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I'm really enthralled with this, although I couldn't get past level 2.

The curvy mechanic and that super-juicy gif got me interested immediately.  

I gave this 3 tries, the first one without any context and the latter 2 after reading the tips and hints on this page. All 3 times I just couldn't get past level 2 (the darker level).

Totally agree with Eltucke that the sound design adds so much to this. Every shot feels impactful. 

Control-wise movement felt great (I played with an xbone controller). I've never felt that type of control before in a FPS and being able to control crouch height is such a neat idea. Hopping from spot-to-spot also felt intuitive.

My big struggle was with curving bullets intentionally. The "fire on release" tip helped a bunch, I was able to start curving stuff regularly ... but was never able to properly control my curves. I found that relying on the spring / bounce was too hard to time and so most of the time I just played with holding down right click (to keep the dot locked) and using left click releases to try attain curves I wanted.

I kept wanting to try an alternative control scheme:
1) no swing / bobbing, so no need for right click AND
2) firing on left-click down (using mouse motion up until that point for curving)     

I wonder if that would have helped?