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This feels really detailed and polished. Really impressive! Definitely room for some expansion on mechanics too.

If your interested in a more conventional puzzle game.

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A short but challenging puzzler for you. Looking for any kind of feedback.

A short puzzle game:

Made a puzzler with a unique movement mechanic and looking for lots of feedback of any type.

That's my favourite feeling in a puzzle game, glad my game did it for you.

This was an excellent evolution on the flappy style game. Really solidly executed!

Everything thing about this game is well executed, and the core mechanic of being able to block projectiles is great. The movement feels really good, especially being able to upgrade all of it. Great jam entry overall!

This is a really solid, excellently polished little game. Think the way level design makes "club" choice obvious is great, and even though I played so poorly I ended up 50 over par, I had a great time doing it.

Really fun jam entry! The grappling mechanic is actually really satisfying and the sound is great. It would be nice to have some kind of mechanic where you can keep your momentum and chain your grapples through multiple enemies.

This game actually really grew on me as I figured out how to do the stealth correctly. I did run into an issue or two, one where on one run the rooms had 3 times the enemies as normal, although if the number is chosen randomly it could just have been really bad luck. Sometimes when entering a room I couldn't see where the cone of vision was and was immediately targeted without the chance for stealth. I really enjoyed the stealth aspect despite the minor issues, and think you've come up with a solid jam entry.

Liked this quite a bit, felt a bit less punishing than some of the other games in this genre, which I found refreshing. Did run into a minor problem where I landed too close to the edge of the screen and had to make a very precise click to move away. Otherwise, was really fun.

Thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it.

Thanks for playing and I'm really glad you enjoyed the puzzles. Had a lot of fun coming up with them.

Thanks for playing and rating my game and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Had a look at the bug, and I think it actually happens every time without fail. Actually every level repeats the last line of dialogue for that level on repeat, however, every other levels last line is set to an empty line which triggers Mr. Skeleton and the UI to disappear. I forgot to add that last empty line for level 19, however, level 19 should be fully playable anyway. You don't need to wait for the dialogue to end before you make moves. I fully agree with Mr. Skeleton making noise when he talks, there were a couple other sound effects that would have been nice to add as well, but sound effects are not something I've worked on before. The space-bar issue should really be made more obvious too. Unfortunately I'm not in a position to fix the bug at the moment, but I can add a line to the game description saying I'm aware of it and that it won't prevent you from preceding until I can fix it in a few days.

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Like the concept here. The beginning levels were a bit simpler than I thought they needed to be, but really enjoyed the long minecart level and the boat + car level's challenge.

Nice simple poker game. I liked it!