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Ah yeah, we're still working on that freeze, it's a real bummer. But you seem to haven't gotten quite far :D Happy to hear you liked it!

So it took me a few tries to figure out the gameplay, but I did really like it. The first playthrough I didn't get I had to/could switch spaceships and still got to the end. But then I checked the tutorial and saw you could switch.. and then after I figured out some more stuff. The Boss fight at the end didn't see to do much? But still, all in all I liked playing the game and it looks good. Fun idea!

Liked the artstyle and the idea. I wasn't too good at killing the enemies unfortunately, so I didn't get too far.

Was a nice atmospheric game, really liked what you did with simple art and music to make it a nice experience. The movement could have been a bit faster for me and I was sometimes wondering where I was supposed to go and what the goal of the game was. (and I got stuck at some point and my character wouldn't move anymore) but yeah, overall nice game! 

I only played the web version which was a bit short, but looked nice and was easygoing to play through. 

Glad you liked the chaos! and thanks for the feedback :D

Haha yes, we tried to fix it, but it still happens sometimes unfortunately. Hopefully we can it fix it soon. Thanks for playing :)

Aw, that was a cute little game, nice animations for the dogs and fun how they get distracted. Made me smile :)

Ah thanks for the feedback! Yes I think if we put in some more time, we can think of more ways the level design actually helps with the main mechanic. And yeah, the enemies blowing up is fun, but it does happen a little too often, so yeah :P

Thanks, happy you liked it. And yes good point about the camera, we can tweak a bit and see which zoom level is better :)

Thanks, glad you liked it. We can tweak the camera zoom a bit, good point!

Thanks you! :D Glad you liked it

Ah good! Yeah uploading before a deadline is always stressful especially the first time around. Might take a look anyway, cause I was curious about the game :)

Thanks for the feedback! Yes I think at least with one weapon the bullets fall down a bit too much. We can check that out :)

Ah yes the crash, we're still trying to figure out what happens since it seems like a webgl only crash -_- but thank you for the positive feedback! If we continue working on it, we really want to add a boss level, so maybe (after some crash fixes and platforming issues) that would be a cool addition to the game :)

When you start the double jump level, you go to the right till you can't anymore and then you have to double jump up with the power up (and afterwards go left again).  I managed to get up there the first time somehow, but then I died and when I got back to that point, I just couldn't get past it anymore. Was rage pressing my spacebar.... hehe

Well, it could use some more tweaking with the controls. My gun didn't really seem to aim at the dot that much? And the camera moves a bit to fast so it was difficult to hit the enemies. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get to the boss and I was quite excited by the prospect of one! The menu was slick and the assets and special effects were well used. 

The game looks good, quite polished! I liked the puzzles, but didn't feel that new . Still, solid game!

The art is really nice and the story as well. Tried to made good choices. The music didn't loop perfectly, so sometimes would be quiet before starting again. Seemed like the game had a lot of depth!

The game is missing some files. Better to upload not just the .exe but zip all the files that are made during the build. So unfortunately, can't play the game :/

Haha thanks for playing ^^ and yes, those explosive are quite dangerous. I think I've blown myself up more times than some of the enemies :P

It looks nice, went to some interesting places. However I saw some trousers, but didn't know how to pick them up.  Another item sort of disappeared when I looked at it so not sure how it should work. So a little confusing to me unfortunately, but the atmosphere was good.

It does make me feel a bit better ^^

Fun Chad, a real man. Nice commercials in between the levels, fun voice acting. I struggled a bit too much on the double jump level, but was happy I at least got to that point :) New powerups each level was nice!

It was a bit confusing and my camera at some point stayed behind so I couldn't really see anymore where I was going :/ I liked the lowpoly style and the dialogues though :)

Nice visuals! I liked that you could use your defeated enemies as extra weapons. I would have like the bullets to shoot more often, because it kinda made the game feel a bit slow.

RAGE QUIT.. haha no but okay reminded me of the frustrating game that was QWOP. Unfortunately not good enough for this game to go find another limb :( But the sound effects helped me trough it ;P

Looked quite nice, with the world, the mushrooms and the gun shooting. But I would have liked more gameplay. I liked the idea of enemies merging together (something we also considered for our game) but they didn't seem so scary as they turned into a cube or some other shape. I think there's a nice basis, but could use some more content.

Fun and good puzzles, liked the introduction of the forest mechanic. Luckily my Tetris skills came in handy :D

The animation of the dinosaur and boy is really nice. I got stuck at level 2 because pressing down key didn't make the dinosaur kick? Wanted to play further because I think the puzzles would be fun to figure out. 

Haha yes, one of those, is it a bug? or is it a feature? :P Glad you had fun playing the game ^^

Thanks, glad to hear you liked it ^^

Whats the error in the unity console?

Whats not working? Problem with building or problem with not loading the game on

Hahaha, yeah *vibes along* We're really happy with how the background sounds came out ^^

Haha yeah :P glad you liked it! We had fun coming up with random background stories for the characters :)

I liked how the music kinda stacked after playing another record player. I wasn't sure where to go at some point? And also not sure why I would sometimes get teleported back to the beginning? I did the atmosphere :)

I like the meta theme of the game :D But I didn't get beyond the next room, tried some things, but didn't work. So has potentail, but the controls could be a bit better.

So tried the game in single player mode and I guess it's not as engaging as it would have been with multiplayer, so sad I didn't get to experience the real deal. But at least I got to play a bit :P In my first playthrough I didn't have anything happen to my character so I just found the exit and that was it. The second playthrough I did fall through a trap door, but it didn't seem to be that much of a penalty. I liked the houses that gave you a better view and the little joke at the end with the escape ballon. 

It was a very chill playthrough and at first I didn't know what to do. But I figured some things out and was nicely suprised with the vague big objects. I got lost at some point though and all I saw was white. (I think I fell off and just disappeared into nothingness)