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I did a 3D scene in Godot, and then just scaled down the viewport resolution that it naturally pixelated everything. Thanks for playing, I’m glad you liked it!

I appreciate it!

I was hoping for that, good to hear!

Awesome! I hope it was fun to play!

Thank you for playing!

Awesome! You’re the best!

Awesome to hear, and I totally agree with the suggestions. I’m playing with a concept now about a projectile that the player can throw and then teleport to it’s position as well.

I loved the actual gameboy recreation aspect, great job!

Thank you for playing!

I appreciate it! I am looking forward to adding sounds in a larger version

Thank you!!

Oh man, I actually love the throwing animation. Good art, and looking forward to a longer version!

Awesome, thank you!

Awesome to hear, looking forward to building on this. Thanks for the encouragement!

Oh man, a turn-based strategy game, awesome! I like the art, and the dialogue was well-thought out. It needs a little more polish around communicating the restraints of combat and whatnot to the player (like out of move range indicator), but those are related to polish which is inevitably a little less during a game jam, so no big deal. Great job in the time allotted, and I”m looking forward to seeing what you make in the future!

I love missile command! This is a great take and I think it works well. With a little more polish around difficulty and “ammo”, I think this game will be awesome! Good jam!

Wow, this game is beautiful!

Love it! Nice rhythm, the hitboxes were better than I expected, and I thought the art was great, good jam!

Awesome, thank you!

Thank you for saying that, I’ve been putting down notes today about the potentials of this vibe with a larger format.

Pretty cool start, I like the tilting ship animation, looks pretty nice. With a little more time and polish, I think you could keep working on this idea :)

Super fun, this is the winner in my opinion after all my reviews so far.

Awesome, that’s exactly what I was going for, thank you for playing!

Pretty interesting! Would love to see more and I really liked the colors!

Absolutely loved this one! It’s challenging but I want more! I loved the graphics, controls, and audio! I will say that the other racer will never be beaten by me, I was brutalized by the long track and the wall bouncing penalty. With more tracks and maybe more difficulty options, I would play the heck out of this! Overall, this is the highest I’ve rated a game so far in the jam, this was awesome!

I’m so glad to hear that! I will make a longer more polished version for even more speedrunning potential

Interesting, I see what you mean though. I will play around more with color combinations in the future, but I agree that would have been a nice contrast. Thank you for playing!

Thank you, I was really going for a small speedrunning test that I would love to develop further. I appreciate you playing!

It’s a stretch for sure, I really appreciate you playing!

Awesome, you’re the best!

I decided too late in the jam to finish this up to add audio which I hate because audio is usually the part I enjoy the most and definitely would have added a lot to the game. Looking forward to making a larger (and higher resolution) version with plenty of crisp audio feedback :) Thanks for playing!

Haha I’m glad you liked it!

It’s definitely pushing the limits on “Gameboy” but I’m glad you enjoyed it, thanks for playing!

Super glad you thought it was funny, I hope to develop the teleporting even more

Awesome, thank you!

I appreciate you playing!

I really liked this, you did a pretty good job introducing each new mechanic, the two faces that hid (or extended?) platforms was still a little confusing to me, but I felt a nice flow to the game all the way up to the final cutscene. I enjoyed the story throughout and was genuinely interested in finishing to find out what happened. Good jam!

I think this is a great start! I found the void mentioned by others and thought I had to shoot the enemies so many times but it seemed like they kept getting shot until I stopped and then they died. Overall I really liked the music and the enemy design, it’s awesome that you go this much done as fast as you did! Looking forward to seeing what you make in the future.

Congrats on using Godot! what a great engine, and I would be excited to see a project like this develop! I know there’s not much here yet, but that’s how all cool things start, right? I look forward to seeing what you make in the future.

The humor was nice, the graphics were great, and it definitely felt Gameboy-esque, good jam!