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Embody (Jam Proof of Concept Version)View game page

Submitted by Roey_Shap (@EonLongNap) — 5 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Overall polish#2273.2353.235
Creative use of art assets#3103.0593.059

Ranked from 17 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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I like this.
I like the general gameplay, I like how you made the walls, I like all those different enemies to play with. I'd like some music, but oh well.
One thing I didn't really like were those black spots on the ground, which are supposed to be holes, I guess? If those are holes, why can't my ghost fly above them, but the bats can?


I love the idea of the possession! There was one time when I spawned in a room that seemed like I was blocked to the exit, but overall very polished. It felt pretty good getting a dude killed while possessing him. Thanks for making it!!


I love the idea of the possession! There was one time when I spawned in a room that seemed like I was blocked to the exit, but overall very polished. It felt pretty good getting a dude killed while possessing him. Thanks for making it!!


Great game! I couldn't get too far after bugging out the soul recharge on death, but really great game! Love the concept and feels pretty smooth.

Submitted (2 edits)

cool idea to dash in/out!

micro-puzzle with bat is also fun!

but i think binding of game exit on ESC button is not very good idea. at least i dont like it :DDD

anyway good job dude!


I liked the attack animations!
Really enjoyed the game!

Submitted (1 edit)

Nice idea for a game. This one has a good potential for being really engaging, being left to add, in my opinion, some music and extra audio. The swap feature worked really nice in here (I was using the big guy and the mage a lot on my run heh). Other than that, I was confused is that black tile was some kind of hole or if there was some texture missing, but don't worry that much about it.



Hoi very fun game fell to the game! Was surprised

characters are very fast-paced and i absolutely love the possess mechanic.
Also like how you keep adding more content in each level to keep the thing fresh.

Only feedback is that checkpoints would've been cool in my preference.

Overall very cool game man^^


Really interesting concept. I felt super-smart when I figured I had to posses the bat to cross the gap in the first level.

Personally I struggled to aim quite often, I wonder if auto-targeting enemies to posses (if they're close enough) would have solved this for me ... or removed the challenge? 

Also found the effect when the bigger guys pound the ground really satisfying.


Cool idea! Its kinda hard to figure out what you have to do, it took me a little while to figure out I needed the bat to kill the other guy on the first level! 

Otherwise, its a sweet game with potential.


I think this is the most engaging game I played during this jam. I can't wait to see what you will do with this concept!


This is an awesome proof of concept, as a game it is very bare-bones and unpolished but the concept still makes it fun. I would love to see what this turns into. 


This is really cool. Taking over enemy bodies to use them against themselves, and taking advantage of their abilities to progress. Also love how tiny the download is.


This is an awesome game mechanic! Swapping in and out of bodies to get different abilities is really fun. More effects and post processing would really sell the feel of the game! Add that impact or "juice", you know?

(Also, about the entry, it may record the submission as soon as you start creating the itch page, or maybe when you actually add a game file--I am not sure which. Mine says it was submitted 1 hour before the jam, which I remember sounding wrong for when I finally saved the page.)


I like the idea a lot. Controls are maybe a bit awkward and I got stuck at a level with a black bar dividing me from the goal. If you pick up coins but press R to reset, the coin count stays the same. Lovely game.


I love possession & power stealing games. I'm getting a Gauntlet vibe, maybe even Diablo if you implement your shop idea. I dig it! When you flesh out this game, dole out each enemy type at least one new one per level; that'll keep the gameplay fresh and give players a reason to keep playing, wondering what is around the corner. Game has good use of colors. I recommend Control key instead of P though.


I hadn't heard about Gauntlet until you mentioned it. I see where you're coming from! I'm glad you could see the idea despite the rough nature of the current system implementation. 

Thanks for your suggestions and playing!


This is so good! I recommend to mark the download as WIN, so people using filters will find it and also to export to HTML5 if you have the GMS Export module.

It's so good! It's one of those ideas that makes me want to have more. It took me a while to figure out but damn .. plese polish this and make it into a fun game :D I enjoyed the idea and the proof of concept very much :D


That warms my heart! Thanks for looking past the rough edges. I'll be sure to mark it as "For Windows."
I'll keep working on it later on!