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Would help if you added a little arrow or highlighting to indicate which ingredient station the worker is at & about to use.

You're definitely tapping into Tapper!

Thanks for reviewing my game. I was cringing very hard as you never discovered that a farmer can throw the pumpkins. Instead of moving a farmer after it is selected, it is possible to then select an adjacent pumpkin to pick it up and throw it (giving it the ability to both move like a queen and attack).

I didn't have enough time to build a competent AI, though seeing your video made me realize that even a ruthless AI would have helped a new player learn how to play. I also wanted a sort of Instructions screen or Demo mode, but I was also short on that.

But I think you are right: there is probably not enough variation to make two competent players not end in a stalemate or somehow favor either the first or second player (not sure which--I didn't play test that enough). One mechanic I wanted was to allow a farmer to plant additional pumpkins.

I've promised myself to stick to adding these 2-3 features prior to moving on to another solo jam. I've been doing a lot of refactoring in preparation for adding a minimax implementation--I definitely couldn't have added that in a week long jam.

I did. Will do.

You are totally right: the gameplay needs more variance. I had ideas for two other mechanics; one of which would add a random element, which I think might address your concern. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yea, enemy AI is next on my list. I didn't have enough time to tackle AI that would try to exercise when to use the farmer versus a vegetable, although I'm very interested in figuring that sort of thing out!

Visual style is very appealing. Having to keep pressing cursor keys to move gets tiresome, though.

You're right. I need to add some more & better feedback regarding the effect of making contact with various elements on the playfield.

Very fun. Nice quality overall with controls, art, music, and feel. I'm guessing you win the jam!

I really like the control scheme. I wish the helicopter would float more in the air rather than sinking very quick to the ground, at least when not carrying a frog.

Haha. People should create remixes of your music!

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Neat. Chess, the game for which (almost) all other games derive!

It's difficult to tell what moves are going to end the game, without knowing how the ghosts move. Perhaps, hovering over a cell can show where the ghosts will move. Maybe only allow them to move the same number of squares as Pacman's move.

Cool. Perhaps it can be more Monopoly-like by adding more benefits of buying a house: maybe ghosts avoid or can't go through purchased houses; maybe ghosts also collect their own coins and have to pay rent when they move through houses; something like that.

I like the map and game design; it's very amusing that this version turns down the difficulty of Pacman ghosts but ramps up the difficulty of Frogger cars.

Maybe as a first level, it's too hard, but definitely keep this screen in this game!

Thanks! Good suggestion. I had to intentionally pull away from making the mechanisms in the table from being like a pinball table, as it was a rabbit hole. I will give your submission a try.

Thanks for your response. I was about to reply myself because I watched TLG announcement video that stated there is not going to be a theme.

I disagree with a themeless jam. Constraint is the nature of a jam--it's in the name. Having a Linux build is hardly a constraint these days. Something like a theme, size limit, or limited subject matter (eg 'Public Domain Jam') is very helpful. It also unifies the people and the projects of a jam.

Linux Game Jam 2019 community · Created a new topic Theme?

Is there gonna be a theme for this jam?

What if your game runs through Proton? :)