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Really nice, good job.

Just played through this, really really good! Couple of thoughts:

1. A blob shadow below the sprites would make it easier to gauge depth, and would make some of the jumps easier.

2. There appears to be a bug where gravity keeps accelerating you down when you are ion the floor, so if you don't jump and then walk off a cliff you drop downwards at the speed of light.

Also, one question, is there a shell on the secret level? I wasn't able to find one yet.

Thanks, great job!

We got to a really high level before clicking ascend for the first time though, not sure if that is relevant. We were in terragold coins level.

The game was great, we just spent a while playing it and really enjoyed it. After we clicked ascend though, we seemed to stop receiving any gold per second. Not sure what is supposed to happen after that. Great job though, well done!

Nice game, it was a bit tricky to get all the flags. I liked the mechanic of not being able to steer at the back to prevent camping there and the subtle moving back that the game did of the player. Good job!

I really liked how many arrows this guy can throw. He was on a mission for that bread.

Shadow casting effect for line of sight was a nice touch. Ideally I'd like it to pause briefly after I lose so that I can see my score, which I often missed because it got quite hectic.

Really fun idea, enjoyed playing it, good job!


Yes, the disappearing walls was very intentional, as otherwise it would have been difficult to see what is going on. I originally had slightly more complicated 3D models for the scenery to add some wall depth, but it got difficult as bits of them would appear over the view so I simplified them to planes. I did it by using backface culling, only the fronts of triangles are rendered, so if I orientate a wall away from the player it disappears automatically. I just have to be careful not to have any triangles that can be seen from behind a wall at the cameras viewpoint.

The red key to get in to the room with the hearts and extra ducks?  SPOILER WARNING: Its behind the right pillar in the room below

Thanks, all very useful feedback!

Targetting reticule is a good idea, I think you might have had trouble with the aiming because it projects the mouse positition on to the ground plane, which might be a bit low. Perhaps projecting on to the mid-height of the enemies would be more natural. Either way a reticule would help give feedback to adjust.

Enemies are one area that I think is a bit lacking. The logic for them is very simple, with just a radius to the player and some simple move towards the player logic. I had intended to make use of raycasting line of sight for each enemy, but ran out of time before submitting. I would also like to add navmeshes at some point to prevent them getting stuck.

I agree that I really should have exported a web version, I did try it and ran in to a few problems getting it running locally on my machine and was running low on time. It might be worth me trying again when I do the update release after voting ends.

I really like this idea. A game where swinging affects gravity and allows you to rotate the world is absolutely great.

However, I struggled quite a lot with this game and didn't get very far because I died a lot. My main problems were that I couldn't work out how to swing on the rope, and I struggled to understand how gravity got changed. I guess down became the angle of the rope with what you stick it to? I also managed to get stuck at the beginning by swinging back and rotating the level 90 degrees and falling to the left from the start position. I then couldn't go anywhere or rope anything.

Control gripes aside, I did enjoy what there was and would really like to play an updated version with tweaked controls to make it easier. 

Great game! Love the art style and the weapons, the humour was great, felt bad killing them, kind of liked the camera. Was a bit sad that I couldn't use standard mouse and keyboard controls, I wanted to mouse look and strafe with A and D.

Good job!

Really good, I enjoyed that. I love puzzle games. Last parts were pretty tough but not unbeatable so well done!

Nice little game, enjoyed playing through it.

I did encounter a bug where I went down the bottom of the level early on and one of the skeletons from the top ran over to attach be but floated in the air on the same level. I guess this is because enemies don't have gravity applied.

Overall good job.

Fantastic atmosphere, very eerie, and I had my headphones too loud so jumped out of my skin a few times.

My only complain was that it took me a little while to realise that the dark ghosts were coming at the end because I couldn't see them. Once I saw them I realised pretty quick I could use the light to scare them away.

Really really good game, well done.

I like the game, and it felt quite frantic after a while, especially when you get teleported or your device gets thrown away from you. I liked the voice acting on the chanting too :). Good job

Very good game. We really liked how it looked and we enjoyed setting up a little museum. I feel like it could do with a little gift shop and a eating area though. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback and nice comments! Yes, the goblin and duck AI is pretty rudimentary at the moment. I need to look in to generating navmeshes to help with that, hopefully I can get that in for a future release.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!


(1 edit)

I think I have now addressed a fair number of the concerns that people are having over the game, but I don't think I'm allowed to upload an update until ratings have finished? Anyway, in the latest version (not uploaded yet) I have made the following changes:

  • Removed insta-kill spikes and replaced it with the player losing a heart and respawning at the location they were last on solid ground
  • Less strict jumps by having "ledge protection" that still allows you to jump if you were on the floor very recently to prevent not being able to jump if you time your jump press slightly late. This makes the jumps at the end much easier.
  • Removed "spammable" attack by limiting it to 2 shots a second, making
    you need to be more careful about how you aim, especially with more enemies around.
  • Added an extra level in the middle of the game.
  • Adjusted the camera to be a little higher and looking down a little more 
  • Removed "goblin speedup" on hitting them with right click attack as it wasn't clear that this would happen.
  • Fixed some of the "torch in front of player" bugs

I'll upload as soon as I know that it is allowed. Thanks all.

Thanks! Yeah, there currently isn't any ledge protection, so I am going to add something to help tonight, as well as addressing some of the other comments, but won't upload the new build until the end of the week. Thanks for playing!

Amazing, thanks for playing and the feedback. I think you've probably beaten my best time with a run of 2 minutes! I also struggle a bit with that last stage, which I will be addressing after the ratings finish.

I liked the dialog, and the platforming was nice. I struggled a bit with w as jump and not space, and the jumping felt a bit floaty and inconsistent (sometimes I could jump higher than other times). But overall it was a good game, well done.

Good game, I enjoyed playing it. I struggled with the controls on my pc. Sometimes it would switch lanes and other times it would not.

That game was good, I enjoyed it. It was quite tense with so many people after us. The beginning was quite difficult because you have very little time to react to the monsters spawning. Maybe a few seconds break before they start spawning would be good to get your bearings? 

Great little minecart game, I liked the artwork and the lighting, and the gameplay was great. Felt pretty polished. My son liked it when I "kept getting zapped by those balls". So good job :).

Great atmosphere, loved it. Did you make normal maps for the surfaces or did you paint it manually to look like it was lit? Great job!

Nice game, I enjoyed playing. The tiles are used well, and I liked the mechanic. My hand is a bit tired from all the clicking though! I also struggled a bit to plant the crops but otherwise really good. Great job.

This game is really good. Very well polished, interesting mechanics and good fun. Tutorial at the start was much appreciated as it helped a lot understand what needed to be done. Great job!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback. I'll release an update after the jam to address those things.

Thank you, yes, I've had a few comments about the spikes. I think I will fix it up as you suggested and make it lose some life and bounce the player back out. Thanks for looking at the game!


Thanks for the feedback, I'll add a better cooldown for the update that I'll release after the jam ratings end.


Very nice, very polished! Fonts were great, text was funny, loved it.

I really liked this. I'm a big fan of stealth games and this was well put together. Loved the look and the lighting and the unpredictability of the AI. Made for an interesting challenge. Also good job on giving players clear instructions at the start of the game.

NIce little racing game, liked the look of the racing car and it felt good in the corners. Good job!

This is a great little game. The mechanic was original and clever, the polish was also great. Really really good job.

Nice little game, good job!

This game feels absolutely great to play. Agree with the person below that a highscore would be good, as well as a short break when you die. Any extra weapons and powerups would be amazing too.

Really really good, well done.