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Thank you! That means a lot

Thank you! Yeah I had a busy week and I had to cut something from the game and the theme suffered 

Awesome feedback, thanks!

OMG tank you!

Thank you!! I added the fullscreen button to the browser player

Awesome!! Thank you

jajajaja muchas gracias!! acepto tus 3 alva majos

Yeah I get you,  it's hard to make a game in 7 days!

I saw the highlight, but if there were 2 or more of the same time I had to use trial and error to figure out which one the one I wanted

Great puzzle game! Love the buttons. My only feedback is the other part of the UI: It was hard to find which  pawn i was selecting(maybe you could also select from the board) and that I was constantly trying to put the pawn before the action, this one may only be me though. I think its because in spanish (and english too, I think) you usually say the subject before the action ("Mable turned right") so while I was thinking the puzzles the solutions came out of my head in that format. 

That nitpick aside I had a fun time with your game!

Thank you!! You can scroll with the mouse wheel or by draging, you can get the hydrants at the left and then you should be able to cross the street at the right to win.

Yeah art isnt my forte and when the art pack didnt have the thing i needed i had to improvise lol

Thank you! After you get the hidrants to the left you should be able to cross the road to the right and get the flower to win


Thank you for the comment!!

Oh I'm so sorry the instructions weren't clearer. Your objetive is to go to the right and get the water hidrants, then cross the street in the right. When you are next to water or sunlight a button at the left of the screen pops up and you can harvest it.

Thanks for the feedback, glad you could enjoy the mechanic even if you got stuck!

Thank you!

Originally the idea was to climb a building at the end, there were also plan for power ups that give greater movement and a mecanic that you couldn't grab to diferent surfaces until you had the power up.  But I didnt have the time :( and there were also problems with how to visually convey them.

Thanks a lot!

Ps: I retried A Story of Creation, I used your tips with the platform and got a little further!

Oh I'm so sorry the instructions weren't clearer. If you want you could try to click on the green ends of the branches to continue growing them, then if you are next to water or sunlight a button at the left of the screen pops up and you can harvest. Your objetive is to go to the right and get the water, then cross the street in the right.
Thanks for the feedback anyways!

Thanks for the comment! Yeah run out off time on putting more objetives, since to make them meaningfull I would have to add more mechanics and I  was burned out at the end. Just curious: Did you get the  suns and the hidrants? 

Thanks a lot! Since the game was short, my intention was to let the player explore the mechanic, but it seems like i've gone a little overboard with the lack of instructions. 

I`m so happy you could finish it! I believe the ending is the strongest part but unfortunatly a lot of people didnt get through the lack of instruction and finished the game :(

Thank you!

you are totally right! I imagine at a high level it lets you do some awesome stuff. I'm was playing at médium/low level so I was constantly stoping to set up the plataform jump. 

Saw that you groundpound higher in plataforms maybe thats the key. Will tell you!


WOW the visuals are mind blowing! The game reminds me of an Edmund McMillen platformer. I feel like the blood platform mechanic kind of slows down the gameplay,  and the other movement mecanics and juice feel the best in the fast-pace parts! Great work

Great! I believe it could be use to teach begining programming! I am really courious on how the multiplayer would have worked if you had the time?

I was forgeting the semicolons all the time lol, but thats just beacuse i have been programming in python for a long time 

Nice, what engine did you use?

I made a building out of houses :D

Really love the art style,  the chromatic aberration fits it really well. It also fits the theme really well. I would love to see highscore, and maybe the hitboxes could be smaller so  that it feels more fair. Also I think times i died without an asteriod hitting me but i could be I wasnt paying atention. Beautiful game!

Thanks for your feedback, unfortunatly I didn't get much time to play test , so there were left some UI problems to iron out. If you don't mind me asking, what did you find unintuitive? And did you manageto get to the end?

Thanks again for the comment!


Thank you!!!

I'm so sorry!!

i forgot to put it public, i already fixed it!!!

Tranki, cualquier cosa que necesiten pregunten y sino en el discord son bastante copados

Aparece medio chiquito :(
Si quieren pueden ir a Edit game>Viewport dimensions> ahi subirle la width y height para que se vea mas grande sin tener que ir a pantalla completa.  Fijensen de que les quede las mismas proporciones

Que buena onda!

genial! ahi pude!

Me re gusta el arte! El personaje me hace acordar un poco a hollow knight.

Estoy teniendo el problema que no puedo agarrar la fruta y no hay nada con lo que interactuar.  No se si esto es intecional o es que estoy jugando mal je.

Me vuelve loco los dibujos! Estan muy buenos

Con que estan dibujados?

Thank a lot for your comment! Glad you dig it!

October was a really busy month, I wanted the car to shoot lasers, but I ran out of time

That so nice! thanks a lot!

My first shot at a 3d game!