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Thank you so much <3

Maybe add a leaderboard, to find out who is the best ;)

Thank you <3

Thank you! I agree with everything you said 😊

This is really cool. Taking over enemy bodies to use them against themselves, and taking advantage of their abilities to progress. Also love how tiny the download is.

Very atmospheric. Nice little story. I hope he finds his purpose.

Polished game. Nice music and animation.

Abstract and dreamlike. Well presented. I didn't realise the game was over and kept playing for a while before I realised I was out :D

Cool game. Reminiscent of games like 5th Gear or Miami Vice on the C64. Plus boats! I like it.

This is such a cool idea, and great to see more cheese in there :) The music is so catchy and compliments the gameplay.

Thank you so much <3

This is good fun!