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Hey! The only possible fix I see is download the latest version from GitHub and use the 'GitHub' source for remote editors instead of 'Tuxfamily'

MakovWait/godots: 🚀Ultimate go-to hub for managing your Godot versions and projects! 🚀 (

~ was pressed I guess...


I think Godot is really good to start with. But it depends on your own needs, I mean if you want to make something that is not supposed to be an AAA-quality, then yes, Godot is the great bet. But if you are about to become a gamedev professional - find a work and so on, - then you should look at Unity/Unreal or even GMS, because seems like those engines are sphere standard now.

I make games just for fun by myself, so for me Godot is a god bless - it is free, lightweight (you are able to run it on a browser even) and stylish.

Yea, the game calculates its battle state first, then, after all calculations are done, it makes saves and, finally, begins playing animations, so reloading the page is almost a legal way to skip battles (but some bugs may occur so I'm not sure it is safe to do in a regular basis) :) 

it is Godot 3.5.1.mono 

nice suggestions! 

btw the game saves if: 

1) menu button is clicked.

2) battle phase is started.

3) shop phase is started.

so probably after you re-open the game the unit will be alive :)


didn't understand anything but somehow finished it! cool arthouse stuff

the less time you spend, the more value you achieve. it is even stressed by booster effects and colors (green gives -2.5sec -> good, red gives +5sec -> bad), so less is more.  

anyway thank you for playing! 

the less time you spend, the more value you achieve. it is even stressed by booster effects and colors (green gives -2.5sec -> good, red gives +5sec -> bad), so less is more.  

anyway thank you for playing! 

yea cool combo

okay endless mode is now here! check the dev build micro-td dev by MakovWait (

excellent video! explains almost every game aspect, so it can be used like a tutorial for newbies, thank you!

omg how

yea it's desired thing, not a bug. also, the unit is my favorite one because of this.

btw you may find interesting the combination with Inone Two Oldest(!), who summons an imp on sacrifice, and lvl-3 executioner will spawn 3 such imps and...  anime. :D the only problem is to find an optimal way to make Inone be as strong as possible. 

endless mode is cool idea! i'll think it over.  

cool build, who was sacrifice target?

great stuff! used your asset here:

good!!! suits nice with my game:

cool sounds! have used some in my game:

glad to see you here again. thanks for playing!

seems like now i can update the submission, so it would be cool if you check it again. :)

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hey. you can find the link to linux version in the description. i just was too late to add it before submission time was over. sorry


Hi! New game with your asset was released here. Soon I will implement all of your assets :D Thank you!

Задумка балдежная. Выглядит тоже оч клевски (особенно интерфейс). Однако, платформерная часть унылая, неотзывчивая и вот все в этом духе. Впрочем, это не мешает игре оставаться увлекательной. Действительно здоровская комбинация жанров!

з.ы. кнопка ExiT нерабочая.


looks like the end :D


I like it too :D


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No, you are epic :D



What do you mean about edit our hp?

I thinking about multiplayer, but i dont know if i will add it. 

Anyway stay tuned! :D

2000 trees..... dude you are crazy :D

its incredible work!!

honestly i didn't want to run this game. i dont know why but i did it and.... i love this game a lot.

so, you must to add some more screenshots or gifs!!

anyway this is one of my favorites submissions. good job!

only one i wish is to have a more quick restart transitions!

excellent work!

yea, if it on the other end it automatically damage the king

is it voice of you? very beautiful ^^

rated 😎

is it the Godot Engine? If true my advice is to use the AudioStreamPlayer withot 2D postfix for a background music.

good job!

duude :DDD

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cool idea to dash in/out!

micro-puzzle with bat is also fun!

but i think binding of game exit on ESC button is not very good idea. at least i dont like it :DDD

anyway good job dude!

welcome to the chess club buddy 😎

yea dude!! its very cool idea to add on hover info! thanks a lot