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Really clever mechanic! I couldn't go far though, mainly because of the camera that doesn't show much of what's ahead (I would see 3 tiles in front of me and 10 or 15 behind me.) I would recomand to add a target that's a bit ahead of the player in the direction they're facing, and aim the camera toward that.

It is still one of the most clever games I saw made for this jam, well done!

Cool game, fun to play!

Cute and relaxing, but with a bit of a challenge too. Very nice, good job!

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The concept is good and the presentation is even better, but you can't ask the player to go through the same super lengthy intro every time! I did it twice, and gave up when it restarted for the third time after the only thing I did was type "Commune", then "Tom P." then "n"... Btw, I was surprised just typing the number in front of the command didn't work, at first I thought it was because you wanted me to choose something else

I feel like the map should be displayed at all times. My main difficulty with the game was to remember everything all the time, which I'm not good at... The art is really good, I liked it a lot, and the overall game is impressive. Good job!

The music is really good, it fits perfectly with the mood given by the art. I find your game really hard to control, but I guess it's the point :D

It was a nice idea but the controls are a little clunky. Do you lose horizontal momentum when you jump? It makes it hard to go from planet to planet, and that 10 second timer is brutal, you have no time to lose!

Cool game, I love the idea. I don't know if the new dangers are completely random every 10s, but I ended up with something unplayable: spike balls everywhere.  Also, I could still play with no hearts, I guess you die if you get hit when you have no hearts left, but that quite unusual in platformers. Death usually comes as soon as you lose your last heart.

Again, very good idea, perfect for a jam. Good job!

The main idea is interesting but the 10 seconds duration made me end up waiting a lot, which is not ideal. But I think you can definitely do something with it, and it's super original. Good job!

It's a good take on the limitation. It lacks a bit of content but hey, it's a jam game. The ships controls well, my only grievance goes to the enemies which sometimes start shooting you from outside the screen, but are also vulnerable when outside spawn around the center, which means that if you stay centered and shoot continuously you might kill a bunch of enemies that you never saw. Good job though, it was fun!

Very beautiful game, with gameplay that seems simple but has a bit more depth than what is visible at first glance. My only problem is the "tutorial", which is just a wall of text with the information drowned by lore. I started reading, got frustrated by not finding what I was looking for, and left after the second paragraph. I tried something similar in my entry to be honest, but I did two things to make it more palatable in my opinion: I kept it relatively short, and I highlighted the important point that were related to gameplay so players who don't want to read can still grab the essential information (it's not perfect by any means though.)

Anyway, I know I rambled more about a tiny negative point than the good things, but I do think you did a fantastic job!

I don't really like clickers, so I won't comment on the gameplay. The art is nice and it goes well with the music to create a relaxing atmosphere, which kinda clash with the frantic sounds of mouse clicks that you must do to do something in this game x)

Also, I think maybe you could have found a way to better implement the limitation, but it's ok.

It's definitely the most original entry here... I couldn't finish because on second 8 I think one cog went to the wrong spot, I couldn't remove it, so I clicked the "retry" button and it started all over... I had a good laugh though, thanks!

I don't need anybody else to love me as long as John Science loves me.

Top notch art, amazing from the first screen to the last. I liked the gameplay idea, a tad less the way it was implemented (the character is too slow and it's hard to see where you shoot) but overall it was still a good experience. Good job!

I think you got an idea here, but it needs a tad more time to develop. The simple concept of placing cards on a timeline is amazing though, maybe work on it without the 10s limitation.

This utter chaos from the start x)

I came out of the tutorial more confused than anything, and it took me a while to figure out things once I got into the game proper. I liked the graphics though, and nice voiceover.

I don't know how you managed to cram all this into such a short amount of time...

It's OK, no worries

The  idea sounds fine on paper but I don't think it works that well with the ten seconds limitation. To me, 10 seconds without being able to shoot felt like an eternity, and once time is frozen the restriction on the laser is very frustrating, I whish I would not have to wait that long between two shots. The second wave of enemies is also very brutal, and some of them are unforgiving. I never got pass the second wave. Those jellyfish are not joking around...

For this idea to really work, in my opinion, the phases should be more connected. Something like the more thing you dodge while time is flowing, the more time you'll have when enemies are frozen. 

Even though it didn't click for me, I can still see the great amount of work you put into it, and I do think the idea is good, it just needs some tweaking to work.

I think I'm way past the age to be called "kid" but you made me laugh

No, it's in my download folder where every other games I downloaded is, so I don't that's the problem 🤔

I'm on Windows 11. As for reproducing it, I just downloaded the zip file, unzipped it in a new folder and tried to launch the exe. It pops a console that disappear instantly, so I can't read what it says.

It's pretty cool how you managed to make me stress with just walking! I managed to leave the moon, so I'm happy :D

What's weird is that the first bottle of oxygen is the hardest to grab, then it becomes gradually more and more easy as time passed, to the point where I optimized time by grabbing all my bottles at the last second. The golden pad and the rocket arriving where good elements that added some stress back and made the end of the game tense, which is good. Maybe you should make sure that not too many bottles are in the world at the same time, all the while making sure one is always in reach.

