missed it, I've written a short suggestion here on what you should do moving forward:

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Hey Marcus, sorry for mocking you in the other post I made about drugs, I was just joking around because me and Darylsteak who you replied to, thought that in no way in hell this jam is real. I assuming you are very new to game jams in general, so I'll try to explain why:

A prize pool of $12,000 is massive, and I'm not using that word lightly here, the next jam I can recall with a prize pool this big have $1000, and that is split among multiple top-winners, a $12,000 prize pool is literally something that's never been on the site before.

The Jam's requirements are also incredibly weird, no offense. It's great that you want to support a cause, but it seems weird because of the requirement for micro-transactions and mobile-only, which is usually a pretty big taboo for indie developers, and unheard of in a jam game.

Here's my suggestions regarding on what you should do:

First, delay or cancel the jam for now, with this amount of participants, you are unlikely to gather any quality responses, and therefore the game you want to support with this money. With some proper promotions, I can ensure you that this jam will get at least 10 thousand participant.

Next, contact Itch admin at, and tell them what's your plan, they will provide you with the right personnel and support for a jam this scale, again, this amount of money is completely unheard of, and realistically you won't be able to host a jam this big by yourself.



What kind of drugs are you on, I would like some too please.

Wow, that was challenging. The game's movement and combat mechanics are pretty unique and decent. I'll say lower the rotation speed too like the others has mentioned. Aside from that, the aesthetic and the animations are just wonderful. The game probably needs to be a bit more beginner's friendly at the start and a good difficulty curve if it wants to be a full game, but as a jam game its pretty fantastic. 

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Level 4. 

The game's idea is really creative, however there are very big issues with the current state so I can't say I enjoy playing it a lot. 

1) No tutorial, yea that pretty much speak for itself.

2) I saw on the discord server that you mentioned you broke the wave system, yea this wave system is beyond broken at the moment, it's practically impossible to plant anything after the first 15 second so, that's like the major point of the game just out of the window.

3) The gunplay is very doom-like, which I actually quite like, but it lacks several quality of life features like bullet count etc

4) The worst part is that you need to pick up the coin on your own, at that point you are already jugging like 18 balls at once in the game, and the collision on them is wacky, I couldn't even quickly run by and pick them up because E just doesn't work unless I stand completely still and aim straight at it. 

Really it just boils down to the gameplay curve being worse than COVID-19's curve, other than that, I think the game have some pretty solid foundation for a good game in it.

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I enjoyed the game, but I wouldn't call it a horror game, it feels more like a management game for me. I wasn't really scared even for a single second, in fact the game was really funny to me with all the chanting and that moan the spirit makes when they spawn. The aesthetic looks great, but again, they are too brightly lighten up for a horror game, it feels less like I'm in the middle of nowhere in the woods and more like CyberPunk: Tokyo 2020 or something. Overall its a great game, just not a horror game at all for me.

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That was really cool! I really like the idea and the execution. The current state of the game is pretty simple, it feels more like a mini-game right now, but I can easily see this being expanded with some more complicated rule set like you mentioned in the other comment. But even with that, I really love this as a jam game.

My only problem with it is that sometimes the suspects and the body would spawn somewhere that block some pathways inside the house so it becomes really hard to navigate around them, that's about it.

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(1) Trails of blood itself isn't enough of an evidence to make the first conclusion, since the trail ended right before the gun, its more possible than someone killed the victim there, walked away and dump the gun. Since if she carry the body there, the trail of blood should lead to inside the house after she set up the body and walk back into the house. (2) I actually like the unreliable alibi thing, but that means his witness statement was ignoble so its just her v his word in the end (3) Making coffee for an hour between 10-11pm?

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I guess it's pretty creative as a concept, but the novelty wears off rather quickly. Other than that, I don't really have much complains, the aesthetic and the music are great, the game is decent. Windows export doesn't work btw, no .pck file for godot export.

...and how the hell did I ran out of money against myself?

Spoiler about the game ahead, if you haven't play it and don't want to get spoiled about the plot don't read it

Gathered all the clues

So the brother was the only one without a witness, got it

Accuse the brother

"You have thrown an innocent man in jail"

What the shit?

The game is quite fun to play to be honest, the story is just engaging enough to keep you going. Although my first playthrough I got spoiled who is the real killer by the ending above.

The game has some bugs, like the "greatest murder mystery ever" dialogue will actually soft lock you from re-entering the first floor after you went up to the second floor, and on my second run I encountered a bug where if you press E too much times when walking up the stairs, you ended up being stuck in a loop of entering second floor over and over again. BGM got annoying after a while because of it being in such a short loop.

