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Задумка балдежная. Выглядит тоже оч клевски (особенно интерфейс). Однако, платформерная часть унылая, неотзывчивая и вот все в этом духе. Впрочем, это не мешает игре оставаться увлекательной. Действительно здоровская комбинация жанров!

з.ы. кнопка ExiT нерабочая.


looks like the end :D


I like it too :D


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No, you are epic :D



What do you mean about edit our hp?

I thinking about multiplayer, but i dont know if i will add it. 

Anyway stay tuned! :D

2000 trees..... dude you are crazy :D

its incredible work!!

honestly i didn't want to run this game. i dont know why but i did it and.... i love this game a lot.

so, you must to add some more screenshots or gifs!!

anyway this is one of my favorites submissions. good job!

only one i wish is to have a more quick restart transitions!

excellent work!

yea, if it on the other end it automatically damage the king

is it voice of you? very beautiful ^^

rated 😎

is it the Godot Engine? If true my advice is to use the AudioStreamPlayer withot 2D postfix for a background music.

good job!

duude :DDD

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cool idea to dash in/out!

micro-puzzle with bat is also fun!

but i think binding of game exit on ESC button is not very good idea. at least i dont like it :DDD

anyway good job dude!

welcome to the chess club buddy 😎

yea dude!! its very cool idea to add on hover info! thanks a lot

yeaa bord game club 😎

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ultrafun game!

confuses only one: where is the restart button? :D

good job!


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so weired game!

i like i finally finished it (i was very scared!:D)

good job

Role. Playing. Golf.

Genius! :D

Good job!

So big game with creative concept! Good job!

it is not customary to speak badly about the dead.

so 10/10 :D

i keep my word!


i think its very clever attempt

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Kill everyone.. Okay :DD

Best visual i ever seen!

But climbing stairs awful!!!

Anyway cool. I like it

Its hard to me to play poker but dude!!! Game looks awesome! Great work!


Very creative train!

I like this last wave per level!!

Clever concept, my respect

yea, diagonally sorry :D

Thanks for feedback. Its very helpfull :)

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Card game it was a game i wanted to do. So i made a chess like game, and you made this one. Thanks to you, I was able to play a card game :DD

So about game.

Its pretty good, but i think some kind of a tutorial will make it better!

Good work!


Pretty good game with good control. Is very important to have nice control in such games so good work! :)

But i didnt like any things:

1) Font is unreadable on grass background

2) I dont know mb its a feature, but if i move horizontally character became faster (i think its caused by a not normalized movement vector)

So it is :D 

Good luck!

in the first opposite line (i hope its clear, i dont know how to say it more intelligibly sorry :D)


I love you! Thanks!

awesome cam shake!!
btw welcome to the chess club buddy :D



>here were multiple times where my queens / rooks had a straight shot to the other side of the board

Oh, its a bug :D

I will try to find and fix it, thanks!

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I glad i was first ;D

Oh yea, welcome to the chess club buddy!

Wow dude! Thanks :D

Fck. Boss lines is funny idea. It would be cool if I thought about it before :DD