Good job!

Really impressive entry, your game looks so good! And it was fun too, I enjoyed my time with and finished all the levels. I don't have anything bad to say so I'll end it here.

It's a nice fun game, one of the few I played until the end. It's difficult enough to want me to beat it, but not so hard that I want to quit. The level design is good.

I really like the monsters, they look creepy in a good way! The gameplay is a bit classic but well executed, even if the random generation feels a bit unfair at times. Good job!

I'm sorry, I downloaded your game but I can't run it. I tried to download Python but it didn't help :(

Nice game, classic mechanic but well executed. I thought the time limit wasn't adding much but it really made me change the way I played in later levels. Good job!

I like the concept, I think it fits perfectly in a jam, and the realization is on par. I got confused by the upgrades at first, I thought the green numbers were costs, and so I waited a long time to get my second point, bought the wind resistance and realized my mistake x)

It might need some fine tuning with the challenges. With turbulence at the start it feels a bit random which way your rocket is going, so aiming for distance challenges was basically just waiting for a good launch, which means I waited a long time between my first and second upgrade, then a long time again after that to get the third, and from then on I breathed through all the other challenges and got to the moon super fast.  Which is the opposite of what you usually want in a game, easy progress at first and then it gets harder and harder. Maybe I was just unlucky though.

The music... well, I know that from somewhere, I'm not sure that's OK x) Other than that, it's really short, so it loops quite often during one game, and as it is pretty much the only sound it's hard to ignore.

Anyway, it was still fun and very polished, well done!

The base idea is cool, but I feel like the levels don't make use of this limitation enough, The puzzles I played at least didn't, the difficulty was more about finding the solution to the puzzle or execution (like that first level with the huge leap, which I would reduce btw, I don't think the first jump of a game should ask the players to execute it perfectly). But to do that you would need to build bigger levels I think.

I couldn't finish the game because of the falling box in level 3 or 4. It got stuck at an angle and never reached the button below it, blocking the way for my character. You can fix its rotation so it doesn't happen.

Really good game, I played all the way through and enjoyed it. I don't have much critics, so I'm going to be super neat picky: it feels weird that your bullets don't come from in front of you but from your side (I mean, from the gun really). It is coherent but it makes it hard to shoot enemies coming straight at you when they're really close. The other thing is reloading: at the moment I need to take my finger away from the movement keys to press R, which means I won't be able to move to the right when I hit reload, which is not ideal when I only have 10 seconds per level. Space would work better I think.

Again, this was neat picking on my part, this game is great and I really enjoyed it, good job!

I didn't catch any fish :(

The game looks nice, but I found it terribly hard to keep up with the fish. More explanations would be great too, either directly in the game or on the itch page, I never saw any explanation of the controls (or did I miss it?)

Cool game, but a bit too difficult right from the get go. The player character is really cute!

Super pretty game! The concept is original and fun too! I think it needs a bit more randomness on the ball at the beginning of a round, because if you just go straight for it it might get blocked between you and the AI and it will stay on a stalemate forever. Really good job though!

I was laughing before I launched the game... And then I saw the polish, and I though "so much work to make this little joke of a game, impressive!" John Science got me. I love the details, like the moon flying from its position in the menu to its place in the sky when the game starts and the bottles when the rocket appears on screen. If I had one negative thing to say, it's that it is way too hard for me, and just because I feel like I maybe missed a joke at the end. I would love to see a full playthrough on YouTube :D

First, thanks for your comment!
I'm surprised how many people said I should have put strict boundaries to the level. For me it was really intentional to keep it this way. The reason is, if you get cornered against the border of the screen, you can still take some kind of "leap of faith" and dodge missiles by going out of bounds. It's risky because you can see your mech or some of the rockets, but if you do it right it can save you. I like it because it goes along that feeling of being in space. And it's not really a problem that you can go pretty much as much as you want out of bounds because a round only last ten seconds, so you can't do that infinitely, and the rockets will continue to follow you, so even if you don't see your mech you can know where it is by looking at where the rockets are going.

I think the problem at the moment, maybe, is that it feels unintentional. I was planning on adding gameplay around it (being out for too long would reduce fuel over time), and some feedbacks (an arrow showing the direction of you mech. I dont think the arrow is necessary, but the fuel thing would help player understand that it is intentional, I thought about that.

Or maybe people tell me about this because they really don't like it x)

Anyway, I went on too long. Thanks for playing, thanks for taking the time to comment, I'm going to go try your game right now!

It's a good revisiting of a classic gameplay. I surprised myself by playing way more that I would have played the classic Pong. The juiciness is really good, I do like the camera movements. The bonuses are interesting and really add to the gameplay. One thing that could be a bit better though is when one player just has scored and the ball is put back at the center. I would keep it immobile for 1 or 2 seconds before starting the round. I lost a couple of point because of this. Good job!

It's fairly simple game to play but it is oddly pleasant to see you little truck follow your instructions. I ended up playing the whole game and having a nice time. My only grievance is with the limitation: I never felt like the 10 seconds limit was a problem.