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🤪 SUPPORT ME 🤪 community · Created a new topic <3

Love your work Pierre, happy to support you!

Thanks tori-ningen!

You're not missing anything, I think I typed "love" and "craft" as tags when uploading this and "Lovecraftian Horror" popped up :P

Haha, this is so great!

Woop, thanks!

Thanks <3

Hey, thanks for trying it out!

This was a weekend jam, so it's not something we'd consider taking further. But totally agree with you on the drawings! 

Art by:
jundrawsstuff & maki-tak

Hehe, thanks for playing and the kind words in the vid :)

This was cool to see, thanks for posting.

Excellent badgering Casual_E !

Thanks :)

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  • Using snakes to build aggression... check
  • Closely observing the attack patterns of pink snakes... check
  • Unusual dislike of anything green... check

@bapbop you are clearly a master badger.

Thanks for the kind words and feedback. I agree with you on everything and I'd like to address those issues if I take this idea further.

Super-cool, thanks RafGamer!

Hey, thanks! Really brightens my day to hear that feedback.

Thanks! <3

Sadly Sir David Attenborough was not available for recording at the time of the jam, so I had to improvise :'D

Thanks for the kind words BadRAM!

The sounds in this are so delightfully juicy!

Thanks <3

Ye, totally agree with you on the burrowing and tension there. 

I like the idea of weaker + higher numbers. That also makes me think you could have a larger & tougher one that appears less frequently and presents a different kind of challenge (mixed in with the others).

I'm keen to learn more from this kind of discussion & play testing, so feel free to msg me any time.

I asked myself the same question while playing. It certainly depends on what your goal for the experience was.

Personally, I found the time to kill quite high and wanted enemies to die a bit faster. I imagined it would be more satisfying to have more deaths happening more often (even if the overall challenge remained the same). Especially because you have this cool effect where you can knock about enemy corpses :)

Thinking of it another way: I'd rather have double the enemies that die in half the time.

I'm still pretty new to game design, so I may be suggesting nonsense.

Are you asking because it's something you were considering?

I had a cool time with this. I particularly liked the change in mood with each stage.

Those tentacles are sooooo tough though! Also pretty terrifying to have something chase you through the floor :O

Super-cool retro vibes here. I particularly like the sprite art in this, those knife dudes look rather menacing!

Oh no, I'm so keen to try this but my browser doesn't get past showing a black screen. Any chance you'd put up a downloadable version?

PS: love your Unity assets!

Quite relaxing. I found it pretty satisfying to make little forests and get some shade, then venture out into the sun again.

Thanks <3

That opening cinematic is so awesome! That fact that the guitar hands were sync'd to actual music strumming blew my mind. (Wish there was a way to skip it the 2nd time round though).

I kept running out of ammo by trying to shoot people at the back of the train (it feels like you can only hit them from the front of the locomotive?)

Frantic action!

Took me a while to realise that sttanding on the red sectors hurts my health. 

I liked that the pace in this, always something to focus my attention on and consstant threat. Also enjoyed that the environment around me was changing and that game me reason to think about changing my position (otherwise I felt like being static and aiming was my best strat).

I found myself wishing that there was even more reason to move around while shooting. Maybe if the level was changing more frequently or if there was some point / objective I had to reach.. that would keep me on my feet.

Well, this 100% delivers on the title. 

I wish my little penguin made some noises as it slid around. :)

Wow, the screenshots look so nice but seeing it in motion is next level.

Clearly there's a lot of technical wizardry happening here. The colour palettes struck me, they really add to the feeling of exploring different parts of the world. 

Love the thumbnail design for this, pulled me right in.

I feel like I killed more than 25 soviets, and it just kept going. I began to worry that I had been lied too ... were there more? Did I really have 87 bullet? Or .... was I even American?!

I really liked the ambient audio in this! Gentle piano into followed by a really moody rumble and rain right away.

The fragments creature gave me chills, strong Trypophobia vibes. 

I got kinda lost after wandering around for a while, did I miss something? I'm pretty curious to learn more about that creature.

Ps. Thanks for the headbob option, saved my motion sickness.

This is first time I've ever experienced awkwardness in a game, followed immediately by giggles. It's poetically genius.

There are so many nice touches in this (music, character postuers, the head turns, etc) that sell the funny moment. Delightful.

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Good point on swiping from anywhere. I think one of my greatest skills in game dev is making things more complicated than they need to be :P. 

On not going where you pointed, I wondered about this for a while. It felt like if you could always go exactly where you dragged... then the challenge evapourates. But if there's not enough predictability... it's super frustrating. I'm keen to learn more about getting this to feel right.

Hehe on the inspiration jealousy... I've certainly felt that seeing your work... so I'm happy to keep the loop going :)

Amen ;D

Thanks for the kind words, thrilled you enjoyed it.

Ye, those physics :P I was pretty concerned about it because sometimes it can glitch out enough to result in complete loss of hope (for the developer too).

I agree on the black grips, sound would be a great signal there.

Really nice idea on the hand motion lines. Hadn't considered that at all and I think it would really add something. Thanks.

Thanks FanieG!

I really like this left-click left-hand idea... it's something I'd definitely experiment with if I work on this more.

Thanks, this is excellent feedback!

Oh my gosh, "despair" spelling error is super embarassing. I've never been a great speller, but this is a new low. Thanks for pointing it out.

Good point on the controls and clicking anywhere. It seems I've got a habit of over-complicating them :/

So glad you felt like you got into the meditative state! That's totally what I was going for. 

I agree with you on how the black & red grip don't read well. I considered having "Loss of Hope" instead of "-" but that felt less elegant. 

Congrats on reaching the summit! I'm with you on the ending too. I'd run out of time at that point and would have liked to do something a bit more climactic. 

Again, thanks for taking the time to write that up, helps a ton.

This is the jam my 2020 needed.

The vocals of the orangutan have been undervalued as an instrument for centuries. I'm glad this game can correct that.

When will this be available as a pro DJ instrument? People need to use this in livesets. <3

This was super-cool. 

I had the very same gripes as @Miltage with the spell system, and he covered it really well, so I won't repeat.

I loved the little touches, like being able to pluck the lute to change the soundtrack.

Ok, I was pretty excited to play this and was not disappointed.


That feeling of walking thorugh the door for the first time and realising I'm in the same / similar room gave me some kind of chills. Is there a word for that sudden realisation that all is not what it seems?

I thought the sound and glyphs added a ton of atmosphere to this, great choices.  

I'm not the most patient player and usually want to skip through reading in most games but this was concise and intriguing enough to keep me engaged the whole time.

Nice jam!

This was really charming. I really like how much life you managed to breathe into the characters and the overall aesthetic.

Getting a hit felt pretty satisfying, that KO animation is great.

I struggled to aim consistently, maybe something to do with the perspective? Initially a bit frustrated that the aim line keeps growing but ultimately found that I liked the challenge of getting the timing and direction right.