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Well that was a fun take on the classic sudoku :D nice puzzle game, really liked it.

Well that was scary lol! Very well done, a proper horror game, very nice visuals.

Haha yeah, same here :P Thanks for playing!

I feel like there some gameplay elements missing? But still looked fun and interesting to see a Godot project for a change :)

I played it single player so wasn't that much to do unfortunately. I wasn't sure if I could set traps? But still pretty cool you made a multiplayer game!

Small game but was fun nonetheless. Could use some more challenges along the way!

Fun platformer, got difficult real quickly with the mechanic to switch between world/platforms. Definately a good challenge!

Some cool effects in the game! Was a fun theme inspired game.

Nice touch with the photo's! The controls could use a bit more love since they were a little frustrating at times.

Such nice graphics and that walk animation! Really fun, like to see more of this :)

Very well done with the animations! I did struggle a bit with the portals since they didn't always seem to trigger? Took me some time to get to another level through the portal and I'm not sure what I was doing wrong (or right)

Cute and fun game!

Thanks! Yeah, sometimes giving yourself limitations (like making a super simple game because not gonna have much time) can still work out hehe. Sorry that your keyboard is the better player *F*

Ah shit, thought we tweaked it enough but guess it's still a loophole. Thanks for playing!

The grapple and movement is really nice, liked to just jump around grapple stuff and move around. Not sure about the shooting since I couldn't really see if I was hitting things. The music is a BANGER. Just sad that it doesn't loop *sadface*

Was difficult to rate this because of the boardgame aspect, but at least wanted to give you 5 stars for the beautiful art of the cards ;) They look amazing ^^

Nice looking puzzle game!

Liked the fact that choosing the upgrades is a difficult choice since it helps you on the one hand, but also makes it more difficult for yourself. Was a fun game! Could use some more polish here and there, but liked it overall. Especially the added conversations from the mice hehe

Haha so I needed to survive longer, yeah I managed 2 days, it was difficult staying alive :P but yeah score at the end would be nice addition ^^

Fun little game, though the eating animation could have been a bit faster ;)

Wow looks really beautiful! Like the switch in worlds <3 I was only hoping for a bit more gameplay, wasn't sure what to do except enjoy the duality of both worlds :P

Yeah definately still needs some work done. I unfortunately wasn't able to move the hexes with WASD *sad* so couldn't really do much. But nice that you still managed to get working in Unity and submit something for the GGJNL :) 

I feel like it has potential, but could use a bit more polish. Though there's some nice stuff already, it's not really a game yet. Still, fun to just jump, shoot and fly around a bit :)

Ow this is really cool, definately a unique vibe to it. Love how it starts calmy and easy and then later on it's just stress/chaos fixing errors hoping the hotel won't fall. Yeah was fun!

Aw thanks so much for the nice comment :) Yeah you can just keep going and try to beat your own highscore. I was also happily surprised that with the simple concept it's still a nice challenging game. We'll see if we can think of some more things to improve the game some more :)

Nice escape room idea and fun with the mirror! I didn't play it in VR but happy it worked on my computer as well. I might have accidentally solved some puzzles though, but I think I made it to the end :) cool concept!

Really liked the idea of the trading and finding out with whom to trade next for getting more stuff. The night time is nicely chaotic and stressful and some fun dialogue the next day. I would have liked to see and end score when dying to see if I traded enough to become filthy rich or not :P (you know for my offspring since I died)

Haha thanks for playing, yeah I mean my brain isn't helping me too when that camera turns. I wonder if anyone would be able to get it to 40 points when the camera should be on the starting rotation again.

Haha yeah I mean, since we made it, we had to atleast put it in ourselves :D

Well done! :D

Good points! We can tweak those :)

Ah yeah, we're still working on that freeze, it's a real bummer. But you seem to haven't gotten quite far :D Happy to hear you liked it!

So it took me a few tries to figure out the gameplay, but I did really like it. The first playthrough I didn't get I had to/could switch spaceships and still got to the end. But then I checked the tutorial and saw you could switch.. and then after I figured out some more stuff. The Boss fight at the end didn't see to do much? But still, all in all I liked playing the game and it looks good. Fun idea!

Liked the artstyle and the idea. I wasn't too good at killing the enemies unfortunately, so I didn't get too far.

Was a nice atmospheric game, really liked what you did with simple art and music to make it a nice experience. The movement could have been a bit faster for me and I was sometimes wondering where I was supposed to go and what the goal of the game was. (and I got stuck at some point and my character wouldn't move anymore) but yeah, overall nice game! 

I only played the web version which was a bit short, but looked nice and was easygoing to play through. 

Glad you liked the chaos! and thanks for the feedback :D

Haha yes, we tried to fix it, but it still happens sometimes unfortunately. Hopefully we can it fix it soon. Thanks for playing :)

Aw, that was a cute little game, nice animations for the dogs and fun how they get distracted. Made me smile :)

Ah thanks for the feedback! Yes I think if we put in some more time, we can think of more ways the level design actually helps with the main mechanic. And yeah, the enemies blowing up is fun, but it does happen a little too often, so yeah :P