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The TV effect might be necessary for some effects we have in place, but maybe we can add an option to turn off the scanlines :) Thanks for the feedback!

We actually didn't know about this one!
Both our game and Misadventure seem to be paying homage to the original Adventure (1980) for the Atari 2600, that's why they are similar. 
Thanks for the recommendation, always good to have new sources of inspiration :)

Here it is! It's our first DevLog so the voice quality is a bit off, sorry about that. Also I am spanish, I probably have some accent.

Cool concept, got a bit confused by the different colors, but it was fun nonetheless.

Similar concept to ours! I really like your take on it, that bit of narrative at the start is cool.

Very cool game! A bit too hard for me but I love how polished it feels.

Cool concept! I would love to play a more polished version of this, I think it's a great idea, it is very original.

Love how you made the spread pixel-accurate. Great concept and lots of content for a jam! This should have more ratings. Sounds would be nice but I understand you probably didn't have time to implement them.

How did you make the spread effect? Is it a shader you made? It is very cool.

Oh my god that's such a good concept, I think it has a lot of potential.

Got stuck with the clocks thing, I don't quite understand how the horizontal lines work. Maybe introducing the clocks and the horizontal lines separately is a good idea? I don't know if that's possible tho, I didn't understand it.

Would love to see this turn into a full game, I really think it's a great idea.

Really hard but feels good to play, just how I like it. Love the animation on the platforms falling, great work!

That's some great puzzle design! Loved it, made me feel smart :D. Impressive you actually managed to implement a world map. It's also highly polished, with the particles and animations and all. Really great game, deserves more ratings.

Wow that's really scary! You got the atmostphere perfectly.

I noticed the camera clips part of the corn when you get too close, you probably know this already but you can fix this by reducing the camera "near" value (under the "clipping planes" section in the component inspector, it's 0.3 by default).

Really liked the atmostphere and the sounds in the corn field, however I don't know how to get out of it after I got all the ingredients, is there an easy way out or do I have to just walk until I find it?

Such a great concept! I love this idea of figuring out the rules by yourself, it's a very smart game. I got stuck at the fifth level, but as soon as I have some time I will try to complete it. This game deserves more ratings.

Very cool concept. Love the artstyle with the dropdown shadows and how you used the people sprites. I think some sounds would do good if you plan on expanding it. Very nice entry :)

Thanks for the feedback!

About that issue, I guess you were trying to animate the chicken game object itself. That overrides any other position change you perform by code. To do this, the sprite must be in a child of the main chicken gameobject, and animate that child. Then you apply the movement to the parent gameobject. This way, the animation does not changes the position of the main chicken gameobject, but just its child with the sprite, and you can move it freely :)

Super cool game! Feels super polished. I really like how the dog rescues you when you die, and how you slowly introduce the new mechanics. Did you make the water shader yourself? It looks super cool too!

Very cool! I really liked this idea, it is very original.

I was a bit confused with the movement, I think the game would be improved if you made it so that when I click on a guy I went directly to them and not to the floor behind them.

Other than that, great entry

Very nice concept. I like the artstyle you used.

I think the separation between the terrain and the black void is a bit too strong tho, maybe a moving background with some decoration instead of a black void would have helped? Just an Idea.

Love the mechanic of the rocks extinguishing the fire, really nice idea!

Wow that's super polished! I don't understand how this has so few ratings. I love the mechanic and it was super fun :D

Here are a few things I noticed:

- The controls were a bit difficult to grasp for me, I am more used to the arrow keys and Z/X in 2D platformers.

- There's a bug at the end of the HTML version, I can't see the text at the end completely.

- I noticed your money doesn't disappear when you die, so you can farm the coins indefinitely, was that intended?

Other than that the game is great! I hope you expand on it, it could become a pretty fun platformer.

Nice idea! Love the multiple characters

Love it! Reminded me of steamworld dig or spelunky, and it's highly polished. The ghost mechanic is very cool! It's a bit hard for me, I never find the green key. But I still had a lot of fun :D this game deserves more ratings!

Very nice game! It's kind of a mix between Just Shapes and Beats and Crypt of the Necrodancer, really nice idea. You used the same music the "Dog Galore" entry did, what a coincidence, it's a cool theme :D
I think the beat might be a little bit off with the music, it might just be me not getting it right tho.

Very nice! I like the rainbow style and the particle effects. I think adding a delay before you can shoot again would improve the game, right now I can win just by rapidly spamming left click, and I don't really have to worry about avoiding enemies.

Still a really nice work!

Love the fast falling mechanic! Very good entry

Very well done! Impressive considering it's your first Jam game. Really liked your take on the idea and the attention to detail.

If I may offer one piece of advice, I think some post processing effects would help making it look more professional, something like vignette and/or bloom.

Pretty challenging game! The camera angle makes it a bit hard to actually see where you are landing. Aside from that, it was a very engaging experience. The art style and music are lovely btw!

Very interesting mechanic and good movement. The enemies are too hard to handle properly to me, but maybe it's a matter of practice. Also the sound design creates an intriguing vibe. Would like to play a more polished version.

Incredibly polished game! The difficulty was on point, I loved it. Got a hard time to beat that boss. Great work!

Very original mechanic. At first I struggled a bit to get used to it, it can be a bit confussing, but when you get it it's pretty fun. I would love to see this idea expanded!

Cool game!

Cool game! I enjoyed the music a lot and the partitcles were nice too. Nice entry!

Really fun! I like the fonts you used in the menus, they're very cool.

I really like this concept, the mechanic is really cool! However, I think the fog is too strong, the skeletons appear so suddenly and there's not much time to react. Also the buttons in the Game Over screen don't work.

I still really liked the game! Maybe you could expand it further, adding more enemies and the ability to rotate to the bottom too, have you thought of that?

Love those blackjack battles! Impressive that it is made without any game engine. On thing, I broke the game by going down on the forest before the lake with the fairies. There is a small passage with grass and makes you enter in a loop. Great game!

I was impressed by this game! Great idea and mechanic! It is feels very polished and the horse animations are so nice. I wish it was longer :( BTW the chicken is OP :D

Little game with some nice gameplay! I would add some feedback then receiving damage, and some textures were a bit strange, but great job!

Wow this is the second Slay the Spire-like game I play. Pretty good. I would add some animations to the cards to make ii feel more dynamic. Also different enemy attacks would make it less repetitive, but I guess there was no time for more. Nice job though! :)

Nice game! I think it should give some feedback about how you are doing it, and also have a lose condition. Te animations were really well made and fun. Nice job with those sprites :)

Didn't expect this game, it surprised me in a good way! Nice level design too. I think the collider of the tank should be shrinked a bit, sometimes 1 pixel stays in other cell and you die because of that. Also, I when I reached the high noon level the game didn't respond and couldn't continue playing. Apart from that, great game.

Pretty good! Never seen a pseudo-text based game like this one before on a jam, it feels very polished.