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Fun!  I loved the sonic rings-ish effect when you lost boxes.  Simple but effective game design.  Great work! :)

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maybe you never turned it on?  It make static until you are near a haunt event you can take a picture of, then it makes a VERY noticeable difference.    I think i should have made the tutorials a bit less cryptic.  I'll work on that for future games!

(also there is music in the game...but it happens later)

Was a bit confused on what to do at the very beginning, but once I saw the red guys pulling up it made more sense (also forgot to check the game page for more info, my bad).  It's a neat tech demo for all the of the units interacting at once, but gameplay-wise it was a bit dissatisfying to not be able to control another unit after death...leaving you just kinda sitting there. 

Graphically appealing though, and with more gameplay would be really fun.  Maybe even convert this into more of a large scale RTS.

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If the spirit box goes off, that means there is something in the room you need to take a picture of.  If the picture captured is evidence, it will store in your photo album and the spirit box will return to the normal static sound.  The first thing you need to take a picture of is the rocking horse.  I'd appreciate it if you gave it a 2nd shot!

I like the monster design and the day night cycle! 

This was simple and cute!   Good work.  :)

Controls felt weird on mouse and keyboard since the layout makes it difficult to move the camera with the mouse and control the character with arrows and z / c.   I would recommend changing this to a more traditional WASD / Space to jump / E to unload layout.

Nice work on integrating controller support , which felt more natural.  The camera controls however still felt rather stiff and were inverted (tilting right moved the camera left, and vice versa).

I liked the bright, colorful graphics!  The models and textures really invoked an old N64 style.  I would find a nice cartoony skybox to drop in the game to tie it together a bit more.  I enjoyed the different colored zones for each fruit type.  The map looked nice.

I'm not a huge fan of limiting player mobility in a 3d platformer.  I understand the concept of reducing the ability to jump as you pick up stuff, but I feel that the entire key to a good platformer is the movement, so it should only be restricted if it benefits the gameplay in some way or forces interesting decision making. 

Overall, for only giving yourself a week, this was pretty neat!  You have a solid graphical style going and fixes to the control layout and camera shouldn't require too much effort to polish this up!  Then you can experiment with more level design / gameplay elements.  Good work! :)

Thank you for playing! 

Unfortunately the game crashed each time I tried to run it.  :(

Thanks!   All photographables set off the spirit box and the triggering sound goes away once you capture it (your photo album which enables after gathering your first piece of evidence will also show progress / the haunted photo graph)

You need to take pictures of haunted objects, or areas where recent haunting events happened.   The spiritbox goes off to let you know that there is something that general area to take a picture of.   Try taking a picture of the rocking horse in the room you find the camera in, that will get you started.

Cool platformer!  I wish I could look up / down to help me find the ingredients.  I liked how the camera rotated in sections ala mario 64, so I get what you were going for!   I loved her little dance at the end! :D

Fun resource gathering game.  I was surprised with the amount of tech tree options!  Spark-E is adorable.

Great sprite work!  Found it a bit funny that the animation freezes on the last frame while holding the attack key.  After killing the teleporting boss, although I had an indicator to move right, i could not progress unfortunately.

Good work from what I was able to play though.  :)

Wow, thank you!  I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

Fun little puzzle game!  Wish I had some friends over here to try the multiplayer.

Thank you!

Nice voice acting!  I really liked the sprite work, as well as the paralax scrolling background.

That was nuckin' futs.

Simple, effective horror game.  

A few bug fixes for you:

You can fix lighting issues bugging out on point lights by setting the render mode from auto to "important".  This will make your lighting flicker less on surfaces.  (This was a godsend for me when i started working in 3d).

I'd recommend a crosshair dot to help with players interacting with objects.  

I had a bug where I was unable to start the end game scenario, though i wasn't able to repeat it on a second attempt.

Good work overall, especially for your first horror game!  I love the monster model!

YOU.  You're that Bounty Hunter.

damn, I forgot to include a washing machine in the game.

10/10 Much West.  Good Shoot.  One of the games of all time.  Pouring one out for my black and yellow homies.

Nice platformer!  I enjoyed the aesthetic.  The dashing was a little strange, but the momentum felt great!

I think 14 to 15 was the highest score I've seen.   This was just something silly I threw together in a few hours from a tutorial (but modified of course) quite some time ago for a laugh.  

Thanks!  I made this ages and ages ago for a game jam.  Was one of my first unity games.   I made the music myself.  😁

it's from a Japanese pocky commercial with hatsune miku.

Nice pixel art and cool to see procedural generation in a jam game!  The movement was a bit floaty and i wish the camera tracked a little ahead of the player so you could see enemies before they are shotting at you.  Still, cool little game!

