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Thanks so much for playing! It's definitely a brain-bender, admittedly! 

Yo really fun and great concept! took me a bit to figure out how to merge on the second half of the puzzles but overall great!


Super fun puzzler! loved the simplicity and use of moving tiles!


not a bad little game! took a bit to figure out how to find where to go but then I just looked at the!

Wish there was an inverted up down but that's just me :)

Nice chill little game! fun to ride the bus. Got a bit confused about controls and how to leave the tablet menu. if you push escape it closes the entire game in view. 

chill though :)

Nice music! I wish I was able to move the camera some how. It feels like I'm just tapping it in one direction to hopefully get to the hole. or a quick way to restart

not bad!

Potential Error for some users when extracting, If you get missing skybanks on launch, Add a folder called skybanks to your files folder in the directory you extracted from. In that folder, add another folder called clear.

The game should launch just fine after.

Some users are reporting the issue is non-existence, while some are reporting its there.

Thanks all for the replies everyone! i got plenty of DMs and more than expected! iv found and selected a candidate for now but will keep any names here for future projects in mind! 

Hey there all! Looking for a story artist/teller to help me finish up a small project I'm working on! I'm looking for someone to help me write a story about a frogs journey "creative ideas go here" 

There are roughly 72 sections of triggerable dialog that need to have the story filled out in roughly 3000 words.  Looking for a stanlys parable-style story/ narrative monolog? 

Discord kadin_shino#4444

Thanks so much! and thanks for taking the time to play everyone's games and post your experience about it! this gets visibility for everyone's work. Really love this keep it up!

Super fun arcade shooter! I love the accuracy and stats at the end, the only issue is I can't prevent myself from skipping that page haha! I keep spamming space and move on before I get to see it.  i know this is probably so the player can jump right back in, maybe make the player push C to continue or something like that.

great soundtrack and fun overall! 

I spent way too long playing this...I almost got to every location but couldn't figure out how to heal myself...haha. loved the chill vibe to it. is there an inventory you can access? great job with the limitation uses

super super fun! So glad someone made an arcade battler like this. AI is really well done and felt pretty good to play vs! Great use of constraints and scale!

It's like COD Zombie mode but with pixels! love the gameplay and simplicity.  watching the blobs explode was oddly satisfying 

This is pushing pico8 to the limits I imagine. I haven't seen too many tops down "3D" sprite stacked stuff I assume. love the aesthetics color and overall design. Great job!

Super fun little exploring game. Reminds me of Carmen Sandiego. Great work on the artwork. loved the vibe of the game!

I died so many times hahaha. would have been fun to have maybe a death counter at the end telling the person how many times they die trying to find all the treasure. then you could replay and try to avoid the traps better for a higher score. Overall pretty fun little explorer game!

Super fun breakout game! took me a bit to figure out how to take advantage of the different items but once I got the hang of it was super fun! very good execution in color, style, and music! 

I love DDR! this is a pretty cool retro take on it! my only big complaint is it was a bit difficult to tell when to hit the beat right. it seems sometimes the arrows didn't sync up properly or you would have to hit it right above or early before your UI arrow. Not a big issue but took a bit of practice to figure out the timing. 

Rythem games are pretty hard to accomplish so great job in the use of rhythm music and your limitations!

Fantastic use of teleportation and puzzling and overall just very well executed! Took me a bit to figure out what I was supposed to do at the boss but figured it out pretty quickly.  Great use of limitations!

Great little Contra-style game! loved the music that goes with it. I wish there was a duck option but i guess everything was nicely spaced out to platform between enemies. Great job!

nice fun little tempo game! I can't get past arrow 3... it's like you have to predict the future...haha great fun!

thanks so much for the feedback!

actualy debating it :)

Nice work! love the dialogue in the background! 

Super fun and simple! love the artwork and simple design of everything! feels complete and fun!

Super fun! so hard to get through some of those jumps but I finally made it! I love the art style. 

i frogged it! Actually enjoyed this because it automatically went forward. for someone who likes super casual games, this was a fun little puzzler!

thanks for giving it another try! glad you enjoyed :)

thanks for giving it a try! and thanks for the error right there! i meant to be D and W for up! lool i was super tired during submission so i made that error. Thanks for playing!

hey thanks for giving it a try! for some reason i was super tired and put the wrong controls. Its supost to be AWD spacebar. somehow i misstyped. odd thing with HTML5 games is you sometimes have to refresh and click in. 

Thanks for giving it a shot anyway!

Super fun little exploring game! since this was so well done I'm going to be a bit picky :) 

Loved the main menu loved the music, one thing that would greatly improve things would be a volume slider or even a mute button. I know this game is based on music, however, having a sound slider would have been a bit nice. not necessary but nice.

I wish there were more ambient sounds. If you decide to go back or clean up the project more, adding ambient sounds like wind blowing or just outside noises, id look at some RPGs to get an idea or just step outside. You could do crickets with cars or stuff. It would have been super nice to have that between your music tracks to keep the atmosphere of the game.

Adding Separation between the start room. It's a bit weird that you can just walk out onto the path and into the hall on your way out. I think adding something like the berlin wall 'as room separation' between points like this would be nice.

adding things like dialogue blips or muble talking would be nice. general ambiance

Credit screens:

Something super basic but that could go a long way 'dependent on the willingness of artist too' but if you had painted images representing each ending type, that would be sooo cool. so here are some ideas.

There was 'not sure if this was a glitch' but you could bypass the guards if you went to the topmost left corner and worked your way right to the escape. not sure if this route was intended but having an ending screen representing these things would be cool.

Guard getting shot if you take the gun 'comic style watercolor painting of you shooting the guard and escaping through the wall' at the credit screen

Guard gave the smokes 'comic style watercolor painting of you handing the letter to the guards friend after you escape out in the country somewhere' at the credit screen

and if avoiding the guard all together was possible, maybe just a muddied up version of you escaping somehow or running from the guard dogs at the credit screen

then maybe some type of melody to represent each style of ending. maybe it goes neutral ending, happy ending, sad ending or something like that.

Great game overall and enjoyed it!

10/10 for historically accurate. would have never guessed! 

Would have been nice to be able to walk a bit faster. Nice cats :P

Good game! loved the guess who style of gameplay! was pretty fun going around trying to figure out who it was. my biggest control issue was I kept wanting to click on the character to interact XD maybe having both E and mouse options.  

Good music and implementation! love the fast getting back into the next game :D

thanks for giving it a go anyway! it seems that it was a bit more difficult than I had intended. Definitely something ill look into!

Suuuuper well-polished, congrats! I think one of my biggest issues or annoyances is not being able to shoot up like in contra, that's my biggest gripe. If the game is going to be you get hit once and die to move on, it would be nice to have as much advantage in being able to fire as possible. 

maybe another thing to consider for future builds would be a difficult setting. would be nicer to have more than 3 lives haha. but those are small details.

overall fun and really well done!

Fun little u2 game! really love the controls and feel overall. Im not sure if it's intended, but once you get locked on the sam sites continue to track. so not sure if that's a bug or not. if not I wish I had some sort of countermeasure system or a way to escape once. 

nice job!