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Nice little game! If you want some advice on how to help the "jank" that others mentioned, maybe make the actual "gold" region larger than what is drawn, so it feels a bit more forgiving.

Nice game! It feels really good when you successfully direct more than one box at once.

Nice little game! It feels great to slice the balls with your wings. I would zoom out the camera slightly so that you can see both side walls at once.

Really interesting idea! Well done!

Took me a while to get a hang of the controls (I also thought the arrow should point where you jump to, buy instead it's the "sword"), but when I did it was really fun, flowly gameplay! Nice graphics and music too. Our games are quite similar!

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Glad the android version worked for you! Yes, the "running out of space" issue seems to be common, I will have to think about how to fix it.

This is super nice! Looks and feels great, and the idea of bonus points based on direction is cool. 

Nice! I remember your other game from GBJAM!

Cool idea to mix the maze with side-scrolling. I had a really hard time jumping over the fires though, maybe you could make the hitboxes slightly smaller?

That could work!

Nice game! The dual purpose of the flames is great. I would maybe reduce the turning radius a bit, or make turning speed accelerate over time, so that you can do 360s in a smaller region.

Great theme and a fun idea! Would like to see this expanded upon!

Nice game! I think it could be really nice in an educational setting, too. At some point, I started just memorizing whether certain combos were true or false, so some more variation would ensure you have to keep calculating in your head. Good job!

Thanks for the feedback! In case it is not clear, you don't have to click on the ball, you can click an drag anywhere on the screen , then you have more room to move around.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I would say that touch is the best input method, followed by mouse. I wouldn't try with a touchpad! A few of the moving surfaces have high friction to make it easier to "ride" them, but I'll look into whether this is always needed. 

This was really good! Reminded me of untitled goose game. With some more screens, and maybe multi-step objectives, this could be really great. I found the markings on the handle of the slingshot helpful for judging distance, maybe emphasize this?

This was really good! Reminded me of untitled goose game. With some more screens, and maybe multi-step objectives, this could be really great. I found the markings on the handle of the slingshot helpful for judging distance, maybe emphasize this?

Nice game! I thought it was a nice twist on the usual "go up to escape lava". The wall sliding/jumping mechanic played nicely into this. Sometime the camera movement felt a bit too loose, and I think it would make it hard to play the game for a long time.

Nice take on a space shooter! Some things I thought of while playing that might help: 1) It would be more interesting if the enemies didn't all move in the same direction 2) It was hard to tell where to shoot the boss enemies 3) Maybe adding a timer could give some incentive to aim carefully and not miss shots. Overall good job!

Really nice! Was surprisingly soothing to control the sub with the sliders. Good job!

Super well done! I could see this working great on mobile by dragging arrows into the ground in front of you. Maybe increasing the grid spacing would make it harder to misplace the arrows.

Nice game! I liked how the mechanics and music changed each level, while keeping the overall feel. A couple of times I ended up bouncing straight up and down between two walls and got stuck. Maybe there's some way to fix this, like adding a small amount of randomness to the bounces?

I think the stop-go-stop idea is fun and could get really hectic at higher speeds. Sometimes it felt like the red areas would appear beneath me without giving me a chance to avoid them. 

Super cool song! I agree that getting more crispy feedback when you hit a note would feel good. Nice!

Nice concept for a mobile game! Feels really good to get into a rhythm. Good job!

Nice game! It's a great idea to also have the light attack the enemies, giving it a dual purpose.

Nice! It feels good to rack up a multiplier after using the spread-shot.

That's a great idea, thanks!

Beautiful aesthetics! With a bit more variation in the gameplay/ enemy types, this could be really addicting!

In contrast to the other guy, I found it very relaxing, especially with the nice music! The rotation arrows are a great (and terrible) idea!

Neat, mind-bending gameplay! It feels really good when you get into it. Nice!

Super nice! This would be perfect to speedrun.

Nice game and funny ending. It became very satisfying to zip around and mow through enemies. I got 5:46.

Nice little memory game! I got 64 points at level 10. Good job!

Thanks for playing! Yes, unfortunately the web version seems to not work very well on certain computers/ browsers.

Nice idea and a clean and simple look. Fun! I think making the flips come at regular time intervals might make it easier to get into the flow of the game.

Nice little game! I can see this becoming a serious multitasking nightmare if you slowly added more controls.

With the new update, the scoring system has changed. My high scores are 32200 pts for Survival mode, and 520 beats for Speedrun mode!

Sound and graphics are perfect! Sometimes I had a hard time knowing whether my shots were connecting with enemies.. but other than that it felt pretty good. Nice!