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Legally distinct F-Hero Game Boy Game
Submitted by andyherbert — 2 days, 9 hours before the deadline
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i love that parallax industrial background! really great music too. had some very strange physics encounters with walls, but also had a great time :) thanks!


Very impressive! You sold the way the Gameboy handled 3D better than any other game I've seen yet. Just a touch too challenging though and needs some more indication of how much longer there is to go.


Super fun. Professor Xero is a much better driver than me. The poor world stood no chance with me driving. I also got stuck at some point in the game. I really liked the graphics and storyline. I felt like I was flying.  


I love the concept itself ! But once I hit a wall, I can't get ack on road without bouncing 3 or 4th time on the other wall ;_; But it was fun and the idea of a F Zero on game boy is so great that I can't really feel bad


Im gonna have to agree with Kadin's comment. Theres a lot of potential here, and i love the recreation of mode 7 graphics, but theres are some issues with conveying whats going on in the race. luckily, thats very fixable and not an issue with the quality of the actual game, and i hope to see it improved in the future! Good job!


I simply love the aesthetic! A great use of sprites and background. I really want to see more of this.


This game has a lot going for it and definitely a solid concept. however I wish there was some type of lap recording as you were going around laps so you know if you are improving your time or not. 

It would be nice if you had a popup saying how many laps where left or even when a lap was finished. It was a bit difficult to tell when laps where being completed. 

There's also no real sense of how far ahead or behind you are compared to the other player. So maybe having a bar showing your ahead or they are ahead would have been nice.


This is great. Great style. Great music. Great fun.


Absolutely loved this one! It’s challenging but I want more! I loved the graphics, controls, and audio! I will say that the other racer will never be beaten by me, I was brutalized by the long track and the wall bouncing penalty. With more tracks and maybe more difficulty options, I would play the heck out of this! Overall, this is the highest I’ve rated a game so far in the jam, this was awesome!


Amazing! I'd love to see more from this! More racers, more tracks, loved it!


Cool F-*ero style game! The music was perfectly suited to the genre, well done!

I think it could have benefited from a couple of shorter tracks instead of a long one, I lost my opponent near the start and never saw them again haha.

Nice work with the GB/SNES style 3D here too, could easily see this as a real game. Well done :)

Catchy tunes! Amazing visuals!!


Mode7 on a Gameboy screen looks pretty nice with such contrast. 

If you add more tracks and fix the bumpy wall and this will be a great game. Good job!


Pretty impressive technicals and nice audio + visuals.

Did find the amount of bouncing back from hitting the walls pretty over-the-top and ended up in bouncing loops several times!

The steering was really fast for the kind of fine-tuning I was hoping for to avoid bouncing all over the place, I don't think I can beat the other racer :(


nice GB 3D!

Theres a thai musician that i really like, thats called f.Hero, you should see if he wants to sponsor your next game! lol


I had a lot of fun playing your game ! Very impressive.


I dig it!


Wall collisions are a lil wonky, but this is super impressive overall! :)

Submitted (1 edit)

engine/coding: 12/10

graphics 10/10

music 10/10

frustration when bouncing off walls 12/10 :-)

this is such an excellent game