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Hi Zak, thanks a lot for the shout out! It is an honor to be featured in your video.

Your game is really good. The main idea is cool, the presentation is top notch.

I would have liked more explanations though, I spent a long time kicking the debris to outer space before realizing I had to burn them. I struggled very hard with the controls too, I think on my whole playthrough I managed to kick only 2 rocks into the flammes.

But even though I'm terrible at this game I have to recognize that it is very well made!

Thanks for the nice comment!

I agree with you, the game becomes a bit dull when you are charged up and waiting for an opening. If I were to work on that game again, I would make it easier to dash through the core (bigger hitbox for example), and make the core opening more frequent once the player is completely charged up.

Thanks for you comment, and sorry for that problem! If you're charged up but nothing happens when you dash through the core, it might be because of a bug that I didn't catch during my test. I hope you still enjoyed the game!

you can only "attack" the enemy by dashing through its core (the blue orb you see when it opens up). In the meantime, you have to dodge though it's attacks to charge up, so when you dash through the orb you'll transfer all your charge.

Thanks for the compliment on the animation!

Really well made game. Quite pessimistic, burnout seems unavoidable x)

It's a cool game! I would appreciate if the camera was a bit further away of if there was an indicator on the edge of the screen when enemies are close, as it's hard to react when you fly in a direction and enemies appear from that direction. Other than that it's really fun!

It's such a cool concept! And it's well executed, I'm very curious as to what it could look like with a real objective. Really cool entry, good job!

The roulette needs more explanation, I didn't get what any of it did. Other than that, I think it's a really cool concept and I enjoyed it.

Really fun game, but soooo hard! Maybe having two or three lives to let the player make mistakes, and starting slower would make it more engaging. Still, I loved the art and I enjoyed the gameplay.

If you want to switch things up and play a dog, come play my game!

I enjoyed the minimalist art, and the overall concept. I wish the trees would not completely stop the ball, it would really add to the chaos and the game feel.

Your game seems to have a lot of content for a jam game, that's impressive!

Cool concept, and really relaxing. I think you need to be clearer in your explanations, even though I read the page it was not immediately obvious what I was supposed to do. There was an issue with the menu buttons that were way too big too.

I really like the atmosphere you created, well done!

really cool concept, that conveys the feeling of mondays pretty well. Good job!

you need to charge up first, by dashing through its attacks. Then you need to dash through the core, the blue orb. But even then I think there is a bug where dashing doesn't transfer the energy properly.

Thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked the art!

Hi, thanks for your comment! I've been using Godot's AnimationPlayer to manipulate the scale and rotation of the sprites mostly, with nice easing. The idle animation for exemple is one sprite which scale I push to 1.1 and back to 1. I try to apply the basic principle of animation (try to look for The 12 Principles of Animation), but even then I don't go too far, mostly squash and stretch.

I'm aware of the problem new players can have at grasping the concept, but as you can guess I ran out of time. I should at least put gifs on the store page to show what needs to be done, but with work and the jam and I was exhausted today.

Thanks again!

It looks nice and play nice, and the story is cute. Good job!

I had planned to give the dog a harness with some kind of lightning rod on it to explain how it would absorb the energy. But mostly I just wanted to put a dog in my game x)

Thanks for you comment!

I understood that I needed to collect items by reading comments x)

Maybe those should be more visible, but I still enjoyed the game just trying to survive in this chaotic traffic. I thought the game looks really nice, and plays well. Good job!

Really nice art, nice and simple gameplay, I played it through the end and enjoyed my time. There are some issues with the queen's animation, but I'm sure you're aware. Good job!

I'm sure this game feels really relatable for many of us right now, and it is certainly very chaotic. Good job!

Nice game, I like the main character. I felt a bit cheated when switches I had just turned on turned off immediately. I agree with Stingby's comment, some indicator of where the object are coming would help. Good job overall!

I made a pyramid of agents, it was fun!

That explains why I couldn't make any energy...

The concept is really cool, but your game is very obscure. I ended the game with a score of -3920 without having output any energy because I couldn't find how (and I read every help window I could find). The game ended when I clicked "Scram" not knowing what it would do... 

I understand where you came from in regards to the limitation, but I feel like it gets more annoying than anything to have those pesky pop-ups, and that certainly didn't help with the comprehension overall.

I am REALLY impressed by how the game looks though, I had  the opportunity to use Windows 98 and even 3.1, and I felt right at home. Absolutely well done.

Your game looks really cool and is enjoyable! Good job on your first game jam, keep at it!

Your game is chaotic indeed! A and D let me go left and right but W and S dont let me move up and down :(

Maybe you should slow down the difficulty ramping though.

Thanks, I drew it with my dog as reference :D

The concept of your game is really cool, good job!

Your game is really creepy x)

I couldn't hit anything with the yo-yo, which really send me into chaos and overload my mind...

It's a really interesting take on the limitation, and a good presentation. I got overwhelmed by the amount of rules from the starts though, I would advise start with only two or three and increase over time.

Really good entry! Chaos comes fast in this game x)

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I agree, unfortunately I ran out of time :(

Thanks for the feedback!

It's such a clever concept! I had trouble playing though, as sometimes my flock would stop moving forward. Also, I don't understand how to avoid the big red flies... I'm still impressed though!

Quite a good little arcady game. Those pesky hunters were hard to escape, but that's what makes the game fun! :D

I really think this is a very smart idea! I see ways to improve but I'm sure you already know (add sounds, better graphics, visual effects, etc.).

Just one thing, I got stuck here: I would bounce on the right just above the corridor, had to fly up to avoid the spikes, which got me high enough to hit the wall above the corridor again once I had bounced back, so I had to fly up to avoid the spikes, etc.

The idea is good, but the bird is very hard to control x(

Maybe it comes from my system but only slightly moving the mouse would make me completely go up or down, making it impossible for me to play. Something you could do is add a sensibility slider somewhere.

Thanks for your answer, and I'm glad my game made you go past that x)

I'll definitely keep that in mind for future game jams though, making your game easy to grasp is very important when people are gonna play for a very short time.

Nice concept, really original idea. I wish clicking the wire would be easier though, like the cursor should be bigger. Also the physics were not really reliable, sometimes my egg would fly sometimes it would just slightly bounce. Still very cool though, god job!