Came for the Tanya the Evil avatar one of the devs had, stayed for the fun combat, great pixel art, and satisfying roll mechanic (nice roll animation too!).  Feed back on hit desperately needed, but everything felt good in terms of controls.  I think the camera could be zoomed out just a tad bit more so it's easier to see everything.

Very short, but that just means I liked what I played and wanted more!.  Reminded me of Titan Souls.  

Awesome work!

Yo, Tanya the Evil!

This was really fun!  Not much to critique, I found the gameplay loop satisfying!   Would yeet again. :D

Team Cat!  Cute RPG! 

Fun game!  Simple, but effective.  The rope physics felt satisfying!  

I do wish there was a bit more of an indicator for charge, and maybe a little bit of directional influence since I would get caught in situations where I would grab a rope, but then was helpless when a bone fell immediately on me afterwards.  

Great work overall though!

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Downloadable game that runs in a window by default!  Yes!  I have a ridiculous ultrawide monitor for productivity and this is super nice for me!  

Great pixel art!  Felt cohesive!

The music was great, but I felt it didn't exactly fit the theme of the game.  Still bangin' though!

Movement and shooting felt good - but there is little to no visual feedback when hitting enemies or being hit.  This would feel even better with just a bit more juice (but of course that takes time and it's a game jam after all).

The mechanics are very interesting.  For a short game jam game, I think it works well.  If it was a larger game, I think there would need to be some way to refill sanity - or stick with simply fighting your old self upon regular player death.   Skipping through the empty rooms was kind of neat at first (seeing all the aftermath), but a bit tedious once you got to rooms 5 - 7 and you had to skip more and more rooms.

Overall, very well developed game, a lot of polish, and lots of potential for future iterations! Great work!  

It's one of those little things that is easy to forget with a short deadline.  Plus I don't think a lot of people think to look up how to implement it. (I actually haven't learned how to do it myself - but most of my games in the past few years have been browser based so they didn't need it).  

Ah, gotcha!   I just remember having issues like that in some of my early Unity projects as well, but looks like it's for a different reason.  I look forward to your next iteration of the game! :D

You have a selectable resolution option in your menu!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Awesome.  Always have that if it's a downloadable game!!  Thank you!

Not much else to really critique that hasn't already been said in other comments.  I'd add a trigger collider somewhere for when the player jumps out of the environment so they don't fall forever.  (I put that in my submission for those who got cheeky and clipped through the game environment).  

I think i'll work a normal 9 to 5 to pay off debt vs spider cave though.  Too many occupational hazards.

I enjoyed the movement quite a bit, though I ran into a weird bug where sometimes my character would slowly drift on the ground without inputting anything.  

The movement was a tad floaty as some pointed out, but I think it works well in a game like this with a bigger, more open environment. 

It kind of reminded me of the old arcade game "Legend of Kage" (though your jump ends more abruptly at the peak height):  (warning, some flashing lights in parts of the game footage if you are sensitive to that kind of stuff)

I was impressed with the enemy ai that floated around and shot at you.  It felt well balanced!  

Different footstep sounds on different pieces of the environment was a really nice detail!

Game definitely needs more feedback on when you hit enemies - it's hard to tell when attacks are connecting.  I'd also increase the range of the attack a bit more.  A lot of early NES games had the issue of stubby attacks that would often trade with enemies, so it's a classic problem that is tricker to solve than many would think.  

Legend of Kage actually had this issue with it's melee attack as well - but most of that game you were using a projectile instead.  

Attacking in two different directions with 2 different buttons felt a bit strange.  I'd just keep it simple and map it to a single button (left click / "x" button (on an xbox controller and let the player control the attack direction with movement).  

There was some weird tearing at times when I moved around - especially in the beginning.  I would check out Cinemachine for your camera system if you weren't using it (it's free and has soooo many awesome options!).  If you were, make sure to enable the "pixel perfect" extension.  This often fixes these issues!  :D

Whew, so I know that was a lot, but I think you have a good framework here and I wanted to spend the time to provide constructive feedback!  I can tell you put a lot of work into this with some of the small details I found as well.  Good work, keep it up!  

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Team Cats!  I liked the art and music quite a bit!  I also can't resist a good BEAMMM-U attack.  :D 

Like others have said, it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning.  Attacking has some weird impact on movement, which was a bit confusing and can break the flow for a arcade-styled game.  


Go with a wave system that gradually introduces new enemy types.  

Think fluid for the character movement and attacking.  Generally you don't want to restrict the player from movement or options unless there is a really good reason to.  

I'd love to play this again with some tweaks, so if you come back to it after the jam, hit me up! :D

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