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Ah, sorry, I did take it as a compliment (thanks!) I was not talking about you when I said people were doubting, but I thought that you might be interested by a behind a the scene.

Haha, this is basically how I got the idea: how can I make JRPGs interesting to me x)

Thanks for the comment! I will definitely try to expand the idea, so if you want to know if and when I managed to do that you can follow me :D

Several people doubt that I only used the kit, so I might make a blog post to show how I did it. If you really want to see now you can download the source and open it in Godot.

I assure you I didn't use art outside of the kit, the sources are available if you don't believe me. It's just a lot of cutting, scaling and rotating. I didn't even modify the sprites outside of the engine!

Cool game, but I think you went a bit too far on the night mode x)

Well polished and nice to play, this game is really well made!

Incredibly satisfying gun play (maybe the sfx could be a little bit better, but that's just nitpicking), your game is extremely well polished. Well done!

Well polished, really stylish, and with an interesting story. The stats on the objects felt a bit too random, and the gameplay maybe a bit too repetitive, but this is a pretty strong entry.

I didn't want to kill that first dude... He didn't do anything to me :(

I'm not really a fan of the cooldown on the bow, it makes everything so much slower. I tried the sword once and then never again: way too slow, way too short a range, and way too much down time after you hit the enemy. It felt like the story was a bit too predictable too.

Other than those small grievances, I'd say the game was well polished, the little particles and animations really gave it life, and shooting the bow was satisfying. I think that's what kept me playing to the end.

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I loved the idea, thought the game was well polished (the jump is amazing, even if a bit slippery), but I really disliked your levels. I think blocking the player so they have to restart using the R key (which I don't remember you explaining btw) is really really frustrating, even more so when it is not necessary - like in the third level where you made the platform to go up red, which means if you fall while red you can't get back up. After falling two times I just gave up.

Edit: I forgot to say I really liked the intro too, it was funny and I didn't feel like I wanted to skip it :D

I couldn't past level 2 -_-

I love the visuals, and I thought it was super polished, good feelings and all. And then the world started turning and I couldn't play anymore... :(

I didn't get it... I agree with the shopkeeper, the controls are not very good x)

Then I discovered how to gain coins without doing anything, but nothing new happened. Just numbers going up. Without any clear change in the game and any clear goal in sight, I just stopped playing...

It might be me, I'm not a big fan of idle games, but I think your game could be better at explaining itself to the player.

Impressive entry! The shots could use more punch (with better sfx, gun animation, more vfx on the monsters, etc.), and it is sometimes hard to read as monsters and background elements have the same color, but it is still very enjoyable to play.

Maybe you could try to continue working on this one a bit, that could be a good exercise to see how those things are done, and you'll be better prepared next time you do a jam!

This is even more impressive then! :o

Thanks for the comment!

Other players have been saying things similar to what you said, I will be taking them into account for future modifications.

I assure you no sprites outside of those on the spritesheet were used, but I did cut them and scaled them in all sorts of ways, and then assembled them to make bigger things. You can download the source project and check, everything is on the sheet :]

I love stealth game and I think there is not enough of it. Thanks for making one!

I have some problems with your entry though:

  • when possessing a guard, the field of view becomes so limited it's close to unplayable in large levels
  • you need to get close to possess, but guards find you when you're close, which leads to weird situation where I didn't know if I was going to successfully possess or get caught
  • tight corridors in "stairs" shape are a pain to go through

After I click play, the console says "tilemap something" in a loop and the screen stays black. :(

I got lost right away, not seeing the green dot anywhere. And then, I found it, waited far too long to get the shipment, and blew it in approximately 30 seconds because the truck is impossible to drive for me x)

I see what you tried to do and I think it can lead to something good, but it needs more work to be enjoyable for me.

It's pretty simple but incredibly polished! Each shot was a real joy, and killing the spiders too! Amazing job.

This is extremely well made and polished, but the amount of information and stuff to do is overwhelming! It also kinda felt like I was doing random actions with no real consequences...

It was well polished and nice looking, even though I wasn't really engaged by the Cluedo mechanics. Good job!

Really cool idea, well executed. Nothing more to say here!

I gave you maximum ratings. I have nothing bad to say about this entry. This is incredible, amazing work.

The cooldown on the attack killed it for me. I went in thinking the idea was really cool, but I have to admit I don't really enjoyed the implementation. It made very fight tedious. I ended up killing the pears by blocking them against the right wall and hitting them repeatedly with the mace without bothering about avoiding their projectiles, I used the sword maybe once or twice then never again. The scythe has a really poor range making it impossible to hit something and not get hit. The spear was all right I think.

Also, a better keymapping could be arrows to move and WASD for the weapons, and E to use. Trying to remember which key was a pain.

I don't think you need to change many things to have something really enjoyable: remove the cooldown, remap the key, add more range to the weapons and change the enemies a bit. Then add some polish with basic animation and I'm sure you'll have something great in your hands!

I'm not a big fan of puzzle games so I didn't go far, but I can see this is a well made game, well thought out. Good job!

