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Atmosphere, especially the sounds, were on point.

I love the ASCII aesthetic but I feel by snapping the player to a grid, the platforming suffers. I believe you could have kept the graphics but use all those extra pixels to allow tighter platforming controls but that's your design choice (plus idk how you coded it making that impossible to change). I also think that the checkpoints were too far apart. For example, the first checkpoint in the sewers is far from the "I hope these grids are solid enough" part where I died a lot. I would end up rushing to get back and end up dying again along the way. It felt annoying and a bit of a time waster which was when I quit.

Overall this is a super cute game that I would like to play through when it's finished!

Just fyi, there's a hole in the death zone in the fourth level. I just kept falling and I had to exit to the main menu, losing all progress. I played through the game again and hoped it was a once off thing but it happened again. I gave up after that. Another bug I encountered is that after you quit back to the main menu and try to start the game again, the first line plays but the screen is left completely black and you're forced to close the game.

The main characters' designs, with their exaggerated noses, are really good. The enemy design is nice as well. The voiced lines are cool at first but after hearing them over and over after dying, which happens a lot, they get pretty annoying. The same goes with the music track.

The platforming is a mixed bag. If you were going for a rage game, it fits. But if not, it feels really unfair. It might be the case where you need to press the button exactly when you're on the ground which sounds fair on paper but in practice, it feels like the game is ignoring your inputs. As well as that if you don't land exactly on the center of those one block wide platforms, your character just slips off the edge. I would've liked to have seen the ending but the platforming just turned me off from trying a third time.

All in all, the artistic approach to the game was a job well done while the platforming is just a bit too unfair for my liking. If you want, check out Jonas' tips for making platformers feel good here, if you haven't already.

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Yeah it really sucks, so many little things crept up near the end of development. I think I'll fix the game and post it because it will not do well for a game jam entry.

I've uploaded a fixed version if you want to try it again.

Firstly, never would've thought of this but it fits really well. That's the out of the box thinking I love to see in game jams.

The visual style is also really nice, and the way the other person can pause to show their not sure about what they're typing is really cool. Emily is Away vibes off this.

I do have one complaint, however, and that is the inclusion of the meter at the top. I feel that it is unneeded as you already have the thumbs up and down to see if you did a good or bad job. The meter only ends up spoiling what ending you're going to get, which I feel is the most rewarding aspect of this game.

Give mine a try(here) and then rip it to shreds in the comments.

+ I liked the boss fight, but he was a bit of a pushover. More phases would've been nice but still a plus in my eyes.

+ The ending was cute. Nice little cut scene.

+ The enemy designs were nice with the black and white aesthetic.

- After dying a few times, I noticed that only 4 enemies spawned at a time. Knowing that I decided not to kill any more enemies and simply out run them as no more would spawn. 

- I felt that there wasn't a strong connection to the theme. Having only one minute didn't really make this game all too different from other top down level based shooters.

Overall it's a nice top down shooter but it could do with  different enemy behavior.

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This build is broken and it will crash if you happen to craft items a little too close to yourself. If you do want to play a working version without these bugs you can check out a fixed build on my page.

Thank you all for the feedback, it is greatly appreciated. This was my first game jam and I had a blast. If you have any suggestions or criticisms for the game, please comment below.