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Yeah I uploaded one there now. Thanks for playing and letting me see first hand what a player would do.

Yeah just uploaded the Desktop version now

This looks like a finished product already! Looks so good and stylish. Good luck with the campaign addition

This is a clever way to achieve a 3D effect in 2D that I've never really seen being done before. So props to you for that. Very juicy too.

Really unique style that stands out from the rest. Great work on this entry!

Nice game with well suited sounds and polish. I wasn't really encouraged to switch rails though. I was mostly focused on the abundance of bats and ghosts from above that one of two green ghosts ahead of me didn't force me to move. Instead road blocks that can't be killed would force the player to pay more attention to the rails.

Interesting story with an equally interesting mechanic to go along with it. Great entry!

Great job on the look of the game! Although hit feedback is a bit lacking, effects like hit flash, frame pause and screen shake could really juice up the game and make it clearly know you or an enemy was hit. The attack animations also felt sluggish, the light attack should be way quicker than the heavy to justify the long wait time compared to damage.

Great use of the art pack and it was fun all the way through. Nice and steady rise in difficulty.

Great level and puzzle design with some humorous moments to spice it up! I really wanted to beat the boss but respawning with only one heart made it impossible!

This was cool idea but needs work in a few areas. Like I had no idea how to put out Miz at the start, having a puddle of water there would've cleared a lot of confusion as it took me while to find a pond. I also had no idea that I could use the arrow keys to move which could've been included in the text at the beginning or the details below. Nevertheless, it was an interesting core concept that I'm sure with a bit of tidying up, could be a great game!

Pretty challenging but I liked the idea, rewarding skilled players by letting them see the dangers ahead. Movement could be tightened up a bit. Nice entry!

Glad you liked it. As for icons, they're one of my favorite parts of making a game as it plays an important role. So I appreciate you pointing it out!

You made a fun gameplay loop and designed a great difficulty curve that matches the player's skill. A fine entry in my opinion!

Cool idea with a lot of strategic possibilities. Few visual problems like enemies walking behind walls and you can't see them.


When I saw the art kit, I knew there'd be 3D games but the last game I thought of was a kart racer!? Super creative and looks so good. The steering is very sharp though which makes it very hard to play. Cool game though!

I loved the story you created here. Interesting concept and it was all well though out!

Such a stylish and moody game. Such a great entry. Only complaint is that you can't pet the dog :(

This is a pretty fun arcade game. You've done a good job with music and sound design as well as taking full advantage of the artkit.

I think this is my favorite game from this jam! Hooked from the beginning right until the end! Hunters were the optimal strategy though and I didn't even bother with mages which is a shame but I still had a blast playing this! The three different compositions of the game theme were sooo good!!

Interesting central movement mechanic that everything else revolves around. I think that the speed for throwing the hook could be faster. Good game, I had fun playing it.

Great game that was executed very well! I don't know how many soldiers I sent out there to die...

Super cute game that has Super Metroid moment when you have to bark to get of the throne room! Love when games end where they start too :)

Firstly, the gameplay is clever and very fun to play, however the control scheme of including the mouse was a bit awkward. The style is really nice and it only needed more game juice in screen shake and a few sound fx like for dying. Great entry! (Plus that screen transition when you die is one of the coolest transitions I've ever seen!)

The story's concept is interesting and I'm intrigued by it alone but a lack of checkpoints made it hard to press on when you're sent back to the start of the game after every mistake.

Had a blast while playing this game. It's so satisfying and juicy!

This game with its relatively short play sessions and non-stop moving makes it really addictive which is definitely a 5 star for engagement for me.

 People are saying that generation was weird but I think that as long as there are no dead ends so that you can keep moving, it would suit the gameplay. 

The level of polish is great but effects like screen shake could make it even more addicting!

And the ending of having the items scroll with their unique names and value is so clever and great to see!

Thank you for such a detailed review!  I really appreciate your enthusiasm and I'm overjoyed that you enjoyed it :)

Oh I just meant that the music could be a bit more in your face and intense to match the game's mood.  But that's only a suggestion rather than a legitimate complaint.

Super stylish and super funny game. Favorite character? Obviously the house flipper.

You really nailed the aesthetic and music for the game. Looks beautiful!

Cool game. I'd like to see more ways your computer could be hacked with unique mini games!

Fun game with a lot of mechanical depth. Visuals were on point also. One issue I haven't seen mentioned is that the textboxes can get in the way of seeing enemies below you. I haven't figured out how to make them go away.

Nah don't sell yourself short!

Fun game with a funny opening. The variety of weapons was a nice touch too!

What a pleasing game to look at but dang is it hard. I'm not into challenging platforms so I'm not a good judge on this kind of game but I felt that it had a lot of polish and great execution on its ideas.

Really good game in all aspects. Just one complaint... the music doesn't hit hard enough! Definitely coming back to find those secrets you keep alluding to.

Super satisfying, if you don't go down the puzzle route with this, you could try something like cause that game is super satisfying when you get big just like this one!

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Cool idea of having abilities be physical objects and switching them around. Great potential for puzzle design. The movement was a bit floaty and could use a bit of tuning. Fun puzzle game!