I'll be working on it, promise ;)

Here are some things that bothered me or I think could be improved:

  1. The movement is pretty slow. I got accustomed to it took me a while
  2. The sword just didn't work. I couldn't kill a single skeleton and ended up just running to the exit
  3. the text was very difficult to read in the browser version

I liked the idea overall, even if I couldn't use my sword it was fun zig-zagging around skeletons :D

The music stopped after around 17 seconds of play time...

The controls are really weird... If you ask me to shoot with the mouse, I would expect to be able to aim with the mouse. The controls as they are feel more like those of a tank than a spaceship. 

Here are some thoughts on how you can improve your game:

  1. The jump is a little bit floatty, which makes it both weird to control and easy to land wherever you want to go. Make it snappier by adding more gravity for example, and maybe reduce air control.
  2. Adding sounds and music helps a lot to make a game feels more finished. I guess you didn't have time, but if you want to continue working on this I think you should definitely start with that.
  3. I collected items but had no clue what they were supposed to do for me. I guess the sword was supposed to help me fight the big guy at the end, but I couldn't find how. A small line like the one you wrote as tutorial at the beginning would have helped.
  4. I died to that boss without any idea how it happened. I guess I took damage, but nothing on the screen told me that. There are simple ways to communicate this, like flashing the character red or playing a sound.

This is still very impressive for someone so young, I hope you'll continue on this path and make great games in the future!

This is a neat idea, but in my opinion you would need to change or add some stuff to make it really work:

  1. My biggest problem and what made me stop playing was that I had to restart all over again every time my tank got shot. There is no way to anticipate the timing you will need to avoid getting shot at some point, so you need to let the game run and see if you'll make it, but press pause too late and you won't be able to add the clock you need because your tank will already be on that spot. I think a better way to go might have been to not let the player pause and add stuff after pressing space, but also not removing everything they placed when restarting, so they can just tweak their solution.
  2. Obviously no sounds makes the game looks way more unpolished that it is.
  3. You could use the space on the right to add more explanations, it took me a while just fiddling around to understand what I was supposed to do. It's OK to discover stuff by trial and error, but the player should at least have a small idea of what they are supposed to do (I have to praise the use of the rails to guide the player though, that was a cool idea to put them on the right track - pun intended).

I like reading this because this is more or less the direction I envisioned for the project: I had in mind a third ability for characters that you need to hold a button for a while to execute (and so it requires good timing), new characters with different abilities, and enemies with different patterns and abilities that will require you to change you team. And as I explained in another comment, I was planning on "absolute" key mapping, but I don't know why I changed it at the last minute (I thought it would make more sense to people playing on a keyboard)... The tab key is nice though, I might steal this idea :D

Thanks again for your feedback, it fills me with determination to build on this idea!

I think the cross hair was visible enoug, my problem was more about visualizing the trajectory of the projectiles, and seeing them end their course. I didn't know if I needed to be spot on, or just to align my tank, my cross hair and my target so the bullet will go there. And it would help understand if you can shoot through other enemies or buildings or if you need a clear line of sight to hit your target.

I think I needed more connection between my tank and where I was shooting.

The idea and the presentation are both really really cool, but I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed by everything. Simple tooltips when you mouse-over the buildings telling you what they do would have been nice, and would be enough so you don't need a proper tutorial.

I'm sure you know that, but sound FX could add a lot, not just in terms of polish, but also to warn the player of new information coming in (aliens are attacking, one of your resource is depleted, that kind of stuff).

As a quality of life feature, snapping the buildings together so you don't have to manually find the closest spot possible to existing buildings when you place a new one could be really cool.

All of those are little things that could be improved, but they're not enough to bring your game down. It is an excellent idea well delivered, and it doesn't need much more to become truly great!

I used the jam to test the mechanic, and kinda got lost into animation so I didn't have enough time to add more content. I will expand on this now that I know it works and people seem to like it :D

Thanks for your nice comment!

Pretty neat idea, and pretty impressive thing you did with that spread of colors. I wish you had time to add sounds and music though :(

Aaah, ok, I didn't get that. That would have been cool! Maybe you can try to take the time to implement your vision now...

I like the main mechanic of launching you medallion, but I felt frustrated using it because I never could get the hang of it, and never could predict were it would land. I don't know if this is how you see the difficulty in your game, but if not maybe having a way to visualize at least part of the trajectory it's gonna have would help a lot. And then it was a bit more frustrating when I landed my medallion wrong because of that and had no way to get it back, except die and restart all over again. 

I really think this is a cool idea, and it doesn't need much more for it to be really enjoyable in my opinion.

II really enjoyed my time with your game, and it made me laugh, which is pretty impressive! The little intro gave it so much personality, and it kept it throughout the whole session.

I wish the "fights" had more lines though, because a good part of what makes a line funny is the surprise. Also, I felt like there was no real logic sometimes as to what you were supposed to answer. 

Good job, it really quality stuff that you made!