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I knew this was possible and did not bothered to fix it 

Hello everyone, I'm trying to connect my HTML exported game to a websocket server (that is exposed through ngrok), and I'm getting errors on all 3 browsers I've tried (Firefox, Chrome, Edge)

Example of the error (though all 3 browsers had different errors, all of which state no failure reasons)

Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at wss://

When I run the game natively on Windows it successfully connects to the server, any idea what I could potentially be missing?

Thanks for playing, you are absolute right that the difficulty curve was all over the place, it was partly because I was too busy to adjust it and partly because it was a jam game and I was trying to not crush the player in level 1. Thanks for all the feedbacks!

Thanks your game also looks cool

Might have had too much fun with the level editor:

Most levels seems to be pretty straightforward to solve, since you can just place down infinite shapes to form narrow path. Perhaps some limitations on shapes count/types can be used as higher challenge within a level. Still overall a great entry!

Fan art for my favorite entry in the jam:

Not a bad concept and a pretty short game. Maybe the game they were playing in question (tic-tac-toe) in this case could have been swapped for something a bit more complex.

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Alright, I got to a score where I can likely safely retired for the next 60 years.

Somewhat straight forward idea with pretty good execution, but made too easy by the fact that even though I never played a sport manager simulator before, something tells me that strikes probably shouldn't reset after you placed a block. There seems to also be a problem with the drop hinting of one of the S-block, I've seen it regularly being hinted as one row lower into existing blocks in the game.

Glory to Math, death to all Science Nation people.

This gameplay is my favorite "Paper Please but reversed" game I have played so far and is the closest to the original, but the representation needs some serious work. I was stuck after the first level if I go through the game through the play button and numerous times throughout the game the snapping just stopped working so I couldn't put anything on the paper. Every animations, even just simple moving were also weirdly jittery for some reason.

Also securitys is spelled securities bruh.

Hey xelinium, just a heads up that I don't think your game is showing up under your comment like everyone else, probably because you weren't added as a contributor to it.

Saw this on the Godot server.

My high score is 1136.

This is too RTS and not turn-based enough for my liking, most people can't physically visualize what a 10x10 grid rotated left or right actually looks like in 3 seconds so it just ends up being "just move the enemies away from center". My suggestions would be that (1) make the grid much smaller (2) but with more tiles (3) enemies path-finding being predictable (I believe) is amazing but they should behave smarter, like would try to go up to each other to fight etc. (4) make rotate/swapping tiles visualized so the player can plans ahead even further. Overall, not bad but definitely can be expanded upon.

It was a joke man 🙃

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Mods are special
*Deletes your message*

Single greatest joke in the entire jam so far.

th3 g@m3 fri3s my br@in, but it w3nt on too long for my t@st3, i @gr33 with th3 oth3r comm3nts th@t m3ntion m@yb3 sp33ding it up @ bit. oth3r th@n th@t wow thos3 3s @nd @s @r3 @s difficult to c@tch @s hot pot@to3s. if you pl@n to 3xp@nds this post-j@m m@yb3 @dd more kind of int3r@ctions oth3r th@n just b@nning p3opl3, gr3@t g@m3! @nyw@y link to my 3ntry if you w@nt to try: pls try

After getting somewhat comfortable with the rules of the game, I decided to try max difficulty on maximum chaos, and to my surprise:

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
RuntimeError: index out of bounds
So yea, other than that, great idea and great execution all around. Unfortunately though I will have to rate you 1 in every categories for not including en passant in the game.

Pretty good for a gag game, love the spotlight just to dunk on the player harder lmao. 

>Do the right thing, gets jailed
>Do the wrong thing, gets prison time

Sounds about right for the average [redacted] I mean Zabovians

The first playthrough I got instant killed before I even realized what has happened. Good twist.

