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The Atari ship has been requested a handful of times. I plan on implementing it and making it the out of the box ship graphic.

No one has asked for the Atari river yet. There are technical reasons that make implementing the Atari river less likely. But I might be able to figure out something to make it possible & passible.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks. Lots of ideas and things to come!

Version 1.9 has dropped. Includes pause when main menu is up (pressing escape, "start" button on a gamepad).

Starting v1.9.0, a BAT file is included in Windows versions which will perform the instructions above and start the game in a GLES2 fallback mode.

Hopefully, this should resolve any "blank screen but still hear music" issues anyone is having.

@Amos, is there any progress on this issue? I'm not speaking on previous version builds in a channel. It looks like it makes every previous build available for a channel's version available for installation, at least from the desktop app. I can't think of a use case where someone would want to have them available, as they, at least in my case, are mistake builds (eg "oops, forgot to add a text file", etc.).

Does any non developer actually want to see previously uploaded builds for a version?

Yank logistical problems aside, perhaps just only show the most recent build under each version.

Awesome. You have done the original justice. Looks right but more importantly it feels right too!

I agree. I've hobby developed for the C64, NES, Apple II, and Atari 2600, but not yet for Atari 8-bit. But that's not to say I haven't studied up on it. And I purchased a copy of Mapping the Atari. I think you are right that it would suit the Atari computers. So I will give it a shot when time permits.

I immediately recognized this game--even without remembering its name. Very cool.

Thanks for the feedback. I am actually a Commodore kid, but M.U.L.E. got me appreciating its typesetting more than the one built in the C64. Your interest in the game as well as someone else's recent comment makes me think I should pursue this project as an actual 6502 game.

This game was very much inspired by Jumpman and Loderunner. The idea came to me while brainstorming for a game jam--but I didn't develop it until later. I forget the jam theme--was probably something like "between worlds". And I had this idea of phasing between a platformer and a tile based game. I'm sure you could come up with a lot of ideas to make this combination fun.

I love truly retro games. I'll check your profile and website. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback. This game, like most of my game jam entries, I work on them a little after jam but never get around to updated them on I definitely added some good touches to this one, to the point I should probably go ahead and update it.

If I recall right inertia exists but I tightened it up so much that you can't even tell. I think I did that to compensate for deficiencies in my AI.

Hehe. What was I thinking!? I think I was inspired to make a "chess-like". And my spin on the genre was that the proximity between different pieces allowed them to make different moves or actions. Also, I was definitely inspired by Archon and Battle Chess. It's farm themed I think probably to match the game jam theme, but you could easily substitute the farmers with mages.

Darn. That stinks. I'm sorry about that. At first thought, I'd say I haven't heard or experienced your issue. But there was a similar freeze I encountered twice many months ago--so long that I assumed it was no longer a thing and none of the playtesters every reported such.

Do you know if your sister's turn was the last in the rotation and a round event or production was going to happen afterwards? In which case, that would be the freeze I saw a while ago. It's quite elusive. If that's the case, I need to think about it more. If it's not the case, I need to *really* think about it!

Can you do send your game info & game logs to

The logs are located at:

And the save games are located at:

In the future it will be possible to resume incomplete offline games from those save game files.

Thanks for the feedback & sorry about the lost game. I spent a lot of time chasing known crashes the month before release. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough.

Awesome--that's a big part of why I made the online capability and how you & your wife can play from the same computer with your sons who are remote.

Thanks for the feedback.

I recently implemented pausing in offline games. It will be in the game's next update. The game will pause when the main menu is activated. And the gamepad method of bringing up the main menu will switch to the "start" button from the B button. I realize this pausing method will obscure the screen, unlike pausing in the original game. I do plan on eventually adding a pause without the main menu, complete with the clock ticking sound, but it will have to wait for some other important features to be implemented. Concerning pausing in online games--it gets complicated and I don't know of a nice way of doing it.

There is no ability to collude, in the classic sense, in MULE Online. The decision to leave that feature out comes down to 2 things:

  • Collusion goes against the free market mechanics of the rest of the game--competition driving lower prices; demand driving higher prices. The only feasible argument for collusion I've heard so far is that it's useful for when a computer player is winning. In practice, I find when collusion is used to cut out another human player, it inevitably results in hurt feelings.
  • The original method of initiating collusion, as you described, does not translate well to online play. It was clumsy enough on the same machine.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on the purpose of collusion. Perhaps I am missing something.

