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WhiplashView game page

For GB JAM 8
Submitted by franbeb — 26 minutes, 53 seconds before the deadline
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Great hook physics! It felt great to get upwards momentum from pulling up on the hook, which made it feel nice and bouncy. I could see this being used for some sort of cave exploration game.


Fun little game! one of the better hook mechanic games that was in this jam so congrats! had a ton of fun moving around the liven and trying to build speed up like Spiderman. Wish it had a bit more ability to freely shoot in an aimable direction but was still super fun and accomplishable.

Graphics and gameboyness suffer slightly because i think i see more then 4 colors... Other then that very well done!


Thanks!!! There are a lot of hook mechanic games, so that means a lot

I played around with the idea of shooting in more directions but I felt that it was more difficult to keep the "spider-man flow" .

Apart from the image at the start, the game uses only 4 colors.


Loved the grappling hook mechanic. Felt super fun to use at the game went on. Using the momentum to get to higher ledges was super satisfying. Your use of checkpoints was very good as well. This was really fun, I'd come back and play more if more levels were created. 

Well done!


Awesome! Thanks for the great feedback. How did you fell about the difficulty?


For what you had, I feel like it was appropriate. I did struggle for a bit on the lava, mostly because if I didn't immediately hold down K, I'd fall right into it because of the gravity. It took a few attempts, but I eventually got a hang of it. Otherwise, the only other area that gave me some trouble was during the autoscroller bit. Sometimes it felt like the range for which the grapplehook would activate was deceptive, or would just be very precise. It's kind of hard for me to explain. There were just some moments where I would jump, and I thought I'd be in just the right distance to activate it, only to be met with the beeping sound effect lololo.

All in all though, I felt it was fine :))


Great! Cant thank you enough for the feedback.
The lava part used to be a lot more difficult lol. Then I toned it down but no so much, still wanted a level  where you had  control your impulse to swing wide and feel like your shoes were burning from being so close to the lava.

Yeah im not completely satisfied with the hook range, I didn't change it because most levels were already "balanced" for that range.  But its super annoying when hear the  beeping sound effect and fall to your death.


This game saved my life. I was dealing with some depression and i started playing because a friend shared it to me. Man, what can i say about this masterpiece? You are a genius and i bless you for what you have done. Awesome mechanics and gameplay. I am waiting for a story mode, so hope you are working on the next one.


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You implemented the Worms ninja rope! So cool

Also reminds me of Umihara Kawase


Thank you! I never played those games but both look really cool, its an honored to be compared to them


I have won!! So much fun gameplay!

stage 3 is a little difficult.


Thank you! yeah i may have gone a little oveboard with level 3 , i was thinking of putting as the last challenge but i was running out of time.