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Tranki, cualquier cosa que necesiten pregunten y sino en el discord son bastante copados

Aparece medio chiquito :(
Si quieren pueden ir a Edit game>Viewport dimensions> ahi subirle la width y height para que se vea mas grande sin tener que ir a pantalla completa.  Fijensen de que les quede las mismas proporciones

Que buena onda!

genial! ahi pude!

Me re gusta el arte! El personaje me hace acordar un poco a hollow knight.

Estoy teniendo el problema que no puedo agarrar la fruta y no hay nada con lo que interactuar.  No se si esto es intecional o es que estoy jugando mal je.

Me vuelve loco los dibujos! Estan muy buenos

Con que estan dibujados?

Thank a lot for your comment! Glad you dig it!

October was a really busy month, I wanted the car to shoot lasers, but I ran out of time

That so nice! thanks a lot!

My first shot at a 3d game!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!! yeah I think I went to look for the theme a little too early and accidentally got the theme from the first jam. But im kind of glad, since i got to learn 3D game development.

For some reason I thought the theme was 1980 :(


aww thanks!

Thank you very much cant believe its your favorite and that you liked the art (i just bought asprite and took advantage of the jam to start learning it)

I also love the more puzzly aspect of card games, that was what inspired me. The randomness in card games makes the better play hide behind chances and percentages so I took it away

Wow this is a lot, thank you!
Yeah I also like those levels, they are more playful with the mechanics. I wish I had more time to make some more levels,  the first ones are more introductory.
Making it a full game would be nice, the HTML export already kinda works on my phone, could be a fun mobile puzzler!

Thanks again

WOW, such a good idea! Great job!


I really like in card games when your back is against the wall and you have to think the only perfect play thats gonna get you out. The game is kinda of a simulator for that situation :D

Thank you for playing!

So sad you got stuck, you were so close!

Yeah, i started with the turn mechanic but i only used it in one level. I couldn't find an interesting way to use it, since you get the same cards both turns, once you solve turn 1, you just have to do it again for turn 2 .

This game oozes style! The colors, the trails, and the music combine really well.

It reminds me of some Mario level, the problem is that i suck at them. So i got stuck at the second level. Also its kind-of weird getting stuck in reappearing blocks, i thought i was going to die.

Great game!

Cool game, cant believe this is your first time using godot!

Love all the effects you have going there and the leader board is great (i like seeing the different countries).
I felt like the enemies didn't even feel my shots, some more juice in that would be awesome.

yeah that could also work!

Love the clay-mation, makes me want to try it in my next proyect!

I won!

Love the new take on the ikaruga concept (the flip animation is so cool).

Wow this fits the theme so well!! You did a lot in the time you had

Some of my feedback is: the controls are maybe too floaty and it would also be great to have a solid floor instead of the bottomless pit, so you can just get up instead of having to restart the level.

Great job

Thanks a lot!!

I'm really happy you liked it so much!!

This makes me want to expand the game lol


eo no falo português jajajajaja pero  entendi tudo!

Saludos de argentina!

ahhh, you mean that kind of polish, yes! the buttons are my biggest disgrace.

muito obrigado!

Thank you!!

What do you mean by polish?

Because if you asked me i would say polish is one of its biggest strengths.  The cards move "smoothly" and glow, a lot of the elements are "animated", there are different transitions, etc.

I'm not saying that you are wrong, the game needs polish, but compared to the other elements i thought that it stood out.

I'd love to know more about your thoughts in this and thank you again for playing and leaving your feedback.

Thanks!!! There are a lot of hook mechanic games, so that means a lot

I played around with the idea of shooting in more directions but I felt that it was more difficult to keep the "spider-man flow" .

Apart from the image at the start, the game uses only 4 colors.

Great! Cant thank you enough for the feedback.
The lava part used to be a lot more difficult lol. Then I toned it down but no so much, still wanted a level  where you had  control your impulse to swing wide and feel like your shoes were burning from being so close to the lava.

Yeah im not completely satisfied with the hook range, I didn't change it because most levels were already "balanced" for that range.  But its super annoying when hear the  beeping sound effect and fall to your death.

Great game!

I feel like I cant appreciate the game fully since I haven't play death stranding, but it makes me want to try it.

I love the graphics, the dithering  makes the pallet feel much more dynamic, and the "things" behind the mountains are awesome.

The gameplay makes me feel like im in a rhythm game! such a shame you couldn't come up with music that match the game(looks like a difficult task).

The only problem I had was that it was hard to remember which button was A and which was B lol

Awesome! Thanks for the great feedback. How did you fell about the difficulty?

jajajajajaajajjaj sos capo telefonuka

Would get catfished again

Thank you! I never played those games but both look really cool, its an honored to be compared to them

Thank you! yeah i may have gone a little oveboard with level 3 , i was thinking of putting as the last challenge but i was running out of time.

This feel really personal, i love it! The links awekening cartrige in the side of the road was a low blow, even for your cousins

nice GB 3D!

Theres a thai musician that i really like, thats called f.Hero, you should see if he wants to sponsor your next game! lol