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It looks amazing!

Very nice game! I love the music!

Very nice game. Good Job!

Really awesome concept! I love the art! (please consider rating my game)

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Great concept! I LOVE the art and the game is amazing!

This game is really good! I would suggest adding a menu with a tutorial too

Thank you very much!

Thank you! :D

Very nice game! I forgot the controls quickly though. Probably just me :/


LOVE the game! I can't believe you made it in one weekend! (Please consider checking out my game :D)

I like the game, I hope there would be better movement, but overall nice game! (Please consider checking out my game :D )

Nice game! I love the art! (Please consider rating my game :D)

Very nice game! I love the drinking sound and the visual effect! (Please consider rating my game :D)

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Very nice graphics and sounds! I seriously can not believe you made this in only one weekend!

Nice game man! Love the killing yourself mechanic! The shurikan audio kinda hurts my ears tho. Overall good game!!!

Nice game, LOVE the leaderboard. (plz rate my game :) )

WOOOOOWIEEEEEEEEEE (pls rate my game)

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Very nice game! I personally would not throw dogs. (Please check out my game too :) )

Nice audio! I think you could have added some of unity's particle system to make it better (If you could check out my game that would be awesome).

Very fun and entertaining

Cool game! Except the money text was very small.

Nice game, but I didn't really understand what to do except shoot the enemies.

That's pog

Nice game PyGame guy! :D

Love this game

Very nice movement!
I enjoyed playing the game.

Well it's spam

thanks <3

Thanks, and to your question, I don't really know haha

I liked the attack animations!
Really enjoyed the game!

I really enjoyed the game.
Nice way of using the sprites!
I think the tank should be a little bit faster, but that's just my opinion.

Overall, this is a really good game!

I liked the way you made it a 3D game, that is a pretty nice touch!
I really enjoyed the gameplay overall, but personally I thought the sensitivity was too high.

Thank you very much!

I made the game with my friend, and he really helped me with the UI and the movement.
I don't know how experienced he is, but I've been learning programming for almost 5 years (although I started programming in unity 6 months ago).

We wanted to add that, but we also wanted to have a little twist in the game, so it won't be like any other space shooter.

Nice game

Can I add more platforms after I submitted the game?