Gameplay wise, I'm also not a big fan of the game just teleport you back to the station (Police station? I think it was miz jam investigation house or something?) as soon as it deems you have enough clues to find the killer. That I think is like the most important player decision in a detective game being taken away. The rendering distance is also pretty weird at a lot of places, for example, walking behind the victim's house while directly colliding with it doesn't make it show up. The chase sequence in the end I think it's a nice touch, but I don't think its well done, cuz there's no build up for the tension or anything, the lack of music doesn't help either.

Plot-wise, like I said, I was actually tricked into thinking the brother was the killer because the mom actually has an alibi with her son. I know the real plot is that she didn't washed the dishes so they are dirty, because she went to kill her husband. But (1) lady, that's a dishwasher, couldn't you literally just press like 3 buttons before you walk out to kill your husband? (2) Lack of information on who actually discovered the body and when threw me off, since its quite possible that the body was found right after he was killed, which means that she stop doing the dishes since she found her husband's body, which make sense? (3) Does little Timmy not heard the fact that his mom fired a pistol right outside of the house? Were the snacks that good? 

Well overall I still think its pretty sweet for a short game, but there's definitely a lot of room for improvement.

Wrong door buddy, Shoot to Move in GMTK Jam is that way.

Jokes aside, this was a pretty fun game. I did ran into the autowalk bug others have already mentioned. Couple things to mention was that the first level that introduces the devil, I saw him for a split second before he just walked into the water and died lol so that's amusing. Another thing is that I didn't realize you couldn't kill the knights directly for a while, I thought they just tanked damages really well. so maybe change the hit feedback for them, like swap the SFX for a metal sound maybe? Most of the mechanics are pretty interesting, and overall pretty well done, gg.

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Alright, I finished the game, here's the proof: 

Which is why what I'm about to say might come as a surprise, which is that I didn't like the game as a whole. In fact, what kept me going at the end there was probably sunk cost and how mad I'm for the game wasting its potential.

The game starts off really strong and promising. The idea is great, the execution is great, and I'm super into idle games that are grindy, this was the perfect storm for me.

My biggest problem with the game can probably be break down to these few words: No offensive towers.

I realize this somewhere during the mid-game, at the time it wasn't a deal breaker to me, because the spawn rate of the ghosts was still relatively low. By mid-to-late game, you pretty much have to go back to the tower every 30 seconds or so to kill all the ghosts that are bothering the crystal. And the ghosts can literally spawn right next to it. If they spawn near the edges and slowly move towards the center, it would probably been fine since you are near the edges looking for resources, but nah. Just spawn right in the middle.

Since all the diamonds and gold are at the edges of the map, the late game cycle basically becomes rush out to the edges, build as many resources tower as fast as you can, remove the old ones that ran out of resources, and rush back to the center in 30 seconds to kill all the ghosts, repeat this cycle every 30 seconds. Why... just, why? If you want the player to explore the map and plan out their towers, this is the opposite of what should have been done. I feel like a chernobyl liquidator rushing to the roof just to take like 2 pieces of graphite with me before rushing back.

Of course, the crystal towers help with this, but to build them, you need resources, which you also need to beat the game, so if you want to beat the game, you really need to weight on how much do you want to rush back to the tower with how long do you want to keep playing this tedious end game for.

Beside that, there's also some minor issues with not having camera lock, and progression being too slow at times. 

This game has some really big potential, but by god it step and spit on most of it.

I quite like the idea itself, and the execution is fine for the most part. What I really dislike is that the randomness is way too much for my taste. 

I do understand the rules about will attack when possible and combos. But this still leaves way too many rooms for questions. If there's two target that's attackable, which target will the piece goes for? If during the combo, there's two targets, which way will the combos goes? How does pieces with no targets behave? What are the odds that a piece will move in a turn? All these questions etc etc. All of these are very important when you need to formulae a strategy to play a turn properly, even if its random, at least the player needs to know how random it is.

I understand your implementations probably means that not all of it is random, just not explicitly stated, but like I said, the player need these information to formulae a good strat, so it seems weird to not list them out. 

Beside that, I have some minor complains about the UI and the game probably need more juicing to help with the aesthetic, but these are just minor details compared to what I said.

This is a very interesting game to say the least, imo the gameplay itself isn't that engaging, it's like doing a captcha over and over again. However, the idea is very creative and I do know how hard it is to make this work, especially in 48 hours. The execution is decent too, it just falls flat at the core gameplay itself so I'll said you guys did a great job at least.