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Well, I managed to beat it (so it is possible) but damn this game is hard! :P It took me 33mins....

Well played! I'm putting it on our bugfix list :p

My flaming tower was great hehe. I do feel like I mainly moved around 1 or 2, maybe three pieces because of the turn based movement and the rest was just kinda sitting there. I was also hoping I could somehow predict the movements of the enemies so I could set up my pieces better, now it was a bit of a guess where to move my pieces and if they would be able to hit sometimes. I read that you were gonna keep working on it and I'm excited! Let me know how it works out :D

Really cool concept! It played nice and looked good too. I really like logical deduction in games and the fact that you made it re-playable is really interesting. If you ever get to making a more elaborate version I would love to play it!

I created a monster!... but still cute though, so will continue to feed.

Thanks! :) Glad you enjoyed it

I like the Japanese theme of the game and how the mechanics emphasize that like with the purification of the wells. Interesting gameplay, atmosphere and good immersion! Maybe a little bit of story to add context would have been interesting :) 

Thanks! Yeah, the ghosts are dark when most of the game is already pretty dark, so a little difficult to see indeed, could have used a bit more attention during our development :)

Interesting puzzles! I did have some problems getting the game to work cause it showed the starting page weird, like only a quarter of the game and I couldn't read which key to press to start the game, so I just bashed some keys and then it started luckily and the screen was ok again. Besides that just a little trouble understanding the mechanics (only swapping in a straight line and not understanding why I couldn't move in a certain area when it went red, maybe I'm a bit slow today hehe), but when I got used to it, I really like the simplicity of it but still fun and challenging puzzles!

So cool! Loved watching your video, will be checking out more video's of you in the future.

Thank you!

Thanks so much, that's a great compliment ^^!

Nice tactical platformer and I just wish this would be playable with 100 real people, that would be the best!

I could really just keep going, was a really nice flow to it! Just a little getting used to the controls in the beginning, but after that it was a great game.

Nice effects and the sound really made you feel like you had to run for it! I be smashing dem buttons, da hell outta here.

Nice work! really polished. Syncing actions with the music felt pretty good. I wish i could have a better overview of the playfield while i was selecting actions. Some way to hide the selection screen perhaps. Other than that really nice!

Amazing! Really well executed!

Good solid puzzles!

Was fun to play, I died quickly in the beginning, but got a bit better after a while. I did keep pressing the spacebar for jump, but that didn't work and I had to remind myself to press "W". 

Was really fun! I was really engaged the whole play through and it was also nice to just walk around with my new dog and spider friend.

HINT for anyone getting stuck.. 


There's a puzzle to solve in the attic to be able to flip the switch.

Perhaps the library has something for you...

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Yes good suggestion! I added a comment on the game page. Hopefully that will help some people :)

Well it's fun to try unexplored genres for sure! If you ever get to work on a horror game, let me know so I can playtest it :p (though it's probably much scarier to playtest a game I don't know every aspect of)

Ah really? What was the problem you think? And thanks btw ^^

Thanks! I would love to see the video, if you have link, let me know :)

Ah nice :P I thought I outsmarted the system, but it was all calculated then ;)

Haha thanks :P Great to see your enthusiasm for our game!

Thanks! Glad you came back to finish the game :)

Thanks for the kind words and rating! :D  

We really like your game too, so your words mean a lot to us. ^^

Thank you! Cool to hear it was enjoyable even if you normally don't enjoy this type of game. Hope you'll like the bit after the attic too!

Any button press should have sped up the text significantly, but in the build it didn't seem to speed it up as much as in the editor. Probably a framerate thingy! Now we know for next time :P

Thanks! Glad you managed to see the rest of the game after the attic puzzle, regardless of how you solved it ;)

haha, good for the kids ;)

Thanks for the feedback and too bad the attic puzzle seems to be a little too subtle for most people to find. But good we did get you spooked hehe ;)

Thanks for the feedback!

Very interesting puzzle mechanic! Really liked it.

Nice work! Was well worth the download! Cool sound and ambience effects. Movement felt good. I sometimes felt a bit stuck when too many crabs came after me since i could only shot one off me at a time. I like how you went with the procedural generated route, it didn't look like it at all and felt hand made. Impressive!

I liked the color scheme and it looked really nice inside with light. Could use a bit more feedback on if I was doing well or not. Was into killing (what I think was the Boss) and then it just stopped, sadly.

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Nice and polished game! Very impressive for 48 hours. The sound was great and the topdown perspective was really well executed. A couple of things that bugged me: 
- I was expecting different "minions" to have different abilities requiring different tactics, but it didn't seem like it. It could really add a new dimension to the strategy part of the game.
- Even though i had a horde of minions i still felt pretty weak as a king because there are no extra ways to protect him (other than spam attack faster) 

I really liked the intro story, was a fun read. The puzzles were nice too, but could use a bit more polish. I finished the third one with just placing one springboard thingy and didn't need the rest of the blocks.

Thematically strong game, the gameplay and feel of the game really work well together! Good job