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Fun game overall really well polished!

super interesting concept and use of the assets plus the emotional impact of your forest burning down is no joke! great work.

Great atmosphere, Super interesting use of the assets, and nice game play variety once things get going great job!

A few other people tried to mix rhythm game with another genre in this jam and It's Interesting  to see how they compare. I think this is the best implementation of the rhythm aspect yet. the way the arrows sync with the music is spot on but as for the other half its just to chaotic its really hard to manage both.
overall cool experiment though and great polish

good game overall and interesting use of the art pack. Some of the level design wasn't the best though (totally understandable for a jam)  blind jumps/ packs of enemies in line

Fun game overall and good intuitive tutorial. I did have to restart because it froze once when picking up a key

super fun very polished great work all around!

I don't think i've seen another adventure game yet and this was really fun to explore good work!

Haha second person to mention dusk i really should get around to playing that i hear great things about it so ill take it as a compliment.
thanks alot!

Just pure classic frantic arcade fun nice job!

Ok its really hard to understand at first but once you get whats going on and how to use your hair pixels it genius. Awesome idea! plus the use of the sprites from the pack as the terrain was  great!

Great visual design.  similar to other people building the army was very fun but there were some performance issues. Overall good work!

Thanks! ha ha i was hoping no one would do that lol

Honestly my favourite game of the jam so far! i loved how the rhythm section effected the top down section. the atmosphere had very undertale vibes and the music was great. only complaint was the invulnerability frames were a bit short so sometimes it felt like you were chain hit but that's minor. This game is fantastic

Thanks, yeah I definitely plan too

Thanks a lot! yeah I wasted so much time on that building I had to find another good use for it. Very true time got the best of me but there will be a QoL update after the jam ends hopefully with an actual full level as well.

Easily one of the most fun games yet reminded me of the early missions of the undead campaign in warcraft 3 great work.

Wow great work this game is huge for a jam! Overall very fun and engaging but a little instruction heavy right at the start

Cool power set good music well done!

Great polish and atmosphere!

Nice controls well and is very polished and now i have a huge urge to play super mario kart lol

Interesting game over all, maybe a bit long but its very stylish well done!

Good game overall with great level design! that's something that's really hard to do within a jam. the momentum was a little stiff though.

Very fun overall and an interesting use of the assets I don't think I've seen any other ninka games yet.
There were a bunch of little details / game balance that could be improved but for a jam this is solid!

Fantastic game well done !

Wow this is one of the most fully realized jam games I've played.
ton of fun sought out every fight would buy a fleshed out steam version

yeah i wanted to keep it relatively easy for the jam but maybe i could have upped the speed a bit more I'm not sure anyone will ever end up seeing the melee enemies attack animations :P

Thank you, sadly a health indicator didn't make it in time

I probably will after the jam, that and make an actual level.
lol yeah i've noticed a few cross over uses its always fun to look for them in these games.

Thanks a lot!
yeah a lot of planned visual stuff had to be cut for time

Most unique use of the assets ive seen yet. this is right up there with getting over it where its mostly painful but for some reason you cant stop playing good job!

Would have been neat if the different obstacles had specific buttons so you wouldn't have to watch the arrows but overall good fun.

Very interesting mechanic but really hard to get the hang of. Good use of the assets though i don't think ive seen another space theme yet

Great animations!

Really well done tutorial and fun puzzle game overall some elements were hard to see though since they weren't outlined like the player

Really fun and well polished overall but the difficulty ramps up super quick!

Wow for a 48 hour jam this is insanely polished great job!

Cool game bit tricky to know where to go in the dark but the face emoji health bar is a nice touch. Great to see someone else try an fps and get a lot further then me lol!

Great mechanic and nice sound but wow does it get hard fast