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Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. I appreciate your feedback and it gives me some clear actionable steps on what I can improve in the future.

As far as the visuals, the "shadow" effect is done with a timer that creates a new frozen AnimatedSprite copy of the players and changes it's colour. This "ghost" node then reduces it's transparency over time and finally deletes itself after a couple of seconds. I tried some different approaches like using the particle effect system for this, and while you can create a ghost trail, it doesn't work with AnimatedSprites.

The living/dead animation is the players death animation played forward, then in reverse. I split all my nodes in the world into "corporeal" and "spirit". On world change I notify one group to add transparency and the other to reduce it. I also do a color change. Someone told me it could be improved further with sprite masks, allowing you to have alternate versions of tilesets for the spirit world etc. It seems like a good option to explore.

The graphics are lovely, and the attempt of storytelling without words very interesting but it's a bit unclear what you are suppose to do in the game.
I reached some house I guess, jumped around to the right side there where I couldn't pass and then went left. This returned me back to mothers home where she was heart emoting but I couldn't do anything. Going right I would just dissapear of the screen with nothing happening, and jumping around the house and mashing the keyboard didn't help either.

The game is fun(or maybe I just really like bullet hell games). Not sure how it exactly fits the theme. I see that upgrades change the enemies but I haven't noticed that much in game. I got to wave 4 and I guess maybe the enemies shoot differently but the mechanic was not completely clear to me. I wasn't clear how to make a proper decision on the upgrades.

While the main character is charming, I didn't realize initially that the heart is the hitbox,  I thought the whole body was or at least the chest. I would make the heart a darker red honestly as it blends a bit with the other bright "pastelish" colors in bullet hell.

I also noticed some collision issues that would happen when I shoot at the enemies. I could see the bullet going through them without registering a hit. It happens rarely, and I tried replaying to pinpoint when the issue happens but I was not able to figure it out.

The two biggest issues I noticed:

- If you do not take the speed upgrade, some boss fights can be really annoying. I guess the boss movement direction is random, and he will sometimes move away from me and be too far for my bullets to reach him. We move at almost the same speed, nothing is happening, and the fight becomes cumbersome.

- It's hard to know which direction the basic enemies will shoot and in what pattern. I have to stay close to them in order to damage them and get the score, but not knowing what to expect from their attacks makes my positioning harder and I take some damage that feels unfair to me at that point.

Still, fun is most important and this game hits the spot well. I expect to see it place highly in the rankings.

Thanks for playing the game. I really appreciate the detailed feedback, I feel like people usually avoid being too direct on game jams so sometimes you don't get the critique you need.
I didn't experience the issue you had with jumping. I thought in that way the controls were fine. Not sure how I could fix them in that case either. Maybe reducing the jump impulse(how much force is applied initially), but also reducing the downward gravity acceleration a bit?

For everything else I completely agree with you, most of them were issues I was aware to some degree during the work. I think it boils down to what you said, it was overscoped.  I need more experience working with some core mechanics for these types of games before I could execute it properly in such a time frame.

This is such a cool game. I'm really digging the art style. This game kind of hits a soft spot for me because I made something relatively similar for my first Ludum Dare. It was also a float in the sky being going around with "seeds" and leaving a trail of those seeds on a grid.

Anyway, you guys did a way better job than I ever did. Really enjoyed playing the game!

There are some very creative mechanics in this game, but it also has a couple of issues. I really like the float mechanic, and I used mainly that to finish the game. I was not clear what [C] does, and I didn't need to use super speed even once.

Some possible improvements:

- Make it so some segments can only be finished by using [C] or Super speed, if you can't do it I'd just eliminate them completely

- Checkpoint system, make it so the player respawns at predesigned checkpoints. Currently it seems like its done in a way where the last time you safely touched a wall it's your respawn point. I was able to brute force this several times to work in my favour by just spamming movement randomly(I could set my respawn on spikes). This also caused some issues where I would die 10 times in a row in a second as well haha

And finally a bug I saw was, when I was in inverted gravity mode, the bird was saying something to me but it's text was black. I guess you modified some parent node and that affected the text. I was not able to read what the bird says in both occassions :(

There's a lot of variety in enemy types, some of them are very interesting(the little jumping guy?), some of them less so(like the spiders for example). The game is a bit too slow for my taste, I think making it a bit more dynamic would improve the fun factor.
You've done a great job though, especially for your first(published :)) game jam.

