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Rip the announcer's table.   Neat game though!  :D  I liked the fluid physics and overall aesthetics!  

Really enjoyed the aesthetic, mood, and storytelling.   Good work!  :)

Goal: Spread Happiness.  Reality: GET BURGERED.  :3    

Had fun, couldn't really finish the game as some of the jumps were just too precise for me to make them, but I liked what you were going for!  Good work :D

Thank you!  I used object pooling for the antibodies, bacteria, and phages.  Getting that sticking effect to work and not break the object pooling systems was A HUGE PAIN (so im happy you enjoyed it, haha).

Thank you!   I really enjoyed your submission as well!  

Fun game!  I know the pace is deliberate, but there were times where i wish everything was a tad bit faster.  Overall an awesome game though!  

I really liked the Gradius inspired upgrade system and the blobby effect around the asteriod enemies.  Fun game!

lol, limewire

No problem!  I ended up forcing my game to 850 x 850 because i wanted it to be square and feel more "constrictive" you are looking at everything in a petri dish under a microscope.  (though you can force full screen the game and then it kinda breaks lol).

After the jam, if you decided to update the game, you can go into the project settings and enabled "resize window".  This will allow users to force the game into a window from full screen and then resize it to fit their monitor.  This can cause weird issues with the UI however if it isn't designed to scale well (which typically is a bit of a problem with Unity I feel).  Just a little tip I figured out while play testing my games in the past.    I love my ultrawide for work, but it definitely causes issues with gaming at times (i run most of my games in a window lol).  

Yeahhhh it gets a little intense.  Believe it or not I actually toned it down from an earlier build. My choice of lighting and post processing effects didn't scale very well I realized towards the end.  All part of the learning experience!  Thank you for playing and the feedback!  :D

I liked the atmosphere a lot!  The effect on the attack was also really cool looking.  The dialogue was a bit too distracting when trying to focus on navigating the map + fighting enemies + lack of visibility increasing.  Probably best to incorporate the story in situations of down time unless you are using audio to present it, or the environment itself.  Nice work though!  I'd definitely play a more fleshed out version of this. :D

Neat rts style game!  I wish the pace was a little faster for villager movement.  The audio loop got a bit repetitive.  Really nice pixel art!  :)

I liked the animations! (especially the bubbling vats of goo.  The drawing mechanic was also neat.

 Unfortunately i have a really really wide monitor which doesn't support full screened games very well. 

 I was a bit lost on what to do (i think some of the UI wasn't showing up due to my monitor).  The concept is neat though.  I'd love to try a web gl build if you get one up!

Sorry about that!  I'll keep that in mind for future UI design!  Really appreciate the feedback!

Thank you!!

Thank you

Waha hooo!   :D

I love how the boy gives me rayman rabbid vibes!

Good work! 

Thanks!  The antibody sticking thing was a royal pain to implement given I use object pooling for the bacteria and the antibodies in separate object pools lol.  Was a good learning experience

Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

You get an "A" for effort.  :D

Yeahhhh sorry about that.  It was a jam submission so i didn't really perfect the dialogue system.  Wrote it from scratch though!

(1 edit)

Yeahhhhh the clicking the mouse to progress dialogue was something i kind of coded myself into a wall with.  Hitting E to progress sometimes triggered other interactable objects near the same space as the one you were currently interacting with.  I can definitely fix that in the future  (my first time making a dialogue system from scratch, haha).  Thank you so much for your feedback and playing the game!  :)

Thank you so much!

Haha, as someone who is pretty shut in, I can actually relate to the protagonist of this story quite a bit.  You squeezed in a lot of good character development into a short game.  Really enjoyed it!  :)

Thank you for playing!

Thank you!   I actually had the ability to skip through dialogue early on, but people play testing said it was too easy to skip through it, so I changed it around a bit.  

This was my first time making a dialogue system from scratch in Unity, so I'm still trying to figure out that "sweet spot".  Ideally, I'd like it so clicking while it is typing populates the entire dialogue box with the sentence, and then you can click again to progress to the next one.  I'll probably keep building off this foundation until it's perfect in future games.  :D

*Insert purple rain jokes here*

You will always be a legend in my heart <3.

Super fun, well polished.  I love the transition effect between stages!  Awesome overall! :)


Yeahhhhh there is definitely a dominant strategy to break 1 million.  The problem - it borderline crashes the game haha.   Im going to reset the leaderboard and tweak some of the gameplay after the voting period.

That's awesome!  :D


Automatic 5 stars for presentation because you made the game in a resize-able window.  THANK YOU!  So many downloadable games defaulting to full screen don't work on my monitor, but this was perfect.  

I feel like the movement was a bit too fast to control, just lightly tapping the controls felt a bit wild and unpredictable.   I feel it's pretty hard to get a perspective like this to feel right in 48 hours to be fair though.

This is a cool idea, just needs some polish on the implementation.   With some tweaks I can see this being a really addictive mobile game! :D

Thank you!  I really enjoyed your game too! :D

Fun little puzzle platformer!  I really enjoyed the sprite work and clever level design.  Did you make your own engine from scratch with this?  

I give your game a baker's dozen / 10.

Wheat I like the most about this game, is it really took me some time to digest the meaning behind it all.   Baking into account all of the games I have played so far, I really had to rise to the occasion to swallow my emotions and tackle this yeast of a game.