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Are the servers still online

A really unique and polished game but I do wish the circle in the middle was smaller, I kept having to glance between my two paddles, the game would work better on a phone  

Chess Club!

I though of the last level more as an ending cutscene so I would consider the maze level the last one, thanks for the feedback


Thanks, there are alot of great chess games in this jam

Thanks for playing

Thanks for rating the game

I rerated it

A really cool game, my only feedback is that I would like the move counter to go down as I moved.

The hook is a cool mechanic but the game is way too hard.

A very cool and stylized game , however the gameplay  is very repetitive and gets boring. 

This is a really cool platformer, the leaderboard is impressive for 14 hours, however the 3d menu letters feel really cheap.

It is crazy to make an entire RTS in 48 hours, Great Job!

A cool take on a space shooter.

The visuals are great and the game play is interesting. 

This game looks incredible, but the game play isn't particularly fun. Still a very cool entry. 

A cool Mario Party Esc game, It would be fun if you added multiplayer and the screen is to shaky when the characters move. 

I kept getting put in the first room, but the concept is really cool!

This almost feels like a full game, it has a really cool concept a great execution.  With a few bug fixes and a bit more content you could probably sell this. 

I couldn't look at the screen with all the shifting when the player moved. 

A really  polished game, but I found it was easier to run through the levels than shoot and the boss was impossible for me to eat.

I got stuck on the menu and couldn't play

This is an awesome very polished game, that looks better than mine.  Great job!

Thanks for trying it again once I got it to work, I wish I knew why you had that bug, but honesty the code isn't very well written so it makes since there are some glitches. Anyway thanks for coming back to the game.  

Thanks for playing the game and leaving feedback. I will remember that for future games, I made the sound effects myself just using a chessboard I had.

I fixed it

I fixed it

A fun game but really needs a highscore system to hook players.

This is an awesome proof of concept, as a game it is very bare-bones and unpolished but the concept still makes it fun. I would love to see what this turns into. 

This was a cool and really fun game, I played more rounds that I should of.

Thanks for playing the game and for the feedback, I agree that its hard to tell what is a wall especially on the final level but I feel like the game would be too easy without it. I know that's bad game design  but I ran out of time because I spent the first 8 hours on a movement system I had to scrap. Anyway, thanks for playing.

I fixed it

I fixed it I hope i'm not disqualified.

I accidentally  exported my game as an .exe instead of a .zip so no-one can play it.

A cool game that really reminds me of Death Road to Canada. I do wish that the levels where easier and the game played like a rouge-like.

This game has such cool visuals, such good game play, such good story and so many cool details. This is an incredible game for the jam

This game is super polished for a game jam and is great for the time. However I wished there was more strategy than playing every card in your hand each turn in whatever order you feel like.

This is an awesome game, very polished and the speed change adds so much depth. Plus the A.I. of the enemies is cool the movement feels great,  and the  U.I. is very stylistic.  Great job!

An awesome polished game that I cant believe was made in a week! I just wish there was some sort of high score system.