Thanks for playing! I'll have to check out sprite masks for sure, I had an idea of the spirit world having destroyed/damaged walls and windows but I wasn't sure how to implement it best.

The enemies are relentless, I agree. At one point I was thinking of giving the player infinite life just so people could play through. I really messed up my enemy state machines honestly, it was so much spaghetti that I just couldn't fix anything :D

Thank you for playing! Honestly the game is a bit wonky with the enemies attacks and level design as I did them both during crunch time so they suffered the most. Glad you like the graphics :)

Thank you for playing :)

I played this when it was submitted, but forgot to come back to rate it haha.
Anyway, I loved playing it. The story is nice, the gameplay is simple, straightforward, and enjoyable. I think with some more work this can be a game people would pay money for.

Thank you for playing :)
I'm glad you appreciated the world building, I really like doing it and try to always put some of it in every game I make.

And yeah, the UI could use a lot of work haha. It's something that I started practicing for this jam, but still needs more time investment to become better at it.

It's a good improvement to the tower defense genre(forcing the player to have an objective during the waves as well). I do think the complete loss of towers is too harsh of an idea. If you really want to stick with tower destruction, then maybe give them a bit more HP(they go down way too fast). Also, once they are destroyed you can leave ruins there that can be repaired in the next turn for 1/4 of the original price. So it still punishes the player for not taking care of towers, but the game is more salvageable if a player messes up a wave.

It's an interesting spin on flappy bird but it's way too hard. The first obstacle for me is usually the purple stones rotating with only 1 small hole in them, and it's very hard to fly through.

Definitely could use an easier beginning so that the players can get into a bit of a groove before the harder obstacles come.

It's a good game, but it needs a smoother introduction to game mechanics. Start with just 1 enemy so people can figure out how to kill without clawing for their dear lives. Some audio feedback would have been nice, so I can register with other senses if I have been hit or if I hit someone. You can use "BFXR
 or some other random SFX generator for these effects, takes 10 minutes to set them up.

I can't remember what this is called, but in platforming games(modern ones) they will usually allow you to "make" the jump if you are close to the platform and would otherwise miss it.
The most notable example that has this is Dead Cells. It's basically really hard for humans to  do precision platforming in games, so these things usually get added to avoid player frustration.

I would consider experimenting with this feature in the future, as it improves player enjoyment of platforming games. I was kind of frustrated by missing so many jumps by what seems to be 1-2pixels.

Cool game! It's a simple mechanic but it's a polished jam game. The last couple of seconds are redundant tho, the net is too far to the right so you can't save anything anyway.

Not sure how to win(I get swarmed by archers and can't  walk fast enough left and right). Cute take on the theme. Really like the attention to detail(monster breathing, villager voice lines etc.). It's a good game!

Needs a lot of polish. I had no idea if I am going in the right direction. I got to a part where I get a tall potion first, then get a wide potion, then I kinda moved to the right and I became massive(bigger then the planet) and I was left with a black screen with cards. I had no idea if I won or what? It's a cool idea tho.

It's a pretty charming game. From the talking sounds, to the dialogue, to the plot of the game. It's all goofy in a great way.  Great job!
It does get a bit too difficult in the level that introduces barrels(compared to previous levels), and I was not able to get past that one.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed the game and beat the Beast-King :)

Thanks for playing  :)
I only recently got into these type of games(and making them!), so I don't know most of them. I'll definitely write down Advance Wars and Disgaea into my list of games  to checkout!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for playing the game :)
I agree with your feedback. There's certainly some quality-of-life changes that could be added to the game(I experienced the same keep-stabbing frustration in my  playstestings).
I gotta push out a fix for that speaker issue haha

Thanks for playing :)
I wrote the AI, and it works on a few simple rules.
For AI pathfinding it's Depth First Search that sorts unvisited nodes by distance first, then by cost.