I have a very large backlog of a lot of other (better) features that I think you'll enjoy.

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Operating System
10 (or later)
10.12 (Sierra or later)
glibc 3.0+
Architecturesx86 64-bit
x86 64-bit, arm64 (M1)
x86 64-bit
Graphics Library
*OpenGL 3.3 (ES 3.0)
OpenGL 3.3 (ES 3.0)*OpenGL 3.3 (ES 3.0)
Memory (RAM)100 MB
100 MB100 MB

*OpenGL ES 3 is required but a fallback for OpenGL ES 2 and older GPUs is available. See Trouble running in Windows.

(3 edits)

After purchasing MULE Online, a Download button will appear, revealing buttons for each OS:

After downloading the ZIP file that matches your computer's operating system, the instructions to run the install & run the game as follows:


  • Download
  • Extract
  • Launch mule-online-windows/mule-online.exe


  • Download
  • Extract
  • Select to launch M.U.L.E.
  • Or drag it to Applications to install it
  • Launch M.U.L.E. Online from Applications


  • Download
  • Extract
  • Launch mule-online-linux/mule-online.x86_64 provides a desktop app that operates much like Steam and makes downloading and playing games very easy. And it will also help update your MULE Online installation when updates become available. Here is a link to that app:

> you must download the itch console first to actually download the game

Incorrect. Although, in my experience the desktop app helps, especially with updates.

I think you're having an issue downloading the game, separate from the problem this thread is addressing.

(6 edits)

Two people have reported that they cannot start the Windows version.

After troubleshooting, we were able to get it to run by launching it with the command:

mule-online.exe --video-driver GLES2

From what I can gather, this suggests a graphics driver issue and a problem running Godot's OpenGL ES 3.0 rendering engine. However, because I and many others cannot reproduce this problem, I cannot be for certain.

In the next release (> v1.8.1), I will package a Windows BAT file to assist with this fallback, as well as making various other changes to potentially address this issue.

People encountering this issue are encouraged to post a reply here with your Windows version, GPU information, and anything else you think is relevant. Thanks.

(1 edit)

I talked with World of MULE and we spawned a Discord server that will house info for MULE Online as well as all things MULE.


Link is also on the store page.

No. But it should be! Heavily influenced by Lode Runner & Jumpman.

Not as of yet. It's been debated. Perhaps a Discord server shared with World of MULE would be ideal. I'll discuss the idea with its admin.

Thanks. Link doesn't work. I think if you provided an "invite link" it would work.

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Very feature full yet still very promising. Is there a place like a Discord channel where people can talk & ask questions?

Thanks, pal!

Very funny.

Nice game feel.

Wish I could control when the blocks disappear.

Thanks. The aerial view was a bit self serving and nostalgic. It would be a fun exercise for me to try and render the karts larger than they are on the second camera. I haven't had to do something like that yet.

Thanks. It's possible to win starting in the back. Of course, I've had a lot of practice.

Very cool. There's gotta be a way to make the controls a little less frustrating. :)

Love what you did to the assets. Would be nice to add an option to swap mouse buttons for us MOBA freaks.


I could see how it'd be difficult to balance. The snapping mechanism you implemented works well. Maybe it should be possible to press a button to do an extended snap, like a grappling hook almost (with those vine feelers).

Fun. I love digging games. I think you should try to speed up the character movement. Perhaps swap jumping for a jetpack or grappling hook or robotic arm.

Very nice. Lot's of potential. Thanks for adding gamepad support. I can tell you spent a lot of time with the controls. I think the controls & physics should be tweaked to make it easier and moving around more gratifying. Probably all it needs is some kind of ability to start a strong swing. I felt like my worm needed to hit the gym.

Thanks much! The AI was and as always with a jam was my worst enemy. Glad I got it to a level where it can be fun.

The gems increase your top speed.

Hmmm. You should make a video of you playing it. I'm confused. How can I run from the humans?


Maybe a polite thing to do is to list your game and then another person's game with it?