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The Gambling RPG where you can coerce monsters to cheat for you.
Submitted by billy (@billymonks) — 1 day, 6 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#144.2144.214
Overall polish#244.1794.179

Ranked from 28 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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it's basically pokermon


Have some very hype moments, really fun. Reminded me of pokemon but (Poker)mon if you catch my dirft.

Great job!


Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so sooooooooooooooooo much for calling it Pokermon. :)


Cool game, really didn't expect a poker game but I guess the cards were in the tile sheet, so I should have :) The transition when the poker game starts made me laugh, fun idea to make it feel like a pokemon duel. I don't know too much about poker to comment on the AI, but I encountered a game breaking bug when the skelly folds in the first round. Chelly gets the payout, but the rounds continue and after the last card is revealed the game is stuck.

But overall it was highly engaging and had a fun story. Great job

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I loved the style and character put into this, and the poker mechanic worked great!  Depth of field effects really made this pop as well.  Great music and transitions from world to poker game.  I love how smooth the chip falling animations were as well! Fantastic job!  :)


Great idea! great execution!!! Just awesome job! Loved the atmosphere and the style! 


Ignoring my (lack of) skill at poker, this game is really really good. You've put a lot of character into it, I love the theme, story, and overall aesthetic. Amazing work for a 48 hr jam.


Yes.. Very nice. I defeated King Bone with a cool 100k to my name. Very cool music and aesthetic. 


Welp looks like I suck at poker. The first spider destroyed me two times in a row.

Very well made game you got here.

I got only two remarks:
1) The slider for raising looks out of place, adding some texture styling to it would be nice.
2) The way AI works is if it sees a high card in the starting hand it just pretty much goes all in. This is kinda annoying, cuz your response is either to fold (which at high stakes doesn't look good) or call, with means more or less a 50%-50% chance to win or lose a lot of money, or be ready to use the spider, which is costly in its own way. None of these options feel good.
Maybe something like doubling the bank instead of going all-in would be better here (as AI).


Its hard to me to play poker but dude!!! Game looks awesome! Great work!


Thank you so much! I was thinking about adding more short & optional tutorial npcs, and some in-game references to hand order after the jam's end. Do you think that would help and make the game more fun?


Level of polish, art, graphic effects, story elements (apart from texts during poker games - that was kinda disturbing in rest of super-polished environment) was simply astonishing and kept me playing even regardless I didn't enjoy poker games, since I don't like poker much (so good I had the dog with me). 


Thanks! Yeah, I'm planning on removing all of those white text boxes that scroll down the page and replacing each with something more interesting. Kudos for beating the game!


I'm not sure if this game somehow balances the cards in the background logic(I think it should). I feel like I played 30 hands, and maybe had some combination in 3-4 of them. This was an issue with the escalating blinds all the time.
I know against the first spider with mittens I only had a pair of jacks once, every other time I won was because both of us didn't have anything and I just had the high card.

I wish I was able to beat a monster so I could cheat more and experience the game fully. But this is a very nice game, it's very moody and the music adds a lot of atmosphere. The part of the story that I was able to experience is good as well and fits into the game making it an all-round very solid entry into this jam.


That’s a shame, I’m sorry that happened. Sometimes chance puts you on losing streaks, which is frustrating when you don’t have any abilities.

One slight gameplay spoiler is that spiders never fold. If you try the game again, try waiting until the last community card is dealt and go all in if your hand is stronger. After beating the gloved spider, chance shouldn’t be as large of an issue anymore.

Thanks for playing.


Outstanding level of polish for a gamejam game! I love poker, especially texas holdem. Being able to cheat really changes the dynamics though!


Thank you! I'm thinking about new allies to add with different abilities.


Was it possible to hit 50k by the end there? I paid off the bouncer so I wasn't sure. The game acted like I did  anyway.

Anyways, super impressive! The sheer level of polish was mindblowing. The graphics were sleek (The depth of field added so much and I love the character bouncing and the chips rain), the gameplay smooth, music catchy, and writing charming. I guess it wasn't very difficult, but that didn't bother me much. The only real nitpicks I had were that I would like the option to speed up the turns and that the bet slider wouldn't always reset every round (for example, the opponent would make a bet, and I'd fold, but the slider next hand would still be cranked up like I was preparing to call the bet). Other than that I had pretty much no complaints. Excellent work!


This is a fantastic game. It's got the atmosphere, it's got the juice, it's got the feel, the music is wonderful. Well done!


Was really fun! I was really engaged the whole play through and it was also nice to just walk around with my new dog and spider friend.


Really awesome game! I love turning hold 'em into an RPG, and acquiring party members that give you different ways to cheat is really smart design, I like it a lot.
Also, it's super polished. The movement, the art, it all feels really really awesome.
Great work on this!

My only constructive feedback would be that I would have liked it if the hand played itself out once the enemy was all-in (similar to how it works in the real game), because I ended up doing a /lot/ of spam clicking through the checks during those situations.


First of all, nice intro! I loved the idea of a poker game with special habilities, very original. Also, didn't expect that epic music for a poker match :DD


Really impressive! There's a lot of game here and it's all really nicely put together and well polished. Super great job!

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