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Thanks. Link doesn't work. I think if you provided an "invite link" it would work.

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Very feature full yet still very promising. Is there a place like a Discord channel where people can talk & ask questions?

Thanks, pal!

Very funny.

Nice game feel.

Wish I could control when the blocks disappear.

Thanks. The aerial view was a bit self serving and nostalgic. It would be a fun exercise for me to try and render the karts larger than they are on the second camera. I haven't had to do something like that yet.

Thanks. It's possible to win starting in the back. Of course, I've had a lot of practice.

Very cool. There's gotta be a way to make the controls a little less frustrating. :)

Love what you did to the assets. Would be nice to add an option to swap mouse buttons for us MOBA freaks.


I could see how it'd be difficult to balance. The snapping mechanism you implemented works well. Maybe it should be possible to press a button to do an extended snap, like a grappling hook almost (with those vine feelers).

Fun. I love digging games. I think you should try to speed up the character movement. Perhaps swap jumping for a jetpack or grappling hook or robotic arm.

Very nice. Lot's of potential. Thanks for adding gamepad support. I can tell you spent a lot of time with the controls. I think the controls & physics should be tweaked to make it easier and moving around more gratifying. Probably all it needs is some kind of ability to start a strong swing. I felt like my worm needed to hit the gym.

Thanks much! The AI was and as always with a jam was my worst enemy. Glad I got it to a level where it can be fun.

The gems increase your top speed.

Hmmm. You should make a video of you playing it. I'm confused. How can I run from the humans?


Maybe a polite thing to do is to list your game and then another person's game with it?

Dude. This game is cool. Please keep working on it. I think you could put an interesting spin on an RTS tower defense like game. The zombie aspect is what makes it unique. I think it has a lot of potential.

Some suggestions:

  • Better visually differentiate humans vs skeletons (they look like skeletons with clothes).
  • Implement scrolling when touching edges (zoom was good but kind of slow when this game becomes faster paced).

An interesting exercise in layering combat elements. You did really well in providing feedback but I think it needs even more, like visual cues for when I can pick up one of them gems and when a color defense & attack is effective.

I love possession games! I see a lot of potential puzzle ideas for this game.

Wow. You've got all sorts of elements in this game. Is it your first time making a game in this style?

Thanks so much. If I can made the AI a little better, I would have turned up the drift more--it's there, but it's almost nominal.

You're right--something like rotating the kart sprite would have gone a long way. As per usual during a game jam, the AI took up a lot of my time; if I had gotten the AI better, I would have made driving a little tougher with drifting. I wanted people to go fast!

I like the Farmer Wolf Goat aspect to the dog.

Awesome. It sounds like you cracked it!

Thanks for being up to the challenge!

Thanks. Your thumbs up means a lot then. I would have liked to have created some new tracks.

We play it so much during development that we get really good at it--and perhaps in a way craft it after our own abilities. A lot of people saying my game is too difficult too.

I got close to what looked like another ship.

Classic. More people who like this genre need to play this game.

I love this concept! I wish I had more lives in game. Difficult to have this much patience during this jam's rating period.

Pretty cool. You put in a lot of small details. I wish there was a life meter for the hero too!

I love that intro. Wish it saved what room I got into, because I had some trouble when running into the first enemy.

I wish my mouse was as cool!


Like an acid flashback of the TMNT underwater level!

Good job. Looks buttery smooth. A bit too much drag. I reduced drag in my game to almost nothing--and some people are saying I need more. Once you tone down the drag, you can make the karts go faster. I can tell you playtested with a controller. People need to play your game with one.

Fun. Nice interface. No more 'No' please.