The AI has a target priority list that you can feed to him. I planned to have range units, and some other unit types, so the AI would target a specific group first. In the jam version it only targets closest though, but you can give him any object or array to target from.
For attacking the AI's goal is to attack his target, but if he won't be able to do it in this turn then he will go through the target priority list and find the first  target he can attack along the way. (so in a sense the AI will decide whether to attack first and then move,  or vice versa).

This is a really fun game. Good job! I'm only unclear on how units exactly attack, I saw the enemy knight attack two of my troops in one turn, among other moves that were confusing me a bit.

I get swarmed by Oni's after my amulet is taken away(I do take it back but wells go to sh** by then), not sure how I'm suppose to eliminate them.
It's a very fun game tho.

I think it's perfectly fine to let the player discover it(I actually had  a small "AHA!" moment when I figured it out). Especially since it's a fast game with short rounds, I feel in those type of games it's better to let the player discover most mechanics on his own.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the game :)
I really like adding lore to jam games, but I can see your point. Having a full screen of text on game load can be a bit exhausting to the player. I'll definitely change this for future games.

Thanks for playing the game :)
I completely agree with you about the indicator who can still attack on the turn. It's an issue I had when playtesting as well, but didn't get enough time to implement it.

Thanks for playing the game and the feedback :)
The retreat line is actually for you. Once your units reach it, you can exit the battle. In the current state of the game it's not that useful sadly. My original idea was for the game to be a tactical retreat simulator(get all troops out with minimal losses), but I pivoted near the end due to lack of time.

The movement feels really snappy, I love it. I think it's a great game, although I'm not very good at it. I easily get overwhelmed by the ghosts in the beginning as it's kind of hard to figure out where am I and where the ghosts are coming from.

Amazing game! I was very engaged and tried hard to finish it, but I got stuck at some 20+ levels in where it's a circular maze and it has knights everywhere, so wherever I move I get very easily attacked. The issue is the collider is so big and the controls a bit wonky that I can't evade them :(
But this game is defo one of my favs this jam!

You should probably introduce the timestop mechanic somehow. I(and I see other people as well) just speedrunned most levels. I would move the worm frantically fast before the towers start shooting. There's also no incentive to destroy the environment.

But anyway, this is a very creative mechanic and game. It feels polished, and there's plenty of levels. Great job!

I honestly opened this to rate it all 1's because I thought it didn't use the artkit at all. To my surprise you were so creative I could barely recognize it! Great job!
The gameplay was too hard for me though, the mental gymnastics of switching characters, and them changing who's 1 and who's 2 broke me haha.
Still, great game and I'm rating this one very highly :)

Wow man, this is a top 10 entry for sure. The sheer amount of content and game functionalities you managed to implement in 48 hours is crazy! Most of the games in this jam are on the scale of only 1 of your mechanics.
Really, amazing job. The music also fits in perfectly and is very moody.

I got 26570 on first play! Seems like it's the highest score from the comments so pretty happy about it. The game is very nice, it's a simple mechanic executed well. I think the addition of the blue troll is a great idea as it forces me to think a bit more about my whacking in order to get more chickens(although I realised they give new chickens mid game only).

My only suggestion is to clean up the blood after some time. The blood is red, and bad trolls are purplish so they blend in with lots of blood, and I didn't see them sometimes.

You can still reupload a working build(it is allowed). What engine are you using?

I don't think your mac build works(It doesn't even look like it's runnable on mac). I got a mac on Catalina btw, am able to run all the other mac builds in the jam.

This is a nice game! And it's cool to see other people making strategies for game jams, It's usually a rare sight to see. The formation system could use a bit more work, as right now I feel like it's a half feature(there's lot of options on where to place troops but I haven't noticed much impact from it).
What would have been a nice addition is the ability to set attack priority per unit, so I could set one archer group to attack the enemy archers "Far", and the other archer group to attack the weak mobbing spiders.