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Holy shit great stuff!

Really cool idea! Like the idea of being a third party trying to stop two people destroying eachother! Levels presented a good challenge! However my fingers started to hurt from the ammount of key tapping after repeated deaths haha Great game :)

An awesome twist on the classic Pong! Would have been even better with audio, but this stuff happens with gamejams ^_^ good job man!

Won with 4 seconds left ^_^ quite enjoyed it in the end! However it did take me like 5 restarts to understand why i couldnt build anything more ! (lack of Shovels)
Nice work :)

The collisions in this game are quite bad and ruin bits of the game, and it seems incredibly hard to kill enemies with the sword! I think i was near the end, as the text mentiond he could hear the grave robber, but after i got past it, the whole game just reset :( However it has potential. Dont be dishartened, with a few fixes and improvements this could be a very enjoyable game :)

Very cool idea! Enjoyed the concept, however i found it quite challenging dealing with platforming whilst keeping the humans alive :P Good game :)

Pretty creative idea! Quite a hard game though :P

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Awesome game! Wasnt expecting to see something like this for a game jam! Really great effort!
Only things that could improve it are some move animations and sounds, and perhaps some additional unit variations like archers or horse riders. Apart from that this is a very solid game!

I quite liked the style of it and the game play was enjoyable. Think it could be improved by not having the spinning camera constantly that inverted your controls, and by limiting the ammount of jumps you can do, just found myself spamming jump to fly around :P

A quite unique concept ! Quite satisfying using the weapons ! Pretty good for something thats unfinished! Small suggestion would be cleaning the sounds up abit, as it seemed they repeated alot when enemies are killed! :)

quirky and cool game :) 

Only improvements I could suggest is making it a bit easier to use the bow, and some music!

The perspective was really interesting! I love that its a diagonal view, I've never seen that before. I also loved the sword swinging animation on the enemies, really satisfying!

Would've loved to play more! But the camera movement was giving me a headache. Maybe a fixed camera would've  better :)

Really awesome concept! Loved the glow from the cubes :D
Got stuck on like the 3rd level haha maybe i just suck im not sure :P
Overall good game !

Was quite hard to actually kill things, the recharge for the attack was bit to slow :( But was an ok game :) Bit of animation could really up the polish!

Interesting concept! 

The movement was a bit fast for me though, I was over the other side of the screen before I even knew where I was!

With a bit of polish this could be really cool :)

Cool idea! Its kinda hard to figure out what you have to do, it took me a little while to figure out I needed the bat to kill the other guy on the first level! 

Otherwise, its a sweet game with potential.

Really good idea! The jumping was legit challenging. I made it to the boss, but wasn't really sure what to do? XD Just kinda kept jumping over him and running off the screen.

I think this is a really good start, and its really cool that you want to get into video game programming from a young age! 

Some background music and simple jumping noises could have really uppeed the polish for this game! But dont be disheartened! Brackeys has a great tutorial on adding noises which you should have a go at next time :) Also i use a great website for (mostly) royalty free sounds which is a great resource!

Brackeys Tutorial :
Sound/Music Resources:

Keep it up!

Really cool idea! :)  My wife managed to beat me though :'( 
One small thing is maybe you could add a way to cancel moving a unit, as there were times i wanted to cancel a movement to do something else first, but then just lost that chance :(
Overall great game :D

just used the hold down a lot and when they became to much I spam small shots 😅

Absolutely insane game, very addictive <3 would play again! Was determined to beat it and was so glad when i did! Absolute madness mergeing a dance game with... i dont know what call it! But this is amazing. Great job!

Really enjoyable game ! Played it twice ! Only small issue was i couldnt see or find the body on the first playthrough so I didnt quite understand it :D Even so, this is a  fun quick and quirky game that id play again :D

Got to the second level, is very hard to understand how to affect the gravity? I thought maybe i could swing whilst hooked but it didnt seem so! BUT it was a great concept, i just think the implementation of it can be improved! keep working on it :D

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Delightful game! Very polished and felt lovely to play! However a flaw is the cursor being off and it was a bit frustrating at times! BUT dont let that get you done, it was a great game :) 

Slight brag but got a 202 score :P people reply to me with there scores, maybe we can get a highscore table going :P

Very well polished, good movement controll and asset usage! Enjoyed the concept of having different types of boxes ! A little on the shortside though, but good tech demo if anything! :P

Really digged the wholesomeness of this game! Fun gameplay and interesting mechanic of having to grow your ammo :P One tiny complaint is not being able to fire whilst standing still! it didnt feel natural and made me die couple times :'( Overall great game and i loved the ship flying at the end :)

I suggest just uploading a zip file :( didn't want to download winrar just to play this sorry :(

Enjoyable game! the core mechanics of the game were good :) only suggestion is the music got abit reptitive after a while, but thats understandable for a gamejam :P

Was indeed challenging ! But fun!
Very creative mechanic but needing to kill the enemies was very hard! maybe lowering the amount so only half are needed or perhaps not reseting them on a death could make this easier!
But it was still an enjoyable game despite the challenge ! :P (maybe i just suck haha)

Was very enjoyable squashing people! did that more than shooting i think :P

windows 10

Not sure youve uploaded this correctly :(

Beautiful game, amazin music, challenging but great gameplay, and brilliant use of the art pack! Awesome!

Very well polished! Good production value :) Defo a rage machine!

Hey tried to play but it was just stuck on the Godot launching splash screen :( but the music was nice ! Would really like to play as it looks interesting! :)

Nice peaceful trucking game!  Followed you on twitter during the development of this, nice to play then end product! :)

Really enjoyed it! Good stuff!

Really inventive!

Good stuff! Is the level where theres two walls of ducks coming either side of you and the hats above you even possible? tried it like 30 times and then quit there haha

Have to agree with Plasmalot, i sorted some frickin fruit.