Second playthrough, I got 6 archers left at phase 2. Ended up spending 2 minutes just running circle around them before I realized I could grab them and throw them at the walls (probably needs some indication for that). It's pretty easy once you figured out what to do so, hope to see difficulty adjusted soon. Good game!

I got 463 after playing for around 15 minutes and maxing out upgrade points.

Decent idea and pretty good execution, love the crisp sound design and the... heart of iron 4-esque soundtrack for some reason. Wish I could just keep going with the upgrades and the enemies get harder and harder though.

I think it's interesting to see that the developer fails to disclose his sponsorship from Nestle, which paid him to promote the idea that throwing water bottles into the ocean is good for the fishes (that one in particular). Also, the developer is literally the devil himself.

For the actual review, I would say the game is a bit too hard? I don't think the camera panning is necessary at all, I think to promote speed-running having the timer be there should already be enough. Let player spends however long they want, it would lowers the skill floor so players don't get push into uncomfortable position and just give up. Other than that, amazing game all around!

It was the one where you throw Rei's shoes off the balcony so Amane had to princess carry her. I loved development like everyone else but damn that was aggressive kek

It's kinda funny I've seen at least 5 entries that use this concept for the jam had goofy eyes for the apple (ours included).

Very fun to play and look and feels amazing, only complain (which is barely one) is that the boss fight could probably be harder, cheers.

Everyone had no enemies until they get chased by 15 dudes at once.

For the first phase I would love that the enemies actually try to shoot at the player consistently instead of just stand around the player like a circle and wait for everyone to jump at him at once. While it's pretty funny looking I'm not too sure about that from the gameplay standpoint. Other than that, great idea and very well executed!

Currently it feels very clunky to push things like the boxes, especially because it's keyboard controlled so precise movement is sort of difficult.

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"Spared the innocent" my ass, there are no innocent human bystanders, only those that are less guilty than others. GLORY TO THE REVOLUTION

Had a lot of fun playing it, definitely a very cool concept and execution. I especially love how you get to pick your own difficulty of the game by choosing which goals you want to aim for in each level. I feel that the controls might need some more work though, great job.

I don't have a lot to say about the game, as it mainly consists of 10 dialogs and a fishing mini-game. The fishing mini-game could benefit from some improvements, particularly in terms of the player's control over the blue bar, which feels too slow to catch up to the target. There definitely is potential for more development and exploration of the game's concept.

It's very very adorable obviously, but goddamn it was so hard to try to figure out what's the right move and what the dog is consider doing, almost like I can read the owner's mind but not the dog (sounds like the dog needs a bit of good ironing). The good ending is sort of absurd (in a good way?)

I like the idea and the art, I wish the game play is actually closer to Paper Please where you have to cross reference data for stuffs. Or really any other game play mechanics other than QTE,

The art, music and execution is very well. Idea wise the game is pretty much just a manual tower defense though. It's decent but it definitely needs to have more and be more unique.

This is one of the few games in a jam that definitely has the potential to be expanded into a full game, well done! The game play is actually very intrinsic so even if I just skipped through all the rules (bad I know) it wasn't hard to figure out the rules on the go. I wished it has more juice though, hope you choose to expand this after the jam!

Really it's just a great, very juiced-up platformer that skids by the theme, but the execution is incredible so 11/10

Bro weren't kidding about the length.

Good execution but definitely needed more time, the fact that if your ball bounce back to the previous screen it would reset the descending mist is uh... not great? Still had fun for 30 seconds though.

Saw this from the Godot server.

Decent execution for the idea, but the game is actually absurdly easy if you start every level by maxing the player's stats then you can pretty much go anywhere using like 1 or 2 blocks. I would suggest maybe each levels the player can only change one aspect - that would have made the puzzle more fun and limiting.

Pretty decent for a short game. I'm wondering how did you came up with the levels? Is it just completely random? Because it would seems to me that some levels wouldn't be solvable if it's just random though I didn't ran into any.

