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Making games is a passion of mine that sadly has been a little neglected lately.  I went through a pretty difficult time the last year or so.  I got divorced, sold / gave away almost everything I owned.  Moved from FL to WA to live with my father and go back to school (Computer Science).   Then in July he passed away unexpectedly, leaving me alone in a new place with no close friends.  I've been slowly putting myself and things back together.  Hopefully I can take the trauma and sadness I've endured all this time and channel it into something more positive.  You haven't heard the last from me, and if you like my work, please check out the other games!  I'd love to see some LP's of TGH and Obsolescence since they are short, weird, narrative driven games as well.  :)

Thank you!  I hope you enjoy it, and if you need any hints for some of the secrets, let me know.  :)

Or not because I suck and also my hard drive that had all my files died.  :(    Maybe I'll redo this someday.

Thank you so much for playing!  One of these days I'd love to rework or reimagine this game. :)

Thank you!  :)

The game should have the finale added in now!  I heavily encourage people to play this again and enjoy the real ending.  :)

Thank you for playing!  I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game!  I'll definitely check it out, thank you! :)

Thank you!  I look forward to watching the LP!    

Thank you!  I'll check the video out ASAP!  (Studying for a midterm right now).  Already liked and subbed.  :)

Hey!  Thanks for playing first and foremost!   Any and all feedback is always an incredibly pleasant surprise :)  This was actually the first game I ever made, and I was learning RPG Maker MV as I went along.  Explains why things, in my opinion, start to gel more and more as you go further.  The heart puzzle sucks, I know this, I just didnt know how to make it what I wanted to make it with the event editor.  My logic was, "increase pressure in arteries, close off valves in veins, hit the artery switch to increase pressure even more so the back-flow blows up the heart".  I think I was more proud of the heart explosion effect, which was slightly an homage to imps being killed by the rocket launcher in Doom.  Searching the apartment is actually satisfied if you find at least 3 event least it should...I haven't gone back and tested in a while and the files are lost.   Going to watch your let's play video soon and I'm very excited!  I love it when people make videos about anything I make, it's very flattering that someone would take the time!

Or not life has been a mess and I'm finally getting it back together!   lol.  Still going to work on games in the future, but I'm also going back to school for Computer Science.  :)    Honestly this game is pretty awful, but it was fun to make.   

Hah!  Your video is why I ended up buying it.  :D  

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Really enjoying this game....but man, the Left Hand Path room for...I can't remember the name...but it's the level with the female tongues and clone sliding "stations".  I cannot figure this one out, and it's driving me absolutely nuts. XD

I feel like there is another clone sliding station missing in the room.  Like there was supposed to be one after all the saw blades or something?  It doesn't seem possible.  Maybe I'm just not seeing it, but in order to progress, you have to trip the white and orange symbols to progress through the saw hallway due to the motion laser.   Not sure if this is a bug, or what.   It's impossible to use timing or delay of the door gates holding the clone in place to get both to hit both switches simultaneously...because underneath the white switch is an orange platform that drops it if you attempt that strategy.   I've found all the other left hand path rooms so far to be challenging, but ultimately solved them.  I'm really stuck.

NEVERMIND IM AN IDIOT.    AWESOME PUZZLE. idea was wrong...still stuck.

Oh yeah, there are definitely some pretty dumb typos in this.  Not much I can do about it, but have fun laughing at them!

Expect lots of updates as i get more settled with Unity and C# scripting, lol.  :)

I have a much longer unfinished game on there too.  Called reverberation.  Hope you like it! I've been wanting to return to making games, just need some more free time, lol. 

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Thanks! I have an updated version of this on Gamejolt with a meta game similar to what is in TGH.  It also has a 2nd short chapter.