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M.U.L.E. Online

Classic M.U.L.E. for modern computers · By puzzud

Trouble running in Windows

A topic by puzzud created Jun 04, 2023 Views: 358 Replies: 3
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Developer (6 edits)

Two people have reported that they cannot start the Windows version.

After troubleshooting, we were able to get it to run by launching it with the command:

mule-online.exe --video-driver GLES2

From what I can gather, this suggests a graphics driver issue and a problem running Godot's OpenGL ES 3.0 rendering engine. However, because I and many others cannot reproduce this problem, I cannot be for certain.

In the next release (> v1.8.1), I will package a Windows BAT file to assist with this fallback, as well as making various other changes to potentially address this issue.

People encountering this issue are encouraged to post a reply here with your Windows version, GPU information, and anything else you think is relevant. Thanks.

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Not sure if i'm having the same issue, on the url page when i click the red "download" button nothing happens? Im using win10 and have a nvidia geforce rtx 2060 super. Guess diving right in wont be happening tonight, damn. EDIT: you must download the itch console first to actually download the game, problem solved


> you must download the itch console first to actually download the game

Incorrect. Although, in my experience the desktop app helps, especially with updates.

I think you're having an issue downloading the game, separate from the problem this thread is addressing.


Starting v1.9.0, a BAT file is included in Windows versions which will perform the instructions above and start the game in a GLES2 fallback mode.

Hopefully, this should resolve any "blank screen but still hear music" issues anyone is having.