Me: Welcome to the audition for 12 Angry Men, you are a 20 years old man.
50 years old actress: what

Also, all of these people have osteoporosis.

Alright, actual review. I got to Year 20 with no end in sight, the game is definitely on the easier side of things.

  • Ideally for strategy game like this, I would like to see the stats on everything. Like for example, how much penalty does an age gap of 20 years compared to a man playing a woman? Or, the before/after stats comparison for reconceptualize, etc. Stats like these would make the decision-making process much more strategic.
  • I LOVED the random events, but them being separated from the card scene makes it really hard to tell what is actually happening to who. I would prefer say for example, when someone broke their bones for the 500th times their card gray out, a retired actor card slowly slide off the screen, a friendship forms as the green line fate in etc in the card scene. Of course you would still need the description for it.
  • One thing that probably shouldn't be random is the hiring/firing of people. I'm ok with people randomly dropping out (somewhat), but being able to hire new people should probably be in the player's control, especially since everyone ages so I have to force a bunch of boomers act as teenager (hence the joke at the beginning).
  • The friend/foes system is great, but I think you can make it even more crazier but having everyone have some relationships to everyone: friend/foe/neutral etc which changes depending on how much they worked together.

Pretty decent design and execution, I wish the gameplay was more dynamic though, rather than letting the hero ask for items maybe you need to periodically hand him what he needs otherwise he lose health/happiness instead.

The backpack mechanism seems weird, so you can't move something that's underneath something else, but you could place item under something else? Not really sure if that's intended.

More levels!

Hello, it's me, the man who named this game on discord, since I'm not in the credits my lawyer will contact you soon.

Very nice story, and the control scheme is actually just straight up brilliant. I love how the line the player drawn can both spawn meteorites and manipulate them at the same time. The presentation is very well done.

However, can't help but feel that the main content itself is lagging, the game would really benefits from more dynamic gameplay especially with this control scheme.

No I will not update my graphics driver.

The level themselves are actually pretty straight forward, there is obviously a noticeable spike in difficulty between level 2 and 3, but like, it wasn't that high of a spike. If anything the fact that you can't retrace your step actually made the game way easier by narrowing the possibilities.

Definitely need more levels, and a bgm that contains more than 6 notes.

>We don't know if it's even possible to beat the game on normal
>Let's put a hard mode in

Difficulty spikes all over the place, any levels with one enemy is just click on them till they die so level 9 is way easier than the levels around it.

Would really loved to have a level selection, wouldn't mind getting to retry 15 over and over again if I DON'T HAVE TO REPLAY THE ENTIRE GAME EVERY RUN.

Other than that, excellent presentation all around, all the art and effects are incredibly well done. And I genuinely had a lot of fun playing it but would probably had more if it had some CHECKPOINTS

Us apple people need to stick together

Not too bad for a beginner I suppose? Definitely feels more like a throwaway idea rather than a game.

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The polish is obviously pretty goddamn insane, both the art style and the music, did you guys took inspiration for the game from The Republia Times?

There are a few issues with the games though, a lot of combinations that feels like they should have resulted in special responses doesn't. You can glitch out the music by pressing mouse 1 before the camera gets to zoom into the recruitment ad, and how the game calculates what is considered 2 censor bars is glitchy, I was able to censor the entire first headline with both 1 censor bar (through dragging through the entire thing) and 2 censor bars (by dragging from the first word to the middle of the sentence, then dragging from the last word to all the rest of the words).

Also, the game is not long enough, give me more goddamn it.

Edit: forgot a word

I got 25700

I was promised extremely realistic gore and blood on the GMTK discord server, on that aspect I'm sorely disappointed.

On the other hand, game is undoubtedly impressive (the man the legend the piggy does it again). But I couldn't help but notice that the mechanics feel a bit counterintuitive. One would assume that as a hole, you'd effortlessly consume stationary balls, but in the game they inflict damage unless they're in the purple phase.