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Destroyer WormView game page

bullet hell game with a time freeze mechanic
Submitted by Kostya Saintly — 1 day, 17 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Creative use of art assets#1393.5533.553
Overall polish#2513.1583.158

Ranked from 38 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Interesting snake like game. Is the worm getting bigger? If not i would sugest this. The gamee could be based in getting the worm bigger and the bullets instead of insta killing just decreasing the worm size.


Nice game feel.


Fun idea but I found the difficulty to be all over the place. It also didn't feel like destroying things made any difference. So it was easiest to just rush through and don't care about destruction.


Unique game, the movement was weird but it worked for what the game is! I found it was easiest to run through the levels as fast as possible before the projectiles started shooting, the hardest level for me was this one about 4  before the end because there were just way too many projectiles unless you got through really fast.

Really nice! Difficult, in a puzzly way I want to solve. 


Interesting game, but at the beginning I didn't realise time stops when you don't move. It has quite a few levels with increasing difficulty. The environment destorying was also really fun, I liked it overall.


Well. I didn't like the game, but it is very well made. So well done I guess? I like how time freezes if you do not touch the mouse, and I like destroying things. I like how you made the mouth of the worm from the UFO sprite. I like the music and I like the overall level aesthetics.
However. The entire "bullet hell" part of the game is something I didn't enjoy a single bit.
You die in one hit and you can't even fight back? Cmon man, make it least so I can eat those perky towers. Also - why this worm can't swim? That makes no sense.
So yeah, I just speed-run the game ignoring all the tasty things I could have eaten :(


You should probably introduce the timestop mechanic somehow. I(and I see other people as well) just speedrunned most levels. I would move the worm frantically fast before the towers start shooting. There's also no incentive to destroy the environment.

But anyway, this is a very creative mechanic and game. It feels polished, and there's plenty of levels. Great job!


Very unique and impressive!


Really cool game! With a little more polish, I think this could be worth developing even further. It was a unique use of some interesting “worm physics”. Great jam!


I think there's more to be done with the time stop mechanic, the game probably needs to find more of an identity between "Oh god oh god" frantic and "hmm, where should I go now" tactical. Maybe could have used a bit more polish, such as animating the nodes as they travel, but overall, surprisingly wormy!


Cool game, really fun to try and fly through the levels!
The time stop mechanic didn't feel particularly useful or worked into the gameplay, I realized I hadn't really used it when I stopped moving on one level and I legitimately thought the game froze because I had forgotten about the mechanic completely.

But even without using that feature, I had a lot of fun in the game! Great work!


Fun and interesting. Like how time stops when you're not moving. However, a lot of maps you can just fling yourself to the end and solve the puzzle, maybe some mechanic to cap the speed you can travel.

I really enjoyed this. Good job.


Very cool puzzle game with great usage of the art kit :-)


Good amount of content and cool looking worm


It was a pretty fun snake  worm game and the levels were a lot of fun,  some way to prevent the player from flying through the level before anything starts shooting would be good for difficulty, but other than that this was a really cool and quite original idea, well done!


Uniq game!

I love these experiments!

Good job!


Great idea. I like new things and that one is really a good one. I had fun playing it. Good game! :)


"I have ridden the mighty moon worm!" - Al Gore     I enjoyed controlling the worm, and some of the projectile heavy levels were quite challenging!  Good work :)

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