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Richard Woods

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The movement is pretty simple but ends up looking pretty neat,
every 1-30 frames it picks a random direction and moves that way, repeat

Thanks! And yeah, I definitely goofed and forgot the restart button haha

Thanks! Glad you had fun!

Sorry to hear that, what is the error you're encountering?

Neat game! Simple to understand, hard to master! My only critic would be the color scheme can be a little hard to see at times. White on off white.

Outstanding level of polish for a gamejam game! I love poker, especially texas holdem. Being able to cheat really changes the dynamics though!

Very impressive! Creepy ending too. I was intrigued right to the end, maybe making the scan line animation a little faster would help.

Neat core loop, would be nice to have some abilities and stuff added onto this in the future.

Neat concept, with some more polish on the rougher edges this could be a pretty solid picman like game. For example, my units should automatically attack nearby enemies and maybe have some HP on the player character

Very cool game! Love movement shooters. Maybe a double jump in the air would be a cool addition. Great job

Fun and interesting. Like how time stops when you're not moving. However, a lot of maps you can just fling yourself to the end and solve the puzzle, maybe some mechanic to cap the speed you can travel.

I'm glad you liked it! Definitely need to nerf the corner camp strategy haha. I also just totally forgot the Restart button on the end screen Oops..


Nice! Glad you liked it. I definitely wanted to add more enemies bu time constraints

Yeah, I had planned to have the weapons be unlocked through mini bosses, but gamejam time constraints ):
Lot of people having UI issues, I will definitely need to look into it post rating

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Definitely inspired by arcade games. Fully agree that there's no incentive to switch guns except to see how they work hahah

Not bad for a start! All the things I could say have already been said so I won't reiterate. Hope to see you in another jam in the future!

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Probably my favourite game I've played so far! Very fun and heavily nostalgic of classic build engine games. Well done! My only critic would be that strafing and attacking felt a little wonky.

Very intriguing idea, I got stuck on one of the transformations but then noticed that it breaks the walls, if you expanded on this idea more it'd definitely be a very interesting puzzle game idea or something similar.

Very neat towerdefense like game. I was doing pretty well then out of nowhere hundreds of enemies spawned not sure if a bug or intentional.. But definitely a HUGE difficulty spike haha

Very large game for only 48 hours! Well done. I feel like some of the crops died too fast though. I would plant them then run a quick errand to the town and come back to all dead ):

The dithering effect was great. Would be nice to have some more color. And some more game :P

Ah, fun game! Reminds me of when I was working in fast food and running around trying to get all the orders correct! Fun fun.

For sure. I always end up just running around with the Sniper until i die.

I enjoyed this quite a bit, albeit the window was VERY small on my 1080p monitor. Some sound effects would be nice as well.

So many levels! I kept thinking "Wow, this must be the last level" and then another one was after it. A lot of them I felt like I was cheating the intended solution though. Maybe some extra blocks to stop a lot of these cheesy solutions would be good

Very charming little game. Love the audio work and the getting caught mechanics are neat. I think I prefer high/low to the dice roll though. Could also maybe add a very small detection time to the enemies so u can get away with barely being seen. Might be worth checking out Mark Brown's School of Stealth series.

Rated your game a few hours ago already, here's mine!

Very solid game! Music and sfx are nice and calming. Good stuff

Very nice game! Simple but effective. Maybe adding some immunity time when you get hit so that you can't get hit multiple times in quick succession

Fun game, there seems to be an audio bug which makes the sound only come from the left ear for my headset. Also the spawners were spawning like crazy in some areas. Other than that, pretty fun! Keep up the good work

Very nice game! Reminded me of games like Twisted Metal. Lots of fun! Sound effects and music would make this a very great game.

Ahh, I see. Maybe in the future a "hard" mode with that 160bpm mode ;P

Glad you liked it! I definitely had a lot of fun with all the guns. I wanted them all to feel good to use, even the pistol.

Very nice faller game! Some sound effects would definitely make this a very solid game. Good work!

Neat game! Animations were very nice, only wish I could speed up the dialogue a bit.

Neat concept! Some more sound effects and music would really make this a fun puzzler game. Random generation is also very nice touch. Good job!

Nice rhythm game! Fun and concise gameplay. I think there's a bug that allows you to hit enemies even when you're stunned from missing the beat.

Neat concept, kind of like an AFK clicker game with a lot less clicking. The difficulty felt a little unfair in the beginning though.