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Thanks for playing !

I loved the setting, especially the skybox. Nice Juice too!

Thanks PouPou :)

I loved the ambience and the atmosphere !

The ambience was perfect and I also liked the variation of enemies.

Thanks :)

I have fixed the problem.  It should be working fine now. Else you can press spacebar to skip the page.

reminds me of RE4 but it's really hard to get use to controls

I protected one chicken for along time. If you can add some crazy pickups like buffing the chicken or filling the emergence holes , it can be more awesome !!

really cool ! It can use a wave system and there can be some pickups for upgrading the fuel gauge and the health points of the crown. Good Game !

Really innovative game mechanics. I loved how player morphed to different attributes. Also innovative use of assets too!

If possible add a crosshair. Nice animations and  weapons ! Good Job

Sorry for late reply , yes there should be an arrow button on the bottom right.

Hey Nikhil, The theme ThinkBig really encompasses a lot of ideas and possibilities. Can you give any more hints or a direction so that we don't overscope in the GameJam. Also add some guidelines so that the participants would explain how their submission fits the Theme.

The sound really adds an another dimension to the game :) . Good job !

No problem ;)

Thanks for commenting ! It really means alot to me. Yeah it's the godot icon.

Spooky. You can polish the lighting of the game.

It could use some coyote jump and platforms could use more friction. I loved the trail effect .

Smooth Transitions and level names were very cool!

I would love a more flexible neck for the digger xD

I couldn't solve the 20th level. But man I loved the game. I played this for 3 hours continuously. Good Game !

The Dithering Shader is very Pleasing and the Galaxy Shader is Awesome. I would love to learn Shader Programming now XD !

The way the monster clings to edges with the music is funny and creepy xD

10 min 35 secs . Getting Over it Vibes. Nice One !

I loved the flame particles and the dark atmosphere

The Chanting is 10/10

"Looks like you're outta time Hitler XD". Great one liners.      

Shooting Random Memes

There's a Boss in the end, defeating it finishes the game.

Hi , This is my first game jam . 15 days left , I will try my best to make a meme game. I just wanted to ask if I am too late for